Is this the best way to enjoy life?

is this the best way to enjoy life?

She's cute so there's no problem.

She's slut so there's no problem.

its the worst way. fuck screens. go outside. leave the city.

That depends on what excites you in life.
Take that back

>browsing_Sup Forums.webm

You mean marrrying Hifumi ?
Of course

Hifumi is a slut for little girls.

No, THIS is.

She’s a future rape victim so there’s a problem.

well then just convince her to cancel her mexico trip

why would you marry a dork?

Why wouldn't you?

What's the point of making a sexy character in a show full of little girls?

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women?

I wish I was this cute when shitposting, maybe I need a laptop.

>he doesn’t know that “nerdy” girls are the biggest freaks

It’s up to you to unlock it in them.

Nothings more fun then opening up a shy nerdy girls freak side

would hifumi let me do (that) to her butt?

>when you family gets paid a fortune so that they shut up about you getting crippled for life
not so fun if youre the one being sacrificed now is it?

just bang the cripple right out of her

I hate Amazon.