Why the fuck am I supposed to care about ANY of them?

Why the fuck am I supposed to care about ANY of them?

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because theyre fucking hot

Why the fuck should we care about you not caring about them?

The one with big tits is my waifu, so I care about her.

You aren't, they're shit.

I'm asking because it's the writer's job to at least make the characters appealing and I need to criticize that when they disappoint me in this regard.

So you just throwing a tantrum because someone somewhere didn't pander to your taste somehow?

You have to be at least 18 to post here.

>it's the writer's job

You have shit taste and are probably underage.

I want to impregnate Chise.

It's a discussion about the writing of the show, dumbass.


No, it's a discussion about you being stupid.

They're not hot on the inside at least.

There's nothing to discuss. It's shit and fapbait at most, that's all.

This show disappointed me. Everything about this show was 10/10, except the plot. It just fell flat on its face and never recovered. We kept expecting them to do something, something big to happen, and ultimate nothing.

There was a writing change, no? That would explain some of it. This show needs a second season to redeem itself, but after the first I'm not sure it deserves one.

>tfw no cute dork spy girlfriend

Not him, but come on. He's saying the characters aren't written well enough to be appealing outside of looks alone.

I mean, it's the reason I dropped it, myself. Beato had some interesting characterizations and a backstory I wanted to know about, but the show as a whole lost me before the story could expanded upon those things, if it ever did.

Because they're likeable characters with varied personalities and motivations that cause them to have interesting interpersonal connections and conflicts while also still wanting to work together with each other because of the bonds developing between them.

Hope that helped!

because if you dont then im shipping them all off to siberia right now to be slave labor.

When did they show this? We hardly got anything about their interests, motivations or different aspects of their personality. Just some stupid gimmick each of them recycle every episode.

b-because they all have cute clothes? yeah?

have you ever wanted to shit on OP's head? i want to do it right now

I don't even remember their names

Stop watching anime muted, without subs and at 2x the speed and you might catch next time

Because they are cute girls who will accept your seed.



They could have make ange and princess relationship meanful, you know like asuna and yuuki relationship in SAO II(inb4 sao reeeeeee), But instead they went for yuribait and some shitty reason of why they love each other.

Cute, slut, trained for sex, its a princess, cute wirdo japanese girl



what the fuck

Imagine being a beta orbiter but for 2D anime girls. Imagine caring about characters JUST because they're female and cute and pander to your fetishes.

You're probably the underage ones, or maybe you're 'ironic weebs'. Come back when you watch actual good anime with cute girls that are also well written. Surely you will stop caring about the girls in this show after that.


literally the entire show was about their interests, motivations, and personalities. the main criticism of the show is that it lost the plot and was too character focused

No he's saying the show is shit. He just happens to be explaining why in more detail than normal.

no one will reply to this amazing post?

Posting in an autism thread!
OP and others like him didn't grow up on spy novels, sad!

None of them were particularly attractive and they never even showed lizard planet. Overrated.

You ask too much of them user. Overflow from facebook and the like is the new normal on Sup Forums. Those that actually think for themselves aren't welcome here anymore.

yeah when I think of facebook anime, I think of Princess Principal, it's practically the new Dragon Ball Super

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Well Princess Principal was a fad. A seasonal one, but one nonetheless. DBS is much bigger. I'm glad it's almost over.

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>small perky breasts
>tight outfit

Hope spiritus tarou or Shimimaru would do an hmanga with them

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Disliking Pripri is perfectly understandable. The show is only accessible to those with very high IQs after all.

You now remember Chise.


>not caring about dorothy's tits

Looks at those dope designs nigga.