Sekirei Axed

Good riddance. I have no idea how the mangaka managed to make an enjoyable series so shit.

Wait, it was still going?

A new series started in May after her previous manga got axed.

>Gokurakuin had originally stopped the Sekirei manga in August 2015
>Gokurakuin began the manga in Young Gangan last May with irregular serialization, and it began regular serialization last October.

Looks like the mangaka didn't really give a shit about either. It is always a shame when a manga end like this, but 14 years and two anime is a good run.

What was it even about?

This mangaka you're talking about used to do BL. She did Sekirei because it brought in more money at the time.

Fujoshi money is where its at these days. Maybe she wanted to quit but just couldn't.

She gave up on Sekirei before the original even ended. The entire last third is a trainwreck and I'm still mad about what she did to Akitsu.

Also serialization wasn't really irregular. Until October a new chapter was released every 2 months. Since it became bi-weekly it has been much more irregular.

Turns out nips don't like NTR being forced into a previously vanilla series.



I am out of touch, didn't this end already? How did this NTR plot come to?


Came here to post this.

I wish she would work on her other series, it looked somewhat promising

>I wish she would work on her other series
You mean Brave Star Romantics? That got axed.

It's always a shame to see things axed midway but it guess it was good while it lasted.

I meant Returners

I thought that was axed too.

I must have dropped this 10 years ago, I've read the start about 3 times because it's pretty good but every time I just can't continue due to how it becomes.

What about akitsu?

Akitsu was set up to be Minato's sekirei, but Gakurakuin got sick of the series and rushed it to an end. All the set up was thrown out and Akitsu got stuck with the rich fag.

What the fuck was the editor thinking letting this shit happen ?

Yep but I thought it had an actual end if rushed and not just left unresolved by a sudden cancellation.

I liked this series but I stopped back when Uzume got killed and didn't have a chance to pick it back up since.

I see this sequel didn't get much on translations and I'd like to know how did we go from happy pokemon harem to uncommitted cashgrab NTRbait.

And who is that getting kissed? Landlady?

There was a 1 year time skip in the original. This manga takes place during that year.

The editor was smart enough not to let any of the main characters get NTR'd. The one getting kissed is Kaho she was just a side character. That doesn't make it any less retarded though.

>Cash cow ends
>Next work flops
>Immediately go back to your cash cow and it flops this time too

Her cash cow was still producing milk, but for some reason she took it out back and shot it. It's no surprise that a rotting corpse doesn't produce milk.

The Sekirei translations were always slow. It took over a year for translations to finish after the manga ended.

Dammit, I'm gonna miss Kazehana.

>mizuki kawashita's life in a nutshell

She seems to be basing her work on whatever is popular these days.

She should go back to yaoi, I heard the fujo money is good these days.

>Tense Shoulder: The Manga

Good riddance then.

I hope she crashes and burns after this fiasco.

Literally nothing, it is set after the original series end with all conflict resolved, it was just slice of life with the remaining girls pondering about their daily lives, and they can't even progress their relationship with the faggot MC because the previous main girl Musubi is there in the sky watching them over, getting pissed whenever one tries to aproach him, that and he is generic MC that doesn't try anyway.

>it was just slice of life
It could have been good if it was just SoL. Instead she shoehorned in a retarded plot.

She did introduce some shit? Which chapter?

>that second panel
You can really, really tell the artist hated the job that was drawing this manga.

Same here, she is just too good

Author/writer is one person, a woman even. She was kickstarting her career years ago by drawing fanservice because she knew that's what hungry otaku wanted.

I'm pretty sure that they flat out said they were sick of the series. They only came back for a paycheck, but it seems nobody is interested anymore.

Chapter 5 or 6 is when the NTR started.

Ok, it's been years since I last read this but what happened to her "original" human?

He's in the first page being forced to watch.

Damn shame.

Really liked the series as well, but I can't stand NTR.

What? Are you fucking kidding me?
I'm way out of touch when it comes to this series but I remember the MC being less generic in the first series.

>Are you fucking kidding me?
I'm not. She shit all over her most popular series than when everything else flopped she came crawling back. I'm glad it is ending. I hope she goes back to BL and fails there too.

This sounds just as bad as the author from Infinite Stratos' temper tantrum.

So no one wins the sekireibowl?

You mean it wasn't already done?

We can assume it is a harem end because of this pic, but the mangaka never gave a clear answer because she just wanted to be done with the series.

Homura hiding her erection with the flowers?

Homura doesn't have a penis,

Now this might just be me, but everything that happened to Homura is fucking horrifying.

Ku-chan was the only good character anyway.

Chest erections

Waking up everyday and seeing your penis is a little smaller until you have a vagina does sound horrifying.

What about those 2 that escaped from the Sekirei games? They even had an arc about them. Did it end up in NTR too?

Damn shame. Guess we can look forward to endless high school will they or won't they garbage with terrible MCs for the rest of forever.

It actually had a great chance to be a commentary on the "state of herbivores". It should have been based around shindig that while Sekirei connected to their Ashikabi, the humans themselves didn't know jack shit about these new "harem supermodels" they were now responsible for. That the Sekirei seemed to automatically "fall" for their Ashikabi without a proper cooling period or proper friction should have been a proper source of conflict. I mean, how would any sane person deal suddenly not having just a girlfriend, but a dependent? Plus, it could have also shown how the Sekirei only seemed to gravitate towards those with little to no social experience: the losers, the outcasts, the detached. The exploration could have been made on Minaka's own frustrations as a guy who was essentially drained and tossed aside ala Huey/Strangelove going off the deep end to make the "herbivores" end up with compensation. Instead, it was a straightforward battle harem with little to none of the emotional weight it should have carried. I like a few girls from this series. I even had 2 of them as my "waifu" so to speak, back in the day, but it felt a lot like the author wanted to play it safe rather than explore the themes it should have on the "lonely single young adult" suddenly being in a relationship and having someone that relied on them.

No NTR for them. They are back though for some reason.

Press F and roll'em.

If she was erect, the flowers would not suffice.

good, it shouldn't have continued in the first place

I didn't even know. Didn't the manga finish and all ? I actually liked the series

Rolling for Blastoise


I personally felt that there were too many girls in the harem. The series should've really been an anthology, so you have one Sekirei to each Ashikabi and a different relationship between each one. Like, high-school romance with Musubi and a guy wondering if he's turning gay with Homura.

Why does NTRbait keep getting written if nobody seems to like it?

The people writing it love it.

I would have much preferred a new anime season over a new manga series, but now it looks like we're not getting either.

F is for Uzume-chan!

Rolling for Blastoise

I wanted neither. Unless the anime went completely original it would be garbage.

at least I avoided worst girl

Evidently not since there was obviously zero effort put into this cash grab. Are the NTR fans the Japanese equivalent of the radical leftists that demand inclusiveness but don't actually ever buy what they force their shit on?

It's the easiest way to make something dramatic and exciting. Relationship drama all day, every day. I mean, otherwise it's a pretty bland romantic series.

But then again, the author was pretty sick of writing this too, apparently.



porygon please

Why did Tsukiumi get the majority of Sekirei fanart? Not that I'm complaining, but she isn't so prominent in the series. Is it just what happens to buxom blonde tsunderes?

So, was this resolved or the manga is gonna end leaving all this shit hanging?

It hasn't been resolved yet. They'll have to blaze through it in the last chapter or two.



Not my first choice, but still pretty good

rolling for Tsukiumi

also I feel the art looked worse than og so I don't mind


When are they gonna fuckin' learn? They've remade this fuckin' series, what? 5 times now? There's been something like 2-3 anime series, at least 1-2 OVAs, the manga which as been rebooted or who the fuck knows 2-3 times...

...and it's not like ANYTHING about the setting/story/characters ever changes! It's identical art, identical characters, everything. Fucking stupid.
Charizard better than Blastoise/Venusaur/Porygon etc memes jokes haha the girls are pokemon

>the manga which as been rebooted or who the fuck knows 2-3 times...
What the fuck are you even talking about?

I think you're thinking of a different thing.
There's the manga, and an anime series that got 2 seasons, and this sequel series.

What's going on, what's the context?

oh my first figure......and love

Faceless man forcibly wings a guys sekirei.

Just pretend the sequel series never happened.

>Just pretend everything after season 2 never happened

It's sad how often this happens with Manga. The worst ever to me was Mangaka san to Assistant san. The guy made a sequel to his series, puts zero effort into it whatsoever and then gets it canceled almost immediately. Fuck me that was dumb.

Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki +Imouto is a pretty bad one. I liked the original, but dropped +Imouto after a few chapters.

I mean at least you can masturbate to it.

user in the future please refrain fromposting while you are drunk/high you'll just fuck it up

Musubi get

Why is she so perfect ?