How can she talk if she's deaf?

How can she talk if she's deaf?

Deaf people can speak.

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Huh... what are you on about
She doesn't wear glasses

I might be wrong but I think OP means how she knows how to pronounce words.

OP should read some articles about phoenetics on wikipedia

Shouko might be deaf, but we see her wearing a hearing aid. That's not for nothing. Thing is, she's legally deaf to the point that she won't hear speech the way we do, but I'd assume it's not like an on-off feeling but more of a graduation into dullness.

So judging that she at least knows the sensation of hearing _something_ (albeit nothing much of value), she might have grasped the concept of speech for one out of instinct (babies crying, I'd believe even deaf babies cry), and later via lip reading and training with her sister.

Wikipedia on Phoenetics will tell you what sound to make for each letter - much more so for japanese, much less so for the clusterfuck of english - so basically she just mimes that.

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>her mother marries some rich asshole
>he dumps her like a hot potato once they find out Shokou is deaf

man, that's depressing

it's also possible to feel and match vibrations in the throat

i wonder if OP will even read this and be smarter tomorrow, or if he'll have closed the thread after 5 minutes of waiting and will keep spreading cancer across the boards he visits

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It was in the manga that she became deaf at like, 3 or 4 years old. So she had plenty of time to start developing speech, she just never finished the full development.

oh, I totally forgot about that.

With 3-4 years in Japan you usually learn your Hiragana or even first Kanji, so most children there already speak quite a lot. At least the 46 syllables required for Japanese.
I believe she just forgot how she herself sounded over the years.

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That's why she can't talk properly

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