Am I too late to point out that the design of the Abyss resembles Dante's Hell? I wonder if they share other similarities. In Dante's Hell the worse part of hell started after the 5th layer as in MiA.

The worst part is coming back up you goof.

Sometimes I thought the Abyss reminds gastrointestinal tract. 3rd layer is the esophagus, 4th+5th layers the stomach and then begins the shitfest

Yea and it's easy for food to go down but not to go up. Maybe every 2000 years the Abyss vomits

Literally everyone with half a brain and a decent education made this observation, but the similarities end in both being an abyss.

Riko is a living vomit desiring to go back home

And after the 5th layer (=stomach) it is impossible for food to come back up. Is Nanachi a hairball then

>Am I too late to point out

I killed her.

I killed the memebug.


Looks like a cute plushie in the background.
Please don't kill her too.

Yes you are, but feel free to make memes of it

Tsukushi's Inferno: Call of the Zone edition.

>gastrointestinal tract

it's clearly a vagina/tenga

(can't find the bonedad comic)


>the whole manga will turn out to be just a giant unbirthing porn

I can see that happening

thread in abyss

Here you are

You are already dead, lewd stink rat.

thanks user

I want to brush Nanachi's teeth!

>Reg's penis responds to boobs
>Therefore Reg is straight
>Reg's penis responds to Nanachi
>Therefore Nanachi is female
That's how it works you little shits.

>chocolate heart full of dirty fingerprints and hair
>that face
It's so heartwarming when bunny tries her best.

>Bisexuality does not exist

t. straight outta lousiana.

sick digits, but if Reg was bi he would have fallen in love with Maluk

>you're bi therefore you must fall in love with everything that moves

It's a wizardry V dungeon, maelstrom at the bottom included

>everything that moves

Ah, it's the penis of truth argument vs the traps aren't gay argument again. Classic.