What's wrong with RAITA?

What's wrong with RAITA?

Must've been pretty heavily influenced by Liefeld.

He came up with the concept of Katawa Shoujo so that's one good thing about him.

>Katawa Shoujo

What's wrong with RAITA?

He created one of my most fapped to doujins, so I can't exactly say anything he's done is "wrong" is any way.

Yeah, that one.

Fucking asshole created Erika, my dick can only take so many beatings.



Look the same

Nothing wrong with having your own style.

It's almost the same dud

good god his Sakaki doujin is godly

>katawa shoujo

also posting worst route and worst girl.

Nothing, he is perfect.

>t. shadman


If we're talking about Raikou/Shuten/Moriarty/Kintoki, absolutely nothing. I'm not autistic enough to be a fan of his non-FGO material.

Raikou is literally the worst thing he's ever designed though.

He doesn’t understand how to make good looking breasts.

t. brainlet

That's stiff as fuck

so is my dick

Her art is terrible and she's a literal copy+paste of the worst girl from his hentai series.

It's not doing anything to me, the ps2 cutscene graphics were a mistake

I welcome it. Graphics are a meme that must die.

It's impossible for me to jerk it to a cave painting, same goes with ps2 graphix

>ears don't stay on
Had one job.

I bet you can’t even jerk it to dirt plebian

>not being able to jerk off to PS2 graphics
>he never jerked off to PS2 games
You just outed yourself as underage and quite possibly retarded.

There was a time when that would out you as an underagefag, but the console was 18 years ago now

I think they're a folded up ushanka design

He draws anorexic skeletons with meat balloons crudely stapled to their chests, but he draws leglock nakadashi so I'm unable to contain it.


She'd look cuter without the ears.

Still not as bad as Mogudan, who started great, then went TEH REI never to return to sanity ever again.

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