Do all isekais come with "hurr durr I one shot everything" power level? Who came up with this shit?

Do all isekais come with "hurr durr I one shot everything" power level? Who came up with this shit?

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Losers who literally use their own real name as the MC's name in their WNs so they can self-insert out of their shitty life.

Nope, try Re:Zero or something, friend.

I pity you underages that are too young to know about non-mmo isekai

Either stupidly overpowered or stupidly underpowered like it's an original subversion all the damn time. It's stupid in either case.

Read Grimgar

Then watch Grimgar. They are all just "meh"

Is there one where they actually stay underpowered? Everything I've read just has an optional phase where they get traumatized for a few chapters before developing their "kill everything" power.

Yep and all shounes are just stupid teenagers screaming meanwhile CGDCT are just CGDCT

Go back to you DBS generals.

Reminder that zero no tsukaima was the best isekai

I think Konosuba.

LN writers came up with it

stupidly inflated ass

It's always better to have a set system and some consistency. The worst isekai are exactly as you say, the best ones have a full framework.

Keep in mind that shit's effectively part of the basic physics/laws of the world itself. The less any "cheats" break this architecture the better. Really old 'isekai' stories usually had little to no such 'cheats': often the "hero" had higher potential yes, but was summoned for that exact reason and had to learn everything the hard way anyways.

That's why some of the better modern ones are things like Log Horizon, where everyone's integrated to the mechanics, and any exploits have to be deciphered and developed from the incursion of 'realism' infringing upon the game rules in places they hadn't covered properly.

Same goes for user in previous isekai thread talking about running a game : there's tons of game systems but mechanical structure is important for everyone including the GM to have a good time.


Sadly whole show was "meh".

It's just that you always read the popular one like a fucking pleb you're.
Actually I stumbled on a pretty good fantasy chink isekai but nobody know about it aka no proper translation only clunky shit. So I fucking translate the damn novel myself in my spare time and already finished a couple of chapters. Not sure if it's decent or anything though because ESL, but if I want to share it with g/a/y because I like you guys, where should I post it? The pastebin? Each chapter is longer than standard WN's one.
It's call Kingdom's bloodline, pic unrelated.


Kazuma can 1v1 Heroes, Nobles, Noble Heroes, and the entire fucking palace guard when he has to. He's just either a) a lazy fuck or b) one of the three idiots will royally fuck things up somehow

could be interesting?
kanna is for lewds.

Kazuma does in fact have low stats and the weakest job, but learned and exploits the fact that everyone assumes a whole lot of basic cheap skills are worthless compared to the high level combat stuff.
For the most part they're right, but that also means that unlike monsters immune to "not-advanced attack spells", no one's bothered picking up immunity to falling on their ass or having create-water up their nostrils.

i cant wait till more comes. should be in april if i read that sign at comiccon correctly

>Konosuba and Re:zero being the most successful isekai adaptions in recent memory
>people still making bait threads like this

I'm telling you, just forget this genre exists. It ain't worth it.

except for that little detail of the MC being able to one-shot whatever the hell he's up against whenever it's convenient of course

>could be interesting?
Ok here you goes, chapter I on pastebin.
And the summary

The kingdom’s bloodline - Author: No Man's Sword
Source for raw:

Being the most amateurish reincarnator, the first thing was that Thales lacked the general knowledge of science and technology, second -he wasn’t a skilled killer, third - he didn’t brought along any system or sci-fi brain chip, he can only bitterly struggle in the Kingdom’s dirtiest and poorest corner, a land driven with crimes and murders, with a desperately cling on life
Until the day he was brought in front of the throne: a decaying kingdom refused to change, a shattered world in turmoil, and a staggering hidden history.
From the lowest of low beggar, to the noblest bloodline, to the world’s enemy, thus began a prince’s forbidden legend.
“A king does not regard of his bloodline as respects, but a bloodline shall take the king as its honor.”

From what I can gather this novel seems to focus more on politcal intrigue between noble lords instead of powerlevel wanking.

kazuma is ridiculously overpowered at dueling, takes on the entire castle guard twice with one hand tied behind his back and makes it out alright while scaring the everliving fuck out of the hotshots that witnessed and fought against him
I agree I wouldn't lump it in with the rest but he's a force in his own right.

and pic related is the cover, feel free to give some feedbacks guys

is it chink?
then it will have cultivation sooner or later.

not sure about that, I'm on book 2, and so far mc is still being led around by other keikaku masters because people in this world aren't braindead cannon fodders for mc to step on. No cultivating shit though but only a pseudo magic system, but it would a shame if it turns out to be like other novel.

Oda Nobuna doesn't have this problem.
It does have Oda Nobunaga as a cute girl with big tits, though.

I thought the same thing about my 2 moms, but then later on MC got guns and BS magic powers.

Well as I said this novel focuses more on political infighting like manuplating others to gain what you want, so It would be weird if suddently it swtichs 180 and turns into people shouting OP techniques name at each others.

Do tell. t:29


>he didn’t bring along any sci-fi brain chip
not really in the mood for a novel, getting some manga out of the way atm but still, empty as it is, thank you very much for translating

>or having create-water up their nostrils.

Why would they NOT be? Drowning people via watercrafting was fucking terrifying in Codex Alera, and it sounds like it would be the same here.

Objectively correct.

hey thanks
ok, just finished checking chapter II here

shit forgot link

Isekai is just a convenient vehicle for power fantasies. If you want well-written Fantasy stories, then look somewhere else.

I'm pretty sure no one put thought into that cliche, in fact that's kinda the point.

>MC defeats monster
>he just does

Kinda why I like Chinese isekai

sure they can 1-shot everyone 5 levels higher than them but then they have to dodge that asshole who's 10 levels higher.

Why would Subaru stand a chance against trained assassin's or overpowered orgres? He's literally some fucking faggot. It makes perfect sense.

it's pretty typical desu

though I wish it kept the class warfare

To the guy shilling Amber Sword

does the MC of that gets OP? I read the first Volume and he was nerfed as hell.

chapter III, I guess that's enough for today and you can have a first impression for the novel