If everything fate is easy money, then why is Last Encore flopping hard?

If everything fate is easy money, then why is Last Encore flopping hard?

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It just had the unfortunate coincidence of airing alongside DiTF.

>Not made by Ufotable

The better question is why it's losing to a cooking spinoff.

What a surprise. People like the main cast over literally whos.

>literally whos
Oh shit you've done it now, the Nerofags wouldn't like that implication

Who told you that it's fopping.

You mean like Gran Order is the most popular and profitable fate shit so far.

Sup Forums

They traded their gold for mud, user.

Never trust its lies.

>main cast

>ITT older generation of fatefaggots shit on younger generation of fatefaggots because its pains them that nobody fucking cares about their old irrelevant shit anymore, they just cant let it go and start enjoying new stuff

Because the Fate IP's momentum got completely fucked by the trainwreck that is Apocrypha.

At this point I'm pretty sure the older generation wants Fate to die so other things like Tsukihime can get a chance

Nero is old shit.

Should just made GO anime. Mashu and Jeanne Alter are the current hotness.

Tsukihime will get a remake typemoon confirmed they're working on it and will probably come out with 20 years of typemoon, let us Extra fans be happy.

FGO will get their anime but Nasu wants to work in a extra anime, what's wrong with that ? not like they need to pander 100% of the time with the amount of money they're getting

>typemoon confirmed they're working on it

they've been """working on it""" for 10 years now and all they have to show for it are shitty copy-pasta Takeuchi art

Because it has less pandering and an harder protag to self insert as.
Also it's not made by ufotable so normies don't watch it.
And it's not shit order.

>old irrelevant shit
Like Extra? Shit has been going on for almost a decade now. We've done the whole song and dance with this cast a million times now. They're used goods. The endless recycling of Fate in general is an issue.

I would love it for TM to do something completely, utterly new instead of retroactively ruining all their past titles with endless sterilization. I don't even want a Tsukihime Remake anymore - they'll probably ruin that too.

People forget Extra is way more popular in the west because it was babby's first Type Moon. It wasn't anything new or special in Japan.

because it's not illya, the only people who watch shit like fate are pedos

>Because it has less pandering
>and an harder protag to self insert as.

They would make a shitton of money having Tsukihime characters in FGO, it's a pretty good reason to get it done now.

Actually, they confirmed they aren't working on it because Nasu is too tied up in other projects.

>Because it has less pandering and an harder protag to self insert as.


>They would make a shitton of money having Tsukihime characters in FGO
how so? the only relatively popular one is Arcueid, and she's likely the only one going to get a crossover anyway. Akiha, Hisui, and Ciel are "literally who?" tier to modern TM fanbase (which is really just made up of Fate secondaries who have only ever experienced FGO/the animes). Kohaku is more well known, but not for her actual character.

AT BEST you could do a cross over with Arcueid/Ciel and *maybe* Akiha. the far-side characters are too low power level for FGO shite and i don't really see how to make them relevant - they're small characters which were engaged in very personal drama, nothing world-shattering and easily integrated into FGO.

God, I hope not.
Keep my High School memories away from that non-sense. I already had KnK retroactively shat on by FGO.

I still don't understand how it's flopping. It's been out for 5 days.

>they're small characters which were engaged in very personal drama, nothing world-shattering
>when TMshit was actually good

They just put Fujinon as a limited 4* with great stats. If a literally who can move some pennies for them, Tsukihime characters would as well.
>are too low power level for FGO shite

what are Kohaku/Hisui going to do? attack with their wombs? this isn't really within the Melty Blood context so i don't see how they'd be viable as cards

Fujinon can actually do damage


Fujinon is from a very popular and well known anime adaption. Tsukihime hasn't been relevant in almost a decade now.

I'm not saying that they couldn't make money by whoring off their old characters even more, but I doubt it'd make them a "shitton" of money. And frankly it's pretty sad to see all these beloved characters constantly thrown to these whales all the time. God, Type-Moon is such a shit these days.

Sasuga Shaft

Because it's not FGO cancer. Normalfags don't care and their main fanbase is normalfags.

Melty is a perfect context, they could just adapt special moves for them, just like they did for FSN servants and their moves/supers from Unlimited Codes. There are many servants that have much less stuff to work with and they managed to fill 5-6 attack animations for them.
Nice trips.

The last good Fate was Fate Zero.
I hope it dies a painfuld death because I can't stand the traps and all the homossexual writing of historical characters. I used to be a fan, but now I hate it because of what it became.
Fuck Fate, fuck its fans and fuck Trump.

how exactly are they suppose to be viable combatants without Wallachia or WLen going around?

Demi-servants have been a thing for a while.

also if we go with the Melty Blood context, wouldn't that also mean that they would have to utilize the older designs? or are they going to be establishing the Remake characters for the first time within FGO itself?

just seems like an awkward mess to include them at all

>flopping hard
According to who?

Between Illya's booty and Heaven's feel ufotable cumbuckets, this is is the least thing anyone would give a shit right now.

There's nothing stopping them from putting both designs in as different ascension stages and handwaving it as a wardrobe change.

Let me tell you why: No Tamamo. They made such a blunder when they decided to remove her from this. This anime is nothing without Tamamo. Nothing.

>Whore of Babylon
>asking why it’s a failure

This. We need Canon.

Tamamo is constantly below Nero in Type moon popularity pools and Tamamo will probably appear anyway after foreshadowing, dumb foxslut lover


Not enough GAR. Nobody cares about waifus, its all about GAR

Fuck off Gawain.

We will get redman tho

>>“The victorious lost sight of life. The defeated lost sight of death. There are two beats in the coronary world. No one remains to speak of the Unlimited—-”

Apocrypha was unironically better than this.

>airing alongside a mecha show that has nothing in common whatsoever with it
Yeah, it must be the reason.


LOL no.

How can a mobile game retroactively ruin something that you liked in the past?

Fuck you. Nero deserves her anime


Apoc's ranks after 6 days: 56th(BD) and 154th(Amazon BD)
LE's ranks after 6 days: 216th(Amazon BD) and 366th(BD)

Obviously it's possible for LE to recover if the show actually improves, but right now it's doing worse than Apoc.

Why were Rin and Rani's Servants' weapons in that CM then?


>doing worse than Apocrypha= flopping hard
Are you salestards serious or just pretending? It was top5 seller of the season.

I'd listen to banters about servants discussing their historical deeds and values like F/Z feast scene in podcast format dess

I assume he thinks it cheapens the prior narrative as flood of OC servants are whored out as avatars in a mobage

Retcons dont help either

Flop is relative, retard. If an original anime managed to sell that much it would be a success, but Apoc's performance is a huge disappointment for a big franchise like Fate.

They came in very different context, the season apo came out didn't have any "big" anime like now, apocrypha appeals more to shounenfags than Shaft stuff, and even then selling worse than apo isn't that bad since it was top selling anime.
Fate is a big franchise sure but I don't know why you guys expect side projects sell as much as Staynight and FGOshit

This franchise should die once all the Heaven's Feel movies air because nothing else will be able to top them.

>Prisma Illya movie
>Manga still running
>Heaven's Feel movie
>Fate Apocrypha
>All the nips playing Fate GO
People got tired of Fate; its probably the same that happened with Gundam X that nobody watched because of Gundam oversaturation.

user please it's going to sell less than the first Prisma Illya season which is embarrassing.

Idk i'm enjoying it alot

Prisma panders a lot to lolifags tho but anyway I don't want to enter a salesfags discussion, i'm just happy I can see Nero animated.

>We've done the whole song and dance with this cast a million times now. They're used goods. The endless recycling of Fate in general
Fucking this
I'm so fucking tired of Fate and especially Extra
Bury this shit already, Nasu

There are not a lot of lolifags, that's why loli anime don't usually sell.
LE, on the other hand, panders to numerous FSNfags with exactly the same formula(a high school boy meets a saberface). Also Nerofags, Extrafags, Shaftfags.

it's not flopping, it's going to be on netflix and Shaft is going to be paid in gold for it

Umoo is the janetty of saberfaces and the janetty of her own game. Double janetty.

Question was about flop, not popularity.