Weekend Waifu Drawthread


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Requesting anything cute with Tharja please. Maybe wearing casual clothes with some jeans.
Anything cute with my SI is also welcome.

Or anything with our daughters Noire and Morgan.

No lewds please.

Valentine's imgur.com/a/VwQ6P

Non-Valentine's imgur.com/a/eT2uH

I would like to request Mai Natsume lying in bed just after waking up in the morning. Something similar to:
Mai normally sleeps in shorts and a tanktop with her hair down: i.imgur.com/2qBzl48.jpg

Another suggestion is Mai holding her spear between her breasts. E.g:

Or perhaps Mai wearing an apron and a handkerchief on her head and possibly cleaning. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Hello to everyone on WWHD! Happy year of the dog! I'll request with Cosmos:

-Wearing a short kimono with patterns of Giratina (grey, red, and black [yellow optional]) (kimono reference i.imgur.com/NqZmkQC.png)
-Eating a fried rice bowl or a green tea snack
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated. Make sure to ask beforehand.

And hope weekend goes excellent!

Requesting Maka, If you'd like some suggestions:

• In a cute Qipao and thighhighs posing with a Chinese hand fan
• Wearing a school swimsuit and thighhighs on a bed in a dakimakura pose
• Only wearing this Kirby T-shirt :i.imgur.com/amP9AWt.jpg and glasses while reading a book

Although if these don't interest you, please feel free to draw anything cute/cool of her that comes to mind. Much appreciated!

Requesting my lovely Anna as a chibi in a kimono.

Non-chibi Chinese New Year idea: In a qipao/china dress revealing a lot of cleavage

Anything unrelated cute or /e/ tier lewd is fine.

Requesting Hibiki doing this.

Good morning or afternoon!

Requesting my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please!
Maybe Just Akari laughing with a bright smile or Akari with happy tears!
Or anything Monster Hunter related, like Akari playing it in front of a TV or wearing the Hermitaur armor i.imgur.com/gY9Nz1W.png

Please and thank you if you pick them up!

Requesting *Hyun-ae celebrating korean new year by wearing her blue hanbok: imgur.com/a/JvdfG

or some new hanbok: imgur.com/a/NeNCh

or *Hyun-ae in ribbon bondage like in:

or Hyun-ae wearing naked apron and asking "would you like dinner, bath or me?

Good morning, Sup Forums!

It's Chinese New Year! To celebrate, I'd like to request my waifu wearing a cute doggo kigurumi, complete with a tie-on nose/snout!
A sexy nopan qipao would also be a wonderful thematic choice.

And since it was Valentine's day just the other day I'd like to request something lovey-dovey with my SI together with her: imgur.com/a/wvBq5

Alternately, her handing me a box of valentine's chocolates with an immensely proud expression like so: imgur.com/a/WVSb3

For something lewd, I'd love to see Hina naked and holding a translucent heart to 'cover' herself. It'd be nice if the heart could have something written on it like "For my Valentine," but if it messes with the effect just plain is good too! imgur.com/a/MY89a
I'm also open to lovemaking for the occasion.

And lastly for the thread, Hinagiku happily rubbing her face against Gazer's soft and fluffy tail, or simply brushing it for her.

I'm always open to other cute and/or lewd things as well, and an adult version (age 25-27 ish) of my waifu is always welcome. Here's my SI reference if required: imgur.com/a/n1K1V
Please and thank you as always!

Requesting my dear Momo and Shion Sumeragi from GJ-bu () dressing up as butlers, optionally with Shion blowing a kiss to the viewer and Momo acting aloof and professional.
Please and thank you.
Clothing references: imgur.com/a/Pym9j

Hello everyone, hope you had a good Valentine's day! Also, happy Chinese New Year!

Requesting Bianca in a qipao.

Or just smiling as she receives a red envelope with money signs in her eyes or above her.

Or confusedly holding up a cat while saying "What Pokemon is this?"

Or dressed as one of these maids: i.imgur.com/psJTIv4.jpg

Otherwise, anything cute or lovey-dovey/sappy is okay with me. Thank you, and have a great weekend.

Hi WWD! Requesting my waifu, Altair, in her red Sirius Reborn outfit in the ref.(top-left and top-right)

The girl in Gray is Sirius and she shares a lot of design details with her.

I'd love to see seductive or lewd, but the pose is completely up to you.

Go wild, and have fun! If you happen to have any questions I'll be here to answer. Thank you for your time.

Requesting Tsukimi enjoying some laid back camping.

Requesting Homura wearing a Qipao or a Ruqun to celebrate Chinese New Year. Maybe enjoying fireworks too.

Or wearing a pretty Qi lolita dress: imgur.com/a/iBt6p Aything with my SI would be welcome too: imgur.com/a/ygIBZ

Of course, anything cute or cool is fine! I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you for your time and have a nice weekend!

Requesting OsakabeHime brushing her hair

Requesting Kagura dressed as either Amazoness Swords Woman or Lady Assailant Of Flames from YuGiOh, please!

Outfit references: imgur.com/a/4OJ8r

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Please and thank you!

Requesting Stocking.
Clothes refs: imgur.com/a/i4NGp/layout/grid
I'd love to see her getting a huge box of Valentine's chocolates.

Requesting Kaede

Requesting Urabe Mikoto with either of the following ideas:

- tanned and pulling her uniform collar down to reveal tanlines on shoulder
- wearing a qipao or qipao leotard: i.imgur.com/cLWa8Um.jpg

New to requesting here, yoroshiku!

Requesting my wife Uehara Himari. Anything cute/cutelewd is good but if you want some ideas:

- Holding a box of Pocky, with a stick of Pocky in her mouth
- Wearing her Year of the Dog costume i.imgur.com/5AYZwzN.png
- In a qipao

Have a great weekend

Hey everyone!
I'd like to request Dolce casting some magic.
Another idea could be her looking embarrassed while holding a box of chocolates.
Nevertheless though I'd love anything with her.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Requesting Risty in a qipao

Or her in Mai or Leona's costumes:

Or her powering up Dragon Ball Z style.

Alternatively, her doing something like this: i.imgur.com/MxN0Qn3.png

Alt hairstyle. An attempt was made

Requesting Amakusa Shino, please and thank you.
Optionally on a date and/or exchanging gifts with the viewer, but anything else nice for Valentine's day would be more than welcome.


Requesting Tsukinose Vignette April wearing this outfit, please! (imgur.com/a/66bNr)

Or Vigne in a qipao would be nice.

Anything cute//Valentine-themed with her would be very appreciated.

Fantastic! Really like I thought it would be the end result. That pose + brushing + fluffy down there = a sexycelent infinity out of 10.

Well talking about the outfit that suggested, I don't like the game itself I like Fate/Prototype and Fate/strange fake but since the first time I saw, I wanted so bad to see wearing it and finally seeing her like this is so exciting and erotic.

Since I'm a paramedic, I imagine coming home, tired and being received by her wearing this just for me... there's going to have some intensive treatment examining each other, if you know what a mean. Don't worry if you did mistakes like on the right strap, it would be something that would happen to her, trying to be seductress and being clumsy at the same time... I liked this combination.

Thanks doc... I mean to you for doing this amazing lewd work and sorry for doubting if it was a bait, you know, they throw so many and you don't know if it's true. My bad for not reply you soon, my internet has been down since that day and only came back yesterday, sorry about it.

Also just letting you guys know... I'm a lewd appreciator, that's it!!!

Good afternoon, WWHD!

Normally I'd be requesting my dear Ionasal, but this weekend I'm just putting up an anchor post for Thanks!

Requesting Natsuki in the outfit in the reference.

If that's not too interesting, here's a few other other things I'd like to see: imgur.com/a/iMfo6

Or just anything cute, cutelewd or winter related would be nice.

Hello Drawfriends!

I would like to request my lovely husbando Izaya Orihara standing on a podium, receiving an Olympic medal.

If you don't like that idea here's more:
-Taking in some lovely winter scenery, or trying to stay warm in the cold
-Making his first shrine visit of the year
-On one of the album covers in this collection: imgur.com/a/bRFNS . There's no order to the albums or any preference, so just choose one that you like!
-Using his wheelchair, preferably something cute. Ref: imgur.com/a/18stP

Of course, if you would like to do something else that would also be great.

Thank you and have a great day!

Requesting Popura wearing braces smiling, her wearing a cute business suit or her attempting to be a tough (but coming off as cute) cop with the clothes in the reference image.

Any other drawings are more than welcomed, I hope you all have a great weekend.

requesting Pyrrha Alexandra's thighs

Requesting Chihiro Fujisaki.

I would love to see him programming or playing games in his laptop but anything cute with him is fine.

Have a great weekend!

Good day, everyone!

Requesting my adorable phoenix Tsukihi Araragi!

- Taking a sexy selfie
- Covered in Chocolate
- Doing some laid back camping
- In something Carnival related! For example, her in a sexy Brazilian outfit or a fabulous Venetian one or as a German Tanzmariechen
- Wearing Ougi's backless dress (imgur.com/a/EdTOJ)

Of course, anything cute/cutelewd/lewd is always appreciated, especially if it's carnival or valentine's related!

For more references for her many different hairstyles: imgur.com/a/06z8m
SI Reference: imgur.com/a/lXIK8

I wish you a wonderful weekend and thank you for considering her!

>that drawing
What a slut. Eww eww

Kindly requesting a soft comfy Colette hugging a pillow
Alternatively, something similar to any of this imgur.com/a/l60Wy

Requesting anything with Sina in her scarf and mask
finally there's some official art of her XY self in the USUM book (far right)
Have a nice weekend!

Cute waffle

Requesting Stocking in a similar pose, please.

Requesting Tessou riding a bicycle underwater in a swimming pool wearing green competition swimsuit doing a ok sign.



Requesting Tessou with roller skaters in hands rolling doing a handstand.

''Now, watch and learn!''

or again

Requesting Tessou wearing winter clothes on beach.

''Heat is for the weak!''

Joint request:

Tessou & Syuko dancing while dressed in Morgiana's dancer outfit.


Requesting anything cute of Fuuka. Thanks in advance.

Valentine's ideas: imgur.com/a/t7HCT

Something else cute, cutelewd, or lewd is fine. Valentine's related or not. SI ref: i.imgur.com/LvAevMC.png

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, requesting my Kobori wearing a typical cheongsam.

On the lewder side of things, it would be nice to see her drawn in that new China dress bikini.

Requesting Mizore.

Requesting Chelsea wearing Zero Two's uniform from FranXX, please:

Or cosplaying as Matsuri:
Preferably with headphones around her neck.

Or as a delinquent girl.

Please and thank you!

Requesting something cute, cool or heroic of my beloved wife Yuuna wearing Tachibana Hibiki's Symphogear, Gungnir: i.imgur.com/2NoWGJ2.png
Or maybe in her new godess form seen here: i.imgur.com/yeZxMOt.jpg
Or how about her in one of her Hero Modes with twintails like these: i.imgur.com/upAUXY0.png

This with waifu

Greetings WWD,

I would like to request me beloved Noir wearing MK23's Chinese New Year dress noir.kogasa.de/u/KdRU10.png
-in Yamashiro's outfit from azur lane noir.kogasa.de/u/gtyR52.png
-sharing a scarf with me SI.
-offering user to clean their ears
-PoV earrubs i.imgur.com/9eBrJy2.jpg
-twitter.com/zboah/status/945293864641990656 ear noms

If that does not tickle yer fancy, anything where she is happy and/or being cute/cool would be much appreciated.

SI refsheet: noir.kogasa.de/u/fdh790.png

More references here: imgur.com/a/En9i2
Many thanks and please, have a most joyous weekend!


very very cute


Requesting Shion wearing a qipao/Chinese dress and/or her eating Chinese takeout for her her first time
I'm up for Shion wearing Hikages nurse outfit from Senran Kagura New link: imgur.com/a/SMwRf
Requesting Momo(imgur.com/a/KSANi)and Shion dressing up as butlers, optionally with Shion blowing a kiss to the viewer and Momo acting aloof and professional, here are some butler outfit examples: imgur.com/a/Pym9j.
Extra Shion refs(expressions and outfits):imgur.com/a/P4zFT
Anything cute of her is fine
Thanks in advance

Requesting Rika in a suit of armor, eastern or western.
Or practicing with her ceremonial hoe
Or anything cute, cool or sexy.

Hello, everyone. I'd like to requesting my lovely wife Sinon.

-real life Shino playing a video game and getting very intense, either on the computer or sitting on the bed with a controller
-in game Sinon camping out in the wilderness, next to a warm fire, maybe roasting marshmallows (Gun Gale or Alfheim. Both works)

Anything will make me very happy however and SI deliveries are greatly appreciated.

More References: imgur.com/a/3ruT9
SI References: imgur.com/a/QRycG

Thank you for considering and have a happy weekend.

Happily requesting one of the following with Nozomi Kaminashi:

Joint requesting with Nozomi (Elfen Lied)
in one of the following :
- Both Nozomis holding the same gift saying "To Nozomi" and being confused about which one of them the gift is for
- Nozomi gasping embarrassedly at Nozomi Kaminashi giving her butt an encouraging pat

Valentine's Request:
- Nozomi wearing a red or pink one piece swimsuit with her butt having written "Happy Valentine's Day". Her butt would be reminiscent of a heart shape.

-Me giving her chocolate with a shy expression as she happily accepts it.

-Just cuddling with each other.

Other Requests:

-Finding and adopting our daughter at a river:i.imgur.com/xFcJfrU.jpg

-With a tan.

Anything else with Nozomi that's cute, non-lewd, butt related, fairy tale related, and/or with me is really appreciated.

SI Reference:imgur.com/a/E1qww

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Additional Amu Hinamori references and description: imgur.com/a/Aw4Gm
Anything cute or cutelewd is good, but here are some suggestions:

-In a china dress either serving food (while wearing her Clover hair clip) or posing for a kick (while wearing her Heart hair clip)
-As a cat
-Making chocolate or cooking while in her Amulet Clover form (or you can draw her just wearing her Clover hairpin) Reference: imgur.com/a/jJjF2

-Wearing nothing but a cat bell, cat ears, and a cat tail buttplug and being embarassed trying to hide her body.
-Sitting down, wearing no pantsu, covering her face in embarassment, with a heart chocolate covering her crotch
-Offering her feet covered in chocolate (while wearing her Heart hair clip)
-Wearing a china dress nopan, and hiding her butt

Requesting Natsume wearing dog ears and dog tail (or fox ears and tails) preferably with a collar or since Trails of Cold Steel 2 has been released for the PC, her as Laura S. Arseid, anything Chinese New Year related is cool as well.
Dog ref: i.imgur.com/a1I0A2q.jpg
Laura ref: imgur.com/a/ntCE0

Requesting my beautiful Ai Nanasaki visiting the aquarium. Her birthday is coming on wednesday and I would love to take her for a date there:


She likes penguins in particular so it would be nice to see her admiring their exhibit.
Or, her holding a bouquet of flowers and smiling.


I would also like to see her cooking while wearing her school swimsuit


Anything is appreciated though, including cutelewd, thank you.

Requesting my angel Celica A. Mercury.
Anything cute, romantic or sweet lewd would be appreciated!
If you want some specific ideas:

-Her wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe

-Her pouring a pot of tea into two cups

-Her lifting some small weights but working really hard!

-Celica and her robot guardian Minerva in the popteamepic style

Thanks and have a nice weekend

Requesting Aigis receiving or giving a heart shaped box of chocolate
Wearing a negligee
Something like these comics with her and my SI or just some cute interactsions her and my SI imgur.com/a/cFWF8
Her having chocolate drizzled all over body imgur.com/a/6W5rv
With a heart shaped piece of chocolate in her mouth facing the viewer maybe with heart pupils if her eyes are open imgur.com/a/Q5C6C, but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Requesting Oora, whatever is good

Requesting my cute baka

- Any of these with husbando my.mixtape.moe/pwipvv.jpg

- He likes playing baseball, so i would love to see him wearing a baseball uniform

Anything else cute/stupid is appreciated too. Thank you!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I would like to request my waifu Nurse Hitomi in a qipao (like the one on the right), cuddling or playing with the cyclops/monoeye doggo depicted on the left. Hope you all have a Happy Year of the Dog!

Requesting Neptune in a sexy chinese dress or variation of it (bikini, leotard, etc). Some inspiration imgur.com/a/SyGID
-This with her: i.imgur.com/qhfNu2w.jpg
-A parody of Monika’s ending CG, but with a controller in her hands: imgur.com/a/FUWOs
-Pov of Nepu and/or Purple Heart waking me up lewdly.

Purple Heart ref: files.catbox.moe/fn8f8i.jpg

Of course anything cute or lewd is always warmly welcome.
Please and thank you so much!

Requesting Nio:
-Finding my folder of her on my computer or phone and reacting accordingly.
-Wearing this: i.imgur.com/Fjm6CW1.jpg
-Eating fortune cookies, since it's Chinese New Year today.
Anything else cute, funny, or cool would be appreciated. Thanks to anyone who may be interested.

Requesting Kneesocks with half a chocolate heart on each thigh.

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

I would like to request my Dragon. I have some ideas, but if you have any other interesting things in mind, I would love to see them.

--Sleeping on top of her hoard, made with golden coins and jewel
--Laying down on the bed with sleepy eyes and wearing a babydoll and looking at the viewer
-Bumping her horns on the door frame

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.


Happy Friday. Requesting Kyou, please and thanks. As a late Valentines gift, I'd like to see her dressed in a sweater with a heart-shaped opening in the chest.


Have a great weekend

Requesting Touko looking happy from receiving a bouquet of flowers or a box of valentines chocolate.

Alternatively, since it's Chinese New Year, her wearing a long cheongsam/qipao with a thigh slit that shows off her leg.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend everyone.

But why would Retoree want to be mouselike?

Oh no, it’s cute

Fuggin cute

Requesting Aqua doing something cute or silly. Anything would be great, but if you want to do something specific, this week I was thinking of her in jeans looking casual. I hope everyone had a great valentine's day, and has a wonderful weekend!

Requesting Hakodate Omiko wearing a sports bra and bike shorts. She could be either doing some cardio or some moderate strength training.
Anything else is also fine!

Anyone is up for art trades?

Thanks Paah! Looks like she caught her present. Cyan's cute smile is enough to make my heart melt. Love that you used that sweater and how you gave her tail some fluff.

Thanks again! I hope you had a nice Valentine's day. Have a great week!

/r/ my waifu Kamille

Requesting something cute/cutelewd in PoV for Valentine.

Alternatively: Requesting my lovely Inori exercising. Maybe by doing stretches or running.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

I am up for one!

I might be! Don’t know who you are though.

/r/equesting my Queen, Nico Yazawa, with braces and if you're feeling ambitious put little hearts on them?

Requesting anything happy or fluffy with Shinjiro Aragaki, please. Something badass/handsome would be appreciated too.
Thanks, take it easy.



Who are your waifus?

Mine is

Requesting Tenma Gabriel White, this wonderful faillen angel:

- Something something with her twintails and a parfait.

- Being tsundere somehow towards the viewer.

- Asking for some money for the viewer.

- Hitting user and telling him to repent.

- Laying on her bed relaxing, between pillows and cushions, playing some games on her PSP.

Anything else that is cute is fine.

I thank you all.

Requesting Natsuru either:

- Wearing winter clothes (see ref) and hugging user for warmth

- Attempting to pull the straps of a one piece swimsuit over her breasts

- Happily eating pizza while wrapped in a blanket

Anything else cute/lewd is also fine. Thanks and have a good weekend!


Hello WWD! I'd like to request my shining blue star, Karamatsu, please.

- Anything sensual for Valentine's Day. Maybe intimately feeding him chocolates or inviting the viewer for (nude) cuddles in bed.
imgur.com/a/vCA9b Seeing him chubby or even fat is extra sexy, so have fun~

- I managed to get a really horrible cold at the worst time a while back, so I'd love to see him take care of me (1st person or SI)

-Walking outside on a beautiful snowy morning or just watching the snow fall

-Having tea at a kotatsu (the Matsuno bros usually wear these cute little coat-things to keep warm, like this: imgur.com/a/tzBIW)

-Anything supportive/encouraging, things are still pretty tough for me regarding work I have to do

Or anything else cute/cutelewd/fluffy/romantic would be wonderful too - if it's sweet and sappy you know I'll love it!
On-model is appreciated, but off-model is fine as long as he still has a "marshmallow body" (nothing too angular/bishounen). Something like this is nice: imgur.com/a/aHOtW

SI ref: imgur.com/a/FxrKE

Thanks a bunch in advance and I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Requesting Watashi wearing a cute casual outfit: i.imgur.com/d8wnHls.jpg.
Alternatively, her out doing something comfy in nature like fishing or collecting fruit with her dress, or her in a similar dress/pose to this: i.imgur.com/VIdpFT8.jpg.
Anything else cute or lewd is fine too.

Requesting my beloved Goddess Satsuki Kiryuuin in Yozuru Kagenui outfit from monogatari series imgur.com/a/wMMr4
OR something related to valentine day!
Everything else would be highly appreciated as well.

Requesting my dear Ion. Blowing a kiss to the viewer like pic related would be fantastic, either on his regular outfit or wearing casual clothes. Anything else is ok too, thank you!

Fluffy and comfy, the best combo.

This is so CUTE. I'm struggling. She looks so adorable in your art style. I want to hug her and eat her up.
Thank you for drawing my wifu so nicely. You preemptively made this a VERY good weekend before it even started. I hope you have a good weekend.


Requesting Nozomi doing any of the following:

- Hugging or holding up a heart pillow
- Making Valentine's chocolate
- Wearing an apron with a heart on it (Example: i.imgur.com/hWoi3Qw.png)

Joint requesting with Nozomi Kaminashi in one of the following:
- Both Nozomis holding the same gift saying "To Nozomi" and being confused about which one of them the gift is for
- Nozomi gasping embarrassedly at Nozomi Kaminashi giving her butt an encouraging pat

Alternatively, anything else cute, comfy and/or mildly suggestive is appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!