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Pick one.

Kogarashi is cursed and needs pantyshots to cure him.

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This entire fucking chapter, jesus.




Sagiris wardrobe makes me so fucking hard.
Expecially Turtleneck + pantyhose.










Staph im not supposed to like you. Holy shit thats lewd as fuck.


Sidestring striped with ribbon.
Sassuga Hibari going far and beyond lewdness.

End of chapter.


This fucking chapter
>oh shit we're fucked in the rankings
>there's not enough lewd shit!
>hold my beer, senpai

If Google Translate on the spoilers is correct, then the curse evolved into them having to get naked now.

This ending is just a joke I think but I would be down for part 2 of this
Mindless fanservice is underrated

I assumed it was he had to see their breasts because there are 24 markings instead of 12 now

How many levels does this curse even have?

>jobbing horribly offscreen to some random demon after that last arc

Is the author retarded?

He has shitty defense against curse and shit as I recall.

Also birb being prude after she wanted to jump his dick hard


Looks like Hibari improved her spirit armor to cover her chest.

Might be a joke, didn’t think of that. But it also might fit for the 100 chapter special.

This manga literally said "fuck it" and gave everyone an excuse to do lewd shit.

Oh Lordy

I googled the preview, and translate implies that Yuuna will get focus in the next issue.

Eh, makes sense, she’s main girl. Seems like a weird thing to offscreen.


This chapter seems to be a breather chapter. There's probably a bit more plot in the next one.

>every girl is top tier
>harem end is impossible
Fuck everything.



Why do authors do this to us? Even though the likely winner can be seen easily, hurts.

Dont even remind me.

Don't say that user. I want to believe there is still a chance.

>Kogarashi is cursed and needs pantyshots to cure him.

I swear to God, it must be ridiculous writing this series. Imagine the brainstorming...

>Okay so the wish takes them all to a world of cake... And they're all naked
>Okay so Kogarashi gets turned into bath wash
>Okay so Kogarashi gets turned into Chisaki's panties


It's ridiculous this series is as good as it is.

Favorite page, why is it so much more erotic than the others?

>harem end is impossible

Why is it impossible? Most of their differences could be worked out fairly easily, and they all like being around each other.

It won't happen, sadly but it's not impossible imo.

Is it not ranking well? I thought it was fairly popular.

What a good way to mark the 100th chapter.

>harem end is impossible

Hope it’s not just a joke ending desu. They usually resolve cliffhanger things by the end of the chapter instead of leaving it uncertain.


Move Tengu girl up a slot and I'd agree with that list.

The fucking madman is turning up his game.

i miss the school president

Just realized there's no Shion this chapter.


I thought OP's pic was from Disciple Kenichi for a second.

>Showing the loli's panties
Jail is just a room

It's very likely that the author already forgot about her, just like he did with Renge

Nah, she showed up with Chisaki not too long ago. I think she just isn’t as close with the other girls at the moment.

Sagiri best girl.


Isn't she supposed to live in Yuragi inn now?

Nah, she just visited.
He’s just vulnerable to things that aren’t direct attacks.

I think WSJ is on break next week. We gotta wait for the group non-onsen nude.

I’m gonna be annoyed if they just skip over it for some reason. It’d show their uncomfortableness multiplied by 10, besides a few of em.

It feels like a joke ending to me. There's not really much to resolve. What happens next is a forgone conclusion - they do lewd stuff until the curse breaks. While that'd be nice to see from a fanservice perspective, it's not needed from a story perspective. This chapter was likely just a bit of padding to stall before chapter 100.

Fair points, it’s just a shame to tease something like that and not follow through, but it’s just how it is sometimes. In a way, harem authors tease through the whole manga, only to disappoint half the readers in the end.

>WSJ is on break next week
No, it's not. Next break is only at the end of April.

How do I get past the new korean captcha on Marumaru?

We've known for a while he's vulnerable to indirect abilities. Powers meant to physically damage him he mostly just shrugs off. If he needs to get serious, he can put up a strong barrier against them. But special effects like transformations go right through his defenses.

There are still 12 markings, they're just bras now.

Hibari please sit on my face.

Update your adblock and anti-adblock addons.

Good. Hopefully that will mean her wearing it more.

Ublock Origin is up to date and Adblocker Plus doesn't even load the page.

Are you actually able to get pass it. Here's a link for example.


So... now he has a "bra" curse

>best girl chisaki will lose
Fuck harems.

Meh, she has a decent shot if it’s not Yuuna winning. You can at least delude yourself, unlike me.

I want to fuck Hibari

>, she has a decent shot if it’s not Yuuna winning
Yuuna will 110% win. She's the main girl plus gets the more serious development. Let's not forget she's the most popular going by the polls. Best girl Chisaki has no shot.

Yeah I know that, this just seemed too easy for the spirit even if it is for laughs


Remember that in theory the goal is to help Yuuna move on to the afterlife by freeing her from the regret that keeps her on Earth. If the series sticks to that, then Kogarashi is somewhat up for grabs.

Thank you.

is the author even trying anymore?

It's always been like this, why are you complaining now?

idk what this is but instantly liked the right ones ass

It's the shit TLR was going through when it was in WSJ.

The tanks sell well, but it doesn't do great in the rankings for various reasons.

Rankings are entirely based on what Jump really wants to push. When the anime comes out this summer (along with the soap OVA this april), then you'll see it higher up.

She’s best girl, around the same level as another girl who appeared in this chapter.


Have fun.

Thanks user. Took like 20 tries but I got one to work. Any tips for more consistency?


They already said that Yuuna isn't a ghost, she's the spirit of a kitsune that's forgotten how to be a demon.

I just Ublock Origin only.

These region based filters for Korea allow me to view the page with Ublock still activated.

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But fuck, how does Korean Captcha exist.

I thought Google put other captchas out of business

Ninja training brings perfection.

Samsung stronk in Korea.

Next time will force the girls to showcase their bras.