The author decided to upload some stuff completely uncensored this time pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=67307762

Such a lust for fap

Why did I get into this manga so late
it's fucking amazing in action AND lewd

Download it and rehost it somewhere. Pixiv will take that shit down

I see yoshi is getting ready for his porn career now that tsugumomo is about to be over.

>porn career
Tsugumomo is his first serious manga, he was a decent porn-artist. Resorting to drawing lewds for fat sweaty basement dwellers would be a step back. Also last I heard Tsugumomo has at least 2-3 volumes left before the end, that's at least 2 years of content.

Nah, kiriha was resurrected with horrendous speed. I bet after the tournament theres a timeskip and we jump right into defeat kanaka arc.


So this is why he hasnt been streaming lately.

Can't spoil the porn pinups.

This. Someone needs to act fast. I coulnd't be bothered because I'm a suicidal wreck who doesn't care if he dies tomorrow.

might as well, the story is down the drainer anyway

I'd blow her flute every hour, of every day.

>Resorting to drawing lewds for fat sweaty basement dwellers would be a step back
>implying that isn't what he is doing now

>drawing lewds for fat sweaty basement dwellers
No need to project this hard, he does it because he enjoys doing so.

I hope not but I fear this could happen. How did it come to this?

What's with all these spoilers? Did I miss a chapter or something? I thought 106 was the last one translated.

His streams spoil a lot.

The analogy would be that HBO aired a trailer for the red wedding episode where they showed Robb starks head on a spike.


Well, we're already well behind schedule. Yoshi wanted to be done with the Kanaka flashback in a few chapters, but he keeps going past his targets.

Which is fine by me, I don't believe he could end Tsugumomo properly in the pagecount he projected, but on the flipside sometimes we get rushed bits.

The tournament started 16 months ago with ch93, same month anime was announced which is kinda funny coincidence. Ch 109 kiriha gets ressed and tournament ends ch110 which means the tourney went on for 20 months overall.
>20 months? surely you must be joking Yoshi


Can't be helped. I complained enough about it when it started because tournaments always stall everything, and let's face it: It could have been much, much worse.

Just because it could have been worse doesn't mean nearly 2 years of tournaments was good.

I didn't say it was good. I said I complained enough about it when it started because tournaments are unavoidably shit for plot progression. I'm at least happy it was a one-fight-per-contestant affair and that they skipped or abbreviated a few of them.

hey man remember farmland saga

the Farmland arc was unironically the best part of the series.

Imagine if Yoshi did a murata and got someone else to write the storyboard and he just illustrates?

Yoshi isn't a bad writer, though. Sure, tsugumomo isn't perfect, but it's at least above average. Who do you think is so amazing that deserves to write Tsugumomo instead?

>story gets handed to someone else
>that guy messes up once and doesn't include enough lewd scenes once
>Yoshi completely melts down and Tsugumomo dies
No thanks

I'm just happy the tournament arc is coming to an end after what, almost 2 years?. I've fucking hated it.

I liked the fights but I hated it for what it was.

I would have been fine with the arc if I was reading it after it had completed. It wasn't bad, but waiting for monthly releases really makes it drag on.

I just read the whole manga and this is true. It was very enjoyable

I think the real problem independently of whether it drags or not, it was a lousy place in the narrative to include a fighting tournament.

Judged on it's own it's a good tournament, to be honest.

There is nothing to censor.

The problem isn't even the pacing.

Its sidelining almost the entire cast. Holding a tournament arc while Kiriha is dead, the audience is waiting for her revival, Kukuri hasn't showed up in god knows how long, and the main plot is on hold? FUCK OFF.

The problem is that there was no way to "cleanse" mayoiga without it feeling like a Naruto power of friendship moment, so Yoshi needed an external agent to fuck them up. At the same time, if mayoiga was finished, there were no enemies to display MC's power before the Kanaka fight.

>Yoshi isn't a bad writer
Tsugumomo has only had one really good arc. The rest have ranged from meh to bad. His art is the only thing keeping this series alive.

None of that requires a tournament arc.

What would you have done? More ninja stuff? The tournament arc is one way to establish political victory.
If it's the tournament's writing and action, it's decent. If it's the place in the story, it fits somewhat. What would you use instead?

I disagree, and you didn't answer my question.

Something that doesn't require bringing the plot to a screeching halt for over a fucking year.

>no silly flute hat
I'm not gay, I can't fap to this.

Am I the only one glad flute is dead? She was garbage.

Yeah, the tournament arc in isolation wasn't bad. The problem was it being introduced off the back of huge developments and almost as filler to justify what's going to happen next (i.e. Kazuya having the strength to contend with his mother, asspull revival or Kiriha, etc). It didn't help that it was structured to just be so drawn out. I almost disliked the ecchi chapters sprinkled in because it just meant an extra month of waiting for the arc to conclude.

As we have established Tsugumomo can no longer die. They're just sleeping.

I'm glad Tsugumomo is such a family friendly show.

Last volume covered 98 - 102 (with an extra chapter) and we just got 106, and the fight is still going as of 110, so figure a volume or two to wrap up the tournament and the training arc, then at least one or two more for the final showdown.

And don't forget that Sensei needs an ecchi break every few battle chapters…

After the tournament ends, that break will need more than usual.