You should learn to respect small girls

You should learn to respect small girls.


fuck off

I disrespect her

what is your reason? name it or fall by my hand.

but this girl is only for bully

She needs to earn my respect

Does spilling semen count as respect?

semen is an offering but also is a sign of respect in some cases

Not to komari she is ment for hugs


respectable bump

I want to respect her, A LOT

Then I suggest you stay as far away as possible from her.

I need to get closer

Koma-chan is love

How can a 5th grader even be this sexually attractive?

She's in jr high school, her growth was just stunted apparently.

Not the biyoris

I respect Komari by fucking her all night in bed.

Nah. Deal with it.

Wild sloppy threesome with Hotarun and Koma-chan!

This is good.

Me: Irma
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