Newfags don't know about my cherry pie

newfags don't know about my cherry pie

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>drunk driving police officer

no but just watch as i buy sausage

Well I dunno about Japan, but the police officers in my locale certainly ACT drunk.

I want to thank OP for giving me the opportunity to post this video related

>putting fruit in pies


i honestly think americunts would go crazy over beef pie
instead they go crazy over fruit pie
i don't get it

yooo, I'm just gonna borrow some manga, ok?

I spent a lot damaging my wallet, brain, and liver blocking that out.

We already have tons of ways to eat meat and starch

You mean like pot pies? Because those are pretty good

>People actually eat pies

Meat pie is a poor excuse of a burger.

Lucky Star thread?





that's a cute autist

her eyes are missing, SPOOKY!




We do eat meat pies, though. We usually call them "pot pies" and they typically come in either beef, chicken, or turkey. Are these any different than an Aussie meat pie?


>not liking best pastry