Why is the fang in vogue these days?

Why is the fang in vogue these days?

Fangs are cool.

Wow, thanks for the circle, OP. I wouldn't have noticed it.

>these days

It's been popular for over a decade now.

As long as it's a real one I'm cool with it.

But fuck that "fang" that looks like the lip is about to melt. Looks disgusting and lazy.

i like 2 fangs

>Fang in vogue

Its all about the flesh fang nowadays

Considering your example is literally a vampire the fang makes sense.

Better question is who started the fang?

Skin fang is the new hotness.

kyko from meduca

It's all about the skin fang these days, mang.

cant believe this became a thing

>Remember the original threads about it way before it became a manga
>Lost half my goddamn mind
>Now the manga makes me hopeful for their situation but I just want to tell our boy he's going to be alright due to all the bullying minus Nagatoro has done

Complex feelings.

Sup Sup Forums.

you picked a literal vampire to complain about fangs. are you retarded?

I don't dislike the skin fang, but I prefer the classic.

I dislike the flesh fang and prefer the classic,

Fangs are shit and all girls that have fangs are instantly worst girl.

You must like obaa-chans a lot.

flesh-fang is the obvious plebian choice

og fang all the way bruh

Who is this fucker that keeps on posting red circles around shit? Why are you doing it?

This. I've seen cute fangs since the 90's.

1fang and 2fang no longer cut it. I have ascended to 4fang

that's a very roundabout way to call him a motherfucker

A dragon slayer or a man with a fetish for small, wrinkly, empty mawed midgets.

Not everyone appreciates the fang.

She's clearly jealous.

my melanin enriched brother

it tickles my dick

it please the benis


Onigashime felt the effect of an healing manga on her own skin

Hey my friend wants to know the artist name of that. Don't worry he's just putting together a list of degenerate artists

while he's doin that I'm gonna fap to it

How can you idiots like this ? It portrays women as beasts/feral creatures.

Fuck off cancerous newfag.

japs have disgusting teeth so theyre so used to it and even delude themselves to think its cute so now its being pushed into anime

How come they did not give Tomoko the fang?

>liking skin fangs

You must be young. They're been popular since long before then.

Was Lum the first?

There's a new mojyo in town.