Evangelion 3.0+1.0

I really can’t wait for Evangelion because this is my favorite series and I miss my bae Rei

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She died two movies ago. My condolences.


Don't let heretical Asukafags deceive you, my bro. Rei will win this time!
Don't lie, Asukafag. She is perserved within Eva 01. Her return in Final movie is inevitable.

I wouldn't count on anything still being inside 01.

Where is this shot coming from ? Can't remember this from the serie

It's not, only time she appeared bare and bandaged was during her MRI. It's cropped from an artbook.

How do you people remember this shit? Jesus

>wanting more Popcorn Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion directed by Michael Tsurumaki Kazuya Bay

the rebuilds are shit, they turned asuka into a tsundere.

and have less character for her, We never get to know what her God-Damned motivations are.

Just a test suit, that looks crappy and piratically stupid to boot.

because we paid attention while watching the show.

I miss Rei

akari's personal cumbag

On Khara's twitter feed; they showed off this photo of the supplies that will be used to make 3+1.

They are literally just sharpening pencils at this point in production.

He really wasn't joking about doubling the interval between each movie, this shit isn't coming before 2020.

≈ 145 boxes at ≈$13 each.

≈ $1,885 in colored pencils.

>He really wasn't joking about doubling the interval between each movie,
when did he say that?

TIFF 2014. 2 years after 3.0 when people were already anxious.

By not being fucking brainlets?

Who's he?

Will anything ever be as kino as the first half of EoE?


There are episodes in NGE already that are better than Air/25'.

He was at the TIFF?

not him
from what I understand it was a rare occurrence.

Nah, the only that comes to mind is ep18 but then its ruined at the end by Toji not dying

>But don't let me name them, I'm just here to say you have shit taste, not to have my own shit taste laughed at


The second half of EoE

24, 19, 16, 22, 23 -- all better than 25'.
25' is almost a pure action episode, like episodes 7 through 13, except with a more sombre tone.

Usually, when people say TIFF, they mean the Toronto International Film Festival. It's a lot more notable than the Tokyo one.

(you) spoke too soon.

Leafs do, I guess.

He's Japaneese, with Anime you immediately think Tokyo International Film Festival.

>25' is almost a pure action episode

that´s why its the best you idiot
are you unironically telling me that you think evangelion has a deep plot?

Define deep plot

>Is almost a pure action episode
Not really though, there's even quite a lot of exposition during it, and still a lot of shit going on outside of pure action, intense emotional moments (it's impossible to feel nothing after Misato's and Asuka's deaths especially the first or second time watching it), great dialogues everywhere and the best direction and animation of the whole serie.
Your selection isn't bad though but still, 25' really benefits from its additional budget and 20 minutes. It's only really surpassed by 26' being the perfect ending imo. But in the end, what's even the point in ranking the best episodes of the best serie of all times, they're all fucking great.

I'm not even going to bother.

Nope, I'm not going to bother with you either.

Yeah I forgot where I was for a minute, fuck you prick then.

Way to give yourself away.

>Why have an interesting discussion when we can just call each other crossposters for an entire afternoon

I first watched NGE in 2005, and since then I have discussed it to hell and back again. I'm very picky about "discussing" Eva nowadays. Take that however you like.

They started full blown production in april last year. No one mentioned nothing of that photo.
Havent you even seen the layout and storyboards they showed last year?

not to mention motion capture work has been going on and off confirmed.