Baki Dou 191 translation

Larry King has always been more interesting than Letterman

Chapter 191: Power Over Life and Death

>Baki: Welcome back.

>thread starts with 666

This is a good omen.

>Narrator: The boy...
>N: Had compared them.

>N: In modern fighting "matches",
>N: You can make a come-back countless times.
>N: On the other hand - in matches of the world of warriors...

>N: You gamble with your life.
>N: There is no room for doubt.
>N: There is no possible comparison of the level of harshness of the matches.

>N: [The modern matches] can't possibly rival ones in which you wager your own life.
>N: But...
>N: So what!?

I missed the previous chapters, did Baki develop any new strategies to fight Memesashi or did he just realize that he can punch faster now?

>N: A ten-count knockout from a punch.

>N: A tap-out from a lock.
>N: A pass-out...
>N: From a choke.

he did essentially what Motobe did with the spear

>N: You see, don't you?
>N: Whichever way a match concludes,
>N: The victor has obtained power over life and death.

>N: You see, don't you?
>N: They're not matches fought to take the opponent's life. And, yet...

>B: Aaalright.
>N: Modern fighting can end lives at will.

>B: And, ZAKK!

>B: Musashi-san.

>B: Let's bring this to a close.


>Musashi: My swords...
>M: Left both of my hands.

>M: What is held can be lost... hm.
>B: If you were holding them, I'd be cut to ribbons.
>M: You would even humble yourself...

>It's a "Baki could have won but he intentionally did not" episode

This will end like it did against Pickle, won't it?

>B: Anyway, Musashi-san,
>B: I've gotta put you in the ground.
>B: Let's get started.

End chapter.

>baki Memetobe's Musashi
this makes my day like basically nothing else.

Oh, and no Itagaki sez because it's about something obscure and natively Japanese which I know nothing about.

In lieu of that, I should like to let you all know that I'm not sticking volume 20 of Dou in the Baki mega because the jackasses who uploaded it put a fucking watermark on every single fucking page. I'll probably buy the volume myself and upload it later.

I just realized what I dislike about this manga, it's that they always hype up the next bad boy as some kind of ultimate badass just to be owned like a little bitch because our protag(s), through the power of love, training or whatever bullshit, managed to beat them the second time they meet (1st time they always lose).
I get that it's in any typical shonen but when it comes to Baki, I don't know, it feels so cheap