Darling in the Franxx

You know we all joke that this show is part of the Abe government’s pro-natal propaganda,
but wow, each pairing in this show really are all good examples of a bad and/or failing relationship.
>Hiro is an emotionally vulnerable beta male who is being taken for a ride (literally) by 02
>a predatory, promiscuous woman who has sucked the life out of all her previous partners (pst...alimony).

>Ikuno and Mitsuru’s relationship is the very thing most people will think of when they hear the term “arranged marriage”
>Cold, devoid of anything one could confuse for as love or even small affection

>Kokoro and Futoshi get along well enough, they flirt, laugh, and appear to have fun in each other’s company
>However, at heart Kokoro finds Futoshi romantically unappealing or unstimulating either in a physical or emotional sense
>She’s also far too nice to either admit this or at least get mad enough to wip Futoshi into shape, and this repressed frustration is beginning to manufest as lust for a more attractive man

>Zorome and Miku are just too young, inexperienced, and driven by lust to have a prosperous relationship
>Especially Zorome who makes no secret of his desire to bang every other female character in the show besides Miku

>You can barely call what Ichigo and Zoro have a relationship
>Ichigo’s been left emotionally fragile after being friendzoned by someone she’s desired for a long time
>She keeps Goro as a beta orbiter/sex friend, but has no romantic feelings for him at all
>Essentially Goro’s there to fill a hole where she feels Hiro should be

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*actually are

>Hiro is an emotionally vulnerable beta male who is being taken for a ride (literally) by 02
Nah he's charlemange, Ichigo is Spiderman and 02 is Shrek

>Ichigo is Spiderman
What now?
Spoonfeed me this theory please

dude flowers lmao

I can't believe the characterization has been complete dogshit even after 5 episodes. The writers will end up killing off some at this rate

It's just the spider theory made literal


It's still a hell of a lot more grounded than the whole charlemagne nonsense.

Heh, golly geez! It's almost like things in fiction are written the way they are on purpose! It's almost as if the writers were expecting us to analyze their work in such a manner!

>Ichigo is the spider
>The butterfly is Hachi
>The web is Dr. Franxx
>The light bulb is Trigger

>I can't believe the characterization has been complete dogshit even after 5 episodes
But that's completely wrong

>its meant to be bad so its not bad >:C

They've barely had any development, we'll probably get a few dedicated episodes to them right after Hiro "dies" in ep06 while we wait for his obvious return.
Then they can start dying.


What exactly would be interesting about all the couples having no problems or issues to be commented on on whatsoever?

How does portraying a number of different broken and emotionally abusive relationships make an anime bad? So, whenever something 'bad' or morally questionable happens in any piece of media that piece of media now embodies the 'badness' of the fictional 'bad' act that happened? What the fuck am I reading? Are you 12?

>relationship drama is bad on a relationship anime guys!!!!!!!!!

>no pairing has a healthy relationship
>show hasn't aired a third of it's episodes


Fun things are fun dude, don't be jealous

>Not answering the question

>I was only pretending lmao
like le clockwork

>flawed characters = bad writing

how is it even possible to believe this? kek you truly are a faggot OP

>I'm le only pretending to be retarded
Well trolled fellow nimble navigator! MAGA! :-D


I want to make 02's anus prolapse!

>You can barely call what Ichigo and Zoro have a relationship
>Ichigo’s been left emotionally fragile after being friendzoned by someone she’s desired for a long time
>She keeps Goro as a beta orbiter/sex friend, but has no romantic feelings for him at all
>Essentially Goro’s there to fill a hole where she feels Hiro should be

What a sad pair of cucks.

So what?

b-but I didn’t say that
I actually like this show
pls no bully


Making Strelizia the Mary Sue is the bad writing here

P13 will get better. Give them a chance

>Characters are all retarded and flawed
>One flawed retard has to be able to pick up for the rest of them for the plot to work
Seems like okay writing to me m'lad

Not really a Mary Sue when it's piloted by a good stamen that's getting cancer from piloting it and an elite pistil that will either give you cancer or devour you when riding the robot

But Hiro will die piloting it(he will not) so it's fine

Nice try

Did he just bamboozle his future self?

Dang trolled again :(

good analysis, I really hope they'll take this somewhere and make some major shit happen between all of them

Is it split cour or will the second cour be on spring

Expect some Mitsuru/Kokoro/Fatty drama

I hope it's not a split cour.

I will be very disappointed if it doesn't happen

>everyibe who disagrees with me is the same person

It is two consecutive cours. That's why we have been in a prologue for the past 5 episodes, with the prologue Arc ending with episode 6.

>didnt even read the posts

It’d be amazing if fatso beat the tar out of Mitsuru for messing with his girl, causing Kokoro to legitimately fall for him as a man.

In fact, let me add to that. After watching 5 episodes, I conclude this is a war between pure love (ichigo) vs disgusting lust (oni)
And Ichigo WILL win. Pure love always wins in the end.

This is a story of falling in love because of lust is short lived. True love always wins in the end.
Screencap this and be proven wrong by the last episode. It's White Album all over again.

God these threads are such a steaming pile of garbage at this point of the week

of course not, I wrote them

>turned into bag of shit by 02
>beaten to a pulp by fatty
Being Mitsuru is suffering
Stop deluding yourself, Ichigofag

This show is a masterpiece as far as I am concerned

Ichigo treats Goro entirely differently than she does Hiro. It's not just the fact that they have not-sex; she listens to Goro, but she wants Hiro to listen to her. Goro is the only one able to make her chill, even temporarily.

I bet Ichigo sabotaged their test.

I started to sympathize Mitsuru a little, tiny bit when he was eager to fight after being wrecked by 02. Hopefully he'll get his redemption arc

hey fuck you Charlemagne in the Franks is a good theory

Trust me, he'll turn into a bro eventually.
Notice how when they were kids he was distant and then went to Hiro to ask for a name.
I suppose he'll warm up in later episodes


Anybody good at Japanese? I need help translating DariFura's special tv program. I'll do the subbing, timing and everything. Help translate every line and text on the screen, and throw the pastebin link in these threads.

I'm gonna be asking this all week.

>Ichigo messes up Hiro's test with Naomi
>02 messes up Hiro's test with Ichigo

>blandest design
>gets killed right off the bat
What was the meaning behind this decision?

He's like 02, being punched (potentially several times) is a necessary part of his character arc.

If she was around 02 wouldn't work
It's just bad writing to include her in the first place

Does anyone have that compilation picture of the crackpot theories that ends with Ichigo being the spider?

>realize symbol is XX, XY

Don’t worry, Ikuno will tend to him in his yet another moment of grave personal weakness, and he’ll finally begin to treat her with affection.

no shit retard, why do you think females have Y on their uniform and males have X?

>females have Y on their uniform and males have X

Parasites are supposed to be pairs, it would've made no sense for Hiro to always have been alone (alternatively Goro if you pair Hiro with Ichigo from the get go)

>no shit retard
>proceeds to fail the most rudimentary distinction

t. skipped biology class

Is it sabotage if the person is already failing?

I take issue with his dumb monologue in the end of the first episode. Naomi fucking died that day and he doesn't even give a fuck

Fucking retards pointing out the most obvious of things as usual.

>females have Y on their uniform and males have X

It's very progressive that all of the characters are trans

What the fuck happened to the twink squad

Now here’s the question, what kind of ending will they go for or are you hoping they go for?
>Full suffering like NGE
>Bittersweet like TTGL
>Upbeat like KlK
or even
>surprise bad end like PSG

He clearly doesn't give a shit about the other shitters, just look at his lack of reaction when Mitsuru came out half dead out of Strelizia
He only cares about piloting and 02

Yours would probably be XXY, skip the 21st.

speedwatchers pls go

Bittersweet is always the best.

So you mean spending 200 million on an useless parasite?

they are in the second arc

Second cour rival squad.

This is a trigger anime so it'll be a bittersweet ending but overall a upbeat one.
With Hiro realizing 02 is sucking her dry, she leaves her and sticks with Ichigo.
And maybe then 02 would somehow become a bit more human.
Imagine, she hates being treated differently, but she treats humanity like trash.


>she leaves her and sticks with Ichigo.
Ichigo please

There is a scene where 02 referred to them as "weaklings" right in front of them and he did nothing.
Yeah, they were talking about something important at the time, but has he never heard of warning bells?

NGE had a happy ending.

That means the authors did a remarkably bad job at writing him

I thought she was “fine”, or at least that’s what they told the kids.
Although it’s quite obvious she was euthanized as he would’ve been if the Klaxosaur didn’t attack.

>this is a trigger anime

They only got the news that she was fine after Hiro defeated the Klaxo
As far as he knew at the time she was fucking destroyed by the dino cunt

Reminder that fatty is going to get cucked.

No it didn’t

I'm surprised how people "see" all these issues but only call 02 predatory when she is merely assigned partners she doesn't want or pursue for herself by the authority, which in this sort of interpretation would be a clear reference to being forced/exploitation/rape.

Unless it’s intentional. Hiro continues to be come more inhuman while Oni becomes more humanized.

Maybe this whole time, Hiro was the spider all along.

>Asuka getting btfo
>not a happy moment

What did he mean by this?