What is her appeal?

What is her appeal?

It's right in your face, faggot.

tits and white tops, also the eyes I guess.

Her breasts and eyes.


Hotaru is incredible when she keep her mouth shut


Her design.

Why she's into fagonatsu candy shop again?

I could understand if they were making some special kind of homemade candy and she loved it but they just sell shit you can buy everywhere

Hotaru is pure sex.

Sugar tits
Crazy eyes
Lewd ass
Yaoi hands
Virgin killer outfit
Sexy tights
High heels
Nail polish
Playful and friendly personality
Passion for dagashi

Armpit pussy
Tiny waist
Also, she is rich



>Yaoi hands

Pretty yaoi if you ask me

Absolutely nothing.


What type of panties does she wear?

She has everything a man could want in a woman

She has a sugar coated ass with honey the comes out.

She is a broken girl and constantly eat sweets to forget about the past, like alcoholics.

Her combat capabilities.

Does she have a penis, though?

Hotaru and Saya are both wife material in their own right.

Her perky personality, mostly. It’s hard to not like Hotaru, since she’s the type of person who would make you feel like shit if you upset them.

Sweet sugar

Do you want her to?

Who the fuck doesn't?

Hotaru (w/ sleeves) is the pinnacle of character design in anime.

Every time I click this I'm really impressed by the water

her personality is very perky


Decent looking, sexy clothes, rich.... and let's not forget about Pochi's doujinshi. Damn boy...

>Big Breasts
>Big Ass
>Nice Legs
>Exotic Eyes
>Actually nice person
Like jesus what more do you need?
Are you one of those faggots who can't enjoy a girl unless she abuses you for no reason?


You need to kill yourself.