So i want to get into Dragon Ball

So i want to get into Dragon Ball.
How many seasons are there, roughly how long will it take me.
Anything i should skip, any particular order I should folow?

just read the manga, it's x10 better than the anime


Skip to Z, watch all of it, skip GT, watch all of Super
Do NOT watch Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Why skip DB when that's the best part?

Because the fights are so lame



Don't, there's better anime out there, don't get into it just because it's an easy access gateway anime

Until Super or Z has a fight where the character wins by flipping Bulmas shirt to cause Roshi to bleed all over the enemy, you are wrong friend.

Original, then Z
GT and Super are optional

Don't watch Kai.
The only filler episode you want to watch is the driving school one, skip the others.
Don't watch a dub.
DO NOT watch a dub.

lol if you are already into anime whats the point of watching dragonball

Don't waste your time with GT
Don't watch the dub, it's terrible and completely changes a lot of the characterization

Im on the fence about kai, a lotta people shit on it, but it follows the manga a lot more closely and cuts out all the filler

And do read the manga if you are so inclinde, especially once you get to super. In fact i would say dont bother with the super anime and just read the manga. Og its 3 iterations super is the most different between manga and anime, and the anime is really not good.

>comfy fillers removed so you lose a lot of what makes dragon ball so great
>goku getting bodied by buildings
>super 17 a shit
>goku stuck as kid mode the entire time
>vegeta literally using a ray beam to transform

read manga until saiyan saga, then switch to watching Z and super.

What you need to understand about Dragon Ball is that the original is an adventure anime based on journey to the west and from Z onward it is a fighting anime focused on power levels and aliens and whatnot.

As long as you can watch them and enjoy them as different things you´ll be alright.

It'll take you around 2 months to go through DB and DBZ assuming you watch about 5 episodes per day (including filler, I don't remember how many filler episodes there are)


1) Watch Dragon Ball- though out of all the series, this one feels the most different. More focus on comedy, and adventure

2) Watch DB Kai- whatever you do, do NOT watch the original Z. People suggesting otherwise are just biased with nostalgia.

Kai is better than Z in every way: better writing, better pacing, better dialogue, better acting, better visuals, and much less filler

3) Watch DB Super- You could either watch Super from episode 1, or watch the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F movies, and continue with Super from episode 28

4) DB GT- Although it's non-canon...if you enjoyed what you've seen so far, maybe give GT a try.

only the Pilaf arc is based on Journey to the West

>reccomending kai
>recomending super
imagining having this much cancer

>recommending anything dragon ball related
imagining having this much cancer

If you want to see screaming and staring for entire episodes and pacing as bad as
the One Piece anime, watch DBZ

If you want actual story progression, watch DB Kai

>recommending Z over Kai

Imagine wanting to see a kamehameha beam struggle last for 3 episodes.

Or a transformation scene that lasts 20 minutes.

Might as well watch kai at 8x speed too if you're in such a hurry.

If you're not an English speaker there's probably nothing wrong with watching your language's dub.

You're probably right but there is a high chance he's an english speaking dude and that dub completely destroys the soundtrack and the voices character so recommending the original just in case is the best thing to do.