Danchigai chapter 47

This chapter had two color pages that weren't included in the volume and I tried to put them back in, let me know which version works better.










Yesterday's chapter is up on mangadex, along with everything else.

Thanks OP.

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

Yayoi a slut

Living the fucking Dream

Godspeed user, thanks alot

Also, that panel upper right on P8 is intentional?

Yeah, the author does that sometimes to show passage of time.

Color pages are ok.

Haruki sure is a lucky man, having a four-girl harem to interact with daily.

but he cant eat them

Why would he eat them?

because it is fun

That's pretty meta.

Yayoi a shit.

Imoutos need their oniichans' love too.

>even in the bath
Wew. The sisters are all so cute

Imouto wants the dick so badly. Is kinda pathetic.

Only the good ones.


Yayoi is a good imouto, though. She's just a bit shy about showing it.

man another great chapter thanks user, looks all good. if I were doing it I'd include them all and put the two color pages first then all the noncolor

>Yayoi is a good imouto

Thanks user, you're a machine.

That's how tsunderes act with guys they are in lover with.

She raped him after that while he was unconscious. She is still to embarrassed to have sex while he is awake.

Like a shit.

She will realize her feelings sooner or later. She has to. Afterwards you'll regret your spite towards her.

No. My sister is a bitch.

I'l take 'things that will never happen', Jim

I wanna meet the parents of all this children.

They must be a pair of handsome mother fuckers.

She is only like that because you don't express your love for her.

She just needs a little educating on how to express her love for her oniichan.

That's what people without sisters say

Right, and the only people with mother/son fetishes are people who don't have mothers.

But I have a wonderful onee-san that I love. I just want others to appreciate their onee-sans too.

Not all of them are wonderful.


>sisters are good
>No, some sisters are shit

spotted the sisterless


Where did this conversation happen?

Thanks OP.

Is your sister Yayoi?

When will Haruki grow balls like this?

New chapter when?

I wish they'd drop "le gamng" shtick already..
so cringe..

Every second monday isn't it? So on the 19th.

Reminds you too much of yourself, Sup Forums-kun?

No actually it doesn't

That left strip is one of the most heartwarming things to come out of this manga holy shit. I get that everyone loves Mutsuki and most anons are in it for the incest but Uzuki and Satsuki are the main driving force behind the purer moments in this manga, the fact that barely anyone mentions this is disheartening.

I agree user, they're adorable.

>using "cringe" like an utter faggot
Congrats, user. Here's your (You).

Wouldn't this just make it Mutsuki's room, then?

They are not sleeping together

Not yet.

Only because Haruki doesn't have the balls to jump into bed with her.

Is it monthly?


They mind as well start sleeping together

Beautiful but immoral things will happen

But they already spend a lot of time in bed together?

Is your fault, brother.

You can make that point about imoutos, but with oneesans there's just not much you can do.

Are those guys only childs? They seem naive to the potential horrors of siblings.

>I'll go bring
I'll go get
I'll bring

>room, rather than sit
room rather than sitting

>I cant believe it

>s-shut up
sh-shut up

Also, the color pages look good.

I get Mutsuki's, Uzuki's, and Satsuki's various reactions but what emotion is Yayoi feeling? Shock?

Fear that onii-chan might be gay since he won't even kiss onee

Shock that he socialises with anyone outside of his family.

Maybe she thought he'd found a girlfriend?

Haruki's little sister is really cute.

I don't like Mutsuki. She's plain and nothing she does is very cute or interesting. The twins and their "cute and playful moments between siblings" played straight are much more enjoyable. I especially like the parts where he bonds with Satsuki over their hobbies.

It's the face you make when you have to meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time all of a sudden and a peaceful night turns into a frantic attempt to make them think you're worthy of their son.

>trying to understand a shit thought process

She knows her boyfriend's parents very well, though.