Darling in the FranXX

Let's leave the characters aside for a moment and talk about the mecha:

Do you think the other FXX units have a stampede mode like Strelizia?
What animal would it be for each one in part?
I'm thinking it's an armadillo of sorts for Genista, a spider for Delphinium, a wolverine for Argentea, and a falcon for Chlorophytum.

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Let it go.

I actually really liked how Strelizia looked in that form. I was actually somewhat annoyed when the went back to the stock standard bipedal human design.

What about a scorpion. It has to be some poisonous animal.

Actually, isn't the beast mode activate by consuming the stamen? That implies that only 02 can do it.

Why create another fucking thread when there's already one up, fucking hell

This anime has been focus grouped even more than Overwatch was

If that's true for all pistils, then it might be a perfect setting for a heroic sacrifice of sorts

Thanks for your bideogame))) expertise, Sup Forums

>Do you think the other FXX units have a stampede mode like Strelizia?
No, why would they? It was implied that only 002 can ride alone. Even if other franxx had a stampede mode, it would never activate.

>Actually, isn't the beast mode activate by consuming the stamen?
It activates when there is no stamen.
Dr franxx most likely build it in case 002 killed her stamen while still fighting klaxxs so that strelizia wouldn't be a sitting duck and would be able to retreat.

But Ichigo also rode alone in episode 2, albeit for a short while. What if they can do it later on after special training?

How do they "exactly" control the mecha? Who is in control? The male or the female? It'd make more sense if the female is in control since they seem to take the same shape as the franxx.

God I hope so

The girls become the mech and the boys control them.

It's just a generic girl anime model with some shit on top to look like a mechanic, not a mecha

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>implying user is wrong

>Implying he is
They are riding giant robots to fight, it's a mecha anime. Your opinion on their designs is irrelevant.

It's implied that they can't since Hiro said to 002 that it was dangerous. So far the show implies that for normal pistils, riding alone is too much of a burden. If there was a special training that allowed you to do so, then I believe the parasytes would have heard about it.

Why would Stampede Mode activate only after a short stunt? It's basically implied as it going berserk on the website.

Yeah he is.

>wanting generals

>Do you think the other FXX units have a stampede mode like Strelizia?
According to the official website, stampede mode happens if there's no male pilot present. So probably.

Maybe the female becomes animalistic without a male riding her?

Nice reading comprehension.

> I believe the parasytes would have heard about it.
Why? What if that's a project that Dr. Franks is working on right now so info on it is yet to be released? When are we going to see Dr. Franks again anyway? Episode 7?

I just woke up. Oops.

Are stalker threads always this cancerous or is it literally the same shitposter

Did you accidentally post in the wrong thread?

Yes. My mistake.

Why not delete it then?

It says I can't delete a post this old. Sorry.


Anybody good at Japanese here? I need help translating DariFura's special tv program. I'll do the subbing, timing and everything. Help translate every line and text on the screen, and throw the pastebin link in these threads.

I'm gonna be asking this all week.

Ok so and I the only one who notices that Hiro said only Papa can make rain and then that after 02 said he can't make rain he said "not yet" ?

Is Hiro planning to over throw the papa?

I expect they would have a mode like that, yeah. I wonder if Chlorophytum would be able to fly in stampede mode.

Hiro is planning to make Oni happy, pretty much

I am getting stronger every day.

I translated the first 5 minutes or so last Sunday (up to where they run the PV). Do you want the TL for those?
Sorry I didn't deliver as promised, but someone contacted me right after I said I'd deliver it in 2 hours and I had to leave home that day. I'll try to finish the rest of it this evening or tomorrow morning. But more likely tomorrow morning, since I'm not in the mood right now.

Correction: it seems I skipped the PV and translated up to 6m30s where they start to talk about Trigger.
I had forgotten.

Then why didn't we get to see Delphi's Stampede Mode?


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Hiro is a madman on a mission to make it rain for his Honey.


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I hope we see them pull some crazy shit in the upcoming fight. I want to see Strelizia in action again.



Because it doesn't activate in that short amount of time. It's a Berserk state.

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More accurate to say india or turkroaches.

Nah, you see Ichigo "stampede" with Hiro.

The action is just the Pistil controlling the mech without a Stamen's help, it's implied to be dangerous and exhausting.

I imagine Strelitzia is the only mech with one, as 02 is the only Pistil with a consistent reason to lack a Stamen. Dr. Franxx likely optimized the single pilot mode for her to be the least taxing he could manage.

What I'm now curious about though, is the recent sequence of events would imply that Strelitzia's stampede mode is as pointless as the other mechs, now that 02 has Hiro. But that'd be super weird if they introduced the capability and even display it in the OP if we only see it once.

Which means it likely will be used again, which implies that 02 will be piloting Strelitzia without Hiro in the future. Whether that's because they're separated, he is killed, or some other reason is debatable though.

>sekai kei
>Sekaikei story is the existence of a close relationship between two people, which turns out to be the sole driving force of the events, up to and including having all other happenings in the world at large depending on said relationship's fate, whether metaphorically or literally.
He's not going to leave Zero Two for Ichigo.

It's stabilizing

"Girls as robot interface system boys can actually understand and work through." has pretty much been a regular feature in mech anime at least since Nadia and the Secret of the Blue Waters.

Only delusional retards think that would happen.

nobody thought that was ever going to happen. Ichigo has been shit on about a thousand times now. Her character arc is about understanding her feelings, being honest with them, and then coping with the lose.

When are you going to stop posting this?

>yfw Franxx are actually giant bio-mechanical machines based on human and dino DNA.

Or people watching anime for a long time knowing who studios want to pander to.

This is great thanks. Are you planning to translate the whole thing?


Which is wrong because studios mean nothing in the grand scheme and they end up looking retarded.

>yfw Franxx are actually giant bio-mechanical grills based on humand and dina DNA.

They were created for one purpose, so that Dr. Franxx could carry out his dream of being crushed to death by a cute robutt.

/ourguy/ is a man of culture.

Are you telling me that 02 will die?

Mech designs are absolute garbage.

shh don't bring up also how their limbs are literally as thick as twigs

No because Nishigori said its a variation on sekai kei.

You perfectly understand what I meant, anime are produced so that they can be the most possible appealing possible to people watching them aka weeb japanese who self insert and are angry when they don't get all the waifus. The 02 and Ichigo/Hiro end is still quite strong.

Mech designs are absolute greatness.

That can be, judging that we hadnt saw girls swapped between robots. They may be custom-made for one particular pistil and not working with another, and biology may be involved.

What killed the show?

Oh you're one of those people. Not like you'll understand when you put out drivel like that and not wasting my time when you can't even understand the fundamentals.

nothing, just shitposting killed all discussion. its been 6 days since the last episode so everyone is burned out of waging war over the spider

New episode tomorrow.

People are finally fucking tired of spiders.

Sekai kei: In the climax of the story, the boy is forced to choose between 'die for love' or 'peace and safety in the world'.

It's a variation.

I knew I was right, thanks for confirming though

The next epsiode is either gonna be shit or be the single best thing to air this year so far.

Do mention that there are other options and not just that, Ichigofag.

I accept your concession.

02 will die turn confirmed. But why, why?!

Japs are this way. They cannot accept happy ending

What? who decided this?

It's going to take a lot for me to overc9me my grudge with trigger


Were you not looking at your keyboard again user

Well, it's the first big proper fight, the third time Hiro and 02 will be riding together, it's trigger on their supposed a-game and the pre-screening apparently went down well so a lot riding on this episode.

Why should I?

>hey let me take his answer against him, that will surely show him!
Well, you surely didn't show me anything but a total lack of any coherent arguments or banter skills.


I told you I don't want to bother with someone who doesn't understand the fundamentals. If you want banter, let me spike your drink and take you to bed. That'll be good banter.

I mean I get that it might be really good like the last 5, but it is the 6th episode in a 2 cour series, just seems weird to decided this is make or break. Oh well, I'll still be watching regardless.

When's the new episode airing?

It's a make or break because it's been hyped up by the last couple episodes, its going to be the first action climax while at the same time its going to be a climax of the interaction between Hiro and 02. If it falls flat then that means the show failed to live up to its expectations and is a disappointment. And people don't like to stick around disappointments.

So I was indeed right and you were only ranting, I see.

Episode 6 and 7 are linked? I mean they need time for show what happens in that battle?

In 1 hour

No. Episode 6 is the end of the battle. Episode 7 is a Miku/Zorome episode.

I think it is more like the mechs start in a blank state and are fully realized when a working duo activates it. It was in beast form because it never had a working duo. The other mechs have the potential for a beast form but since they went straight to complete state we don't see it. When she rides with Mitsuru it doesn't revert back to a beast state, since it already had it's complete form opened.