Hakumei to Mikochi

>it's a character development episode

What the fuck? I mean hakumei was clearly the man of the house, but that's unforgivable, she just lost all of her wild charm.

What the fuck.There better be a timeskip to show her fluffy hair again.



The tiniest haircut ever.


I thought this too in the manga, but she was back to normal in a chapter or two

It'll grow out, user.

Smoke cheese every day!

Nigga thats kawaii.

What a cool whatever animal is he.




I already dropped Net-juu last season over this shit and I will not hesitate to do it again.

>big ass blade of grass and leaves
>evening sun
Relaxing as fuck.

>other animals with clothes
>iwashi just go everywhere naked
Alpha as fuck.

This anime treats me so lovingly I think I might cry.

>they wanted to cut best girl's hair too
Over the line.


What a rip off.

>/fa/ episode

>episode 12

Why? She looks like a boy now.

Is he an otter? he looks like one.

Why do they blush so much? It's making my penis feel weird.


Seems like a mongoose to me, not fat enough to be an otter.

>Mikochi usually cuts Hakumeis hair
>Mikochi was super excited Hakumei looked clean

It's just so wholesome.

I died.

>citrus hair
Even better than sex hair.

>30 bucks for a hair cut.

Honestly not really that bad at all if you've ever been to a stylist. Even more considering that she actually had a decent amount of hair taken off.

I think my hair cuts are regularly around $15-20, and that's as a guy with significantly shorter hair than Hakumei.

>this hair getting a cut
Japan please, no more.

He's a weasel.

Great episode, I wonder how far into the manga the anime is now. I read that the scanlators is using magazine scan now and the current chapter is around chapter 30-35.

Net-juu had cringe worthy dialogue, this is not like this.
On a side note, is the beautician a lesbian

And it seems like a pretty high-class place considering you get served alcohol for free while you wait/are getting worked on.

I think I'd take a 50% price hike for that.

I get a buzz cut, it's three bucks.

>paying for buzzcut

I guess you have no friends

Even the simplest of haircuts requires a minimum amount of skill which many people lack.
I like the hairline to be horizontal and not going zig zag

Some people enjoy actually having hair.

Yeah. A pretty good chunk of markup is all about hospitality/conversation/atmosphere.
I mean, having your hair cut in an actual way by a stylist isn't really a 5 minute process. You're sitting in a chair for 30-45 minutes if it's anything more than a slight trim and it can to be 1-2 hours if you're a girl and have longer hair.

A comfortable place with someone who knows what they're doing that can also provide conversation is pretty worth it.

You seem to have the wrong board, buddy.

Long hair brings discomfort, is a disadvantage in fights and a waste of time to comb every day.
Some people like to spend their time on videogames and cartoons instead of their hair

I thought this was the board for little girls to post about chinese cartoons.

Which is fine. You do you.
My point is that $30~ for the services rendered isn't actually a lot.

if only I could pay more so they don't have to talk to me for 30 minutes about things I don't care

I haven't been following the animated version, but Hakumei gets her hair cut in chapter 13 of the manga. That's about 1/3 of the way through where the fan translation is at.

hakumei is literally a boy


Thanks, buttload of tiny life left to adapt.

her voice's pure sex

ᶦ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵗᵃᵏᵉⁿ ᵇᵃᵗʰˢ ʷᶦᵗʰ ʰᵃᵏᵘᵐᵉᶦ ᶦ ᶜᵃⁿ ᶜᵒⁿᶠᶦʳᵐ ˢʰᵉ ᶦˢ ⁿᵒ ᵇᵒʸ

Iwashi is too cute.

look at this dapper boy

>3400 for a haircut

this, plus having someone wash your hair for you is lovely and borderline erotic

I miss having my mother brush mine out every day ;_;

He's pretty cute

Is this level of smug even legal?

Literally the same character.

Plus tip

So are there normal human in this world?

I didn't know Nanachi was in another show.

look at that smug boy

Even all the background tiny people are adorable holy shit.



I love beautician-chan. I want to take the day off with her.


Gee, I wonder where he gets his hair cut.

>subber doesn't know the word "mortar"


>tfw you realize a tiny society would be way better for the world
>everybody is relaxed
>everybody is still working
>0 crime
>tiny cutes
>no more world hunger

>Hakumei and Mikochi are Marisa and Reimu
>Now Doremy Sweet has been added into the mix

where's my pop team epic crossover already

>0 crime

Didn't Hakumei's shit get stolen by thieves in a previous episode? Maybe there's nothing really heinous but there's still petty crime and grifting here and there.

>0 crime
Hakumei's luggage got stolen by a band of thieves in a prior episode flashback. And supposedly there's a gang warfare going on in future chapter.


It's always great when I'm reminded of how tiny they are.

>33.50 for a haircut
in what fucking world

Those are some of the /fa/siest midgets ever.

The gang warfare is tiny and adorable.

Fuck Hakumei, look at that Mikochi. How can someone be so beautiful?

This show made me watch downsizing.
I think the government will soon "small people initiative"

Are those lesbian?

Literally every first world country, especially if you are a women.

Females pay up to 40-50 $ for a "normal" haircut in any kind of "normal" barber shop. Don't even get me started on special cuts or actually good barbers.

Good times.

I despite haircuts.
Mainly because of OCD, i don't want anything dirty to cut my hair.
I tried bringing my own scissors and brushes, but the barber got offended and kicked me out.

Tiny lesbians.

>paper airplane hang gliding

At that point you should just learn to cut your own hair if you can't trust people and the standard protocol for maintaining their equipment that they have to adhere to get their license.

No such thing in Laos.

Hakumei is a charmingly handsome little binglum.

Hakumei is a ladykiller.


What an erotic little thing.

What would sex with her be like?

Very very stretchy. Also very smug.

>Episode 12

But why?

She gives off very strong "absolute freak in bed" vibes.

Think you absolute moron.