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New chapter

Lewds of this beautiful couple when?

Hi Hatsune Miku

>all over the video sites
>has no viewers

which one is it

Well the fact that his channels keep getting terminated doesn’t help.

Is the crotch heart an inuendo?

You should've put it in the OP, user.
>Film La Brava

Just a little collection of Gentle doing the traditional "Messing up Bakugo" for the festival:

>Gentle restrains Bakugou gently.
>"Smile for the camera!"
> "Lets not curse, this is a family friendly stream."
>"I think this guy has to be gagged as well..."
>"Oh! Gentle, look! I think he's used to this!"
>"He sure has a big mouth for that, ufufu, but this is a family friendly program after all!"

Gentle vs Gentleman when?

You were all wrong in the previous Thread. Ochako is for me only!

>Bakugo apparently a prodigy on the drums
I knew it. Should've fucking called it.

Yeah, an attentionfaggot

That was good teamwork what we did, user. Bakugou is for roping up.
Come on now, you're exaggerating. He's just good at it, good enough for Jirou not to waste time teaching someone else to be good.


By this point Nartuo had been winning the hearts of the leaf village, Luffy was making a fucking name for himself, and Ichigo... Yeah im pulling blanks on that one

But the point still stands. He has accomplished nothing and personality wise hes a fucking pushover beta who refuses to actually take control of things

Of course, All he ever does is beating down on people, he just replaced what he is beating.

film La Brava

Except he's not. His parents forced him to go to classes for the drums. And naturally he wouldn't want to stop until he was good.

Literally who, she's arguably less relevant than Jiro who got more focus than in a chapter vs 1 year

Was a pleasure working with you. Bakugo is at his finest as everyones punching bag.

Except in the BNHA it's not legal for them to let out his name to the public retard. The people who DO know though, all appreciate what he's accomplished and believe in him. Also
>btfo Muscular
>btfo Overhaul
Are those not accomplishments?

Well, in his line of work they are probably more conscious of villains attacking. For example, one of the hotels in my area got robbed last week and it was the only thing they were talking about, procedures, ways to protect yourself, debating if we should lock doors, looking up other robberies, ect. However it barely got a mention on the news and no one talked about it.

So convenience store guy was more aware of convenience store thief.

>By this point Nartuo had been winning the hearts of the leaf village
No he wasn't. People still treated him like shit. Naruto didn't get his dues until the end of the Pain arc which was 10 years after the manga started
> Luffy was making a fucking name for himself
Luffy was still a small fish in a pond until Water 7

Stop replying to shitposters. He won't listen to you guys even when if you were to write him an essay as to why Deku is a good character.

>People still waste bandwidth replying to tripfags

Muscular he won and proceeded to basically destroy his body. Meanwhile anyone else would have beat him cleanly and less damage to themselves.

Ooooh yeah you mean that fight he won only because of a fucking Eri shaped cop out

hey my fellow Gentlemen be sure to buy his merch to support La BRAAAAAAAAAAPA

Bakugou is too ugly for this to be erotic at all



>Instead of having my morning coffee I swooned over our debut video
What a dirty fucking perverted slut

>Anyone else would have beaten him cleanly
Are you fucking joking? Muscular ate TWO 100% punches and was still fighting. No way any of the kids are going to beat him cleanly without potentially killing him, which they can't do. Not to mention, he had to continue to try and protect Kouta during the fight.

You haven't read enough doujins yet then. Hell you don't even have to read doujins to look at how nice Bakugou looks roped up or otherwise restrained. I'm thinking when the VA captured him.

I suppose purely based on firepower Todoroki might have had a chance, but one hit from Muscular and he would have been wrecked.

For what do I "Ctrl+F"?

Bakugo and Todoroki could have definitely took care of him.

>Without killing him
And? He's a murderous criminal, theres no reason to keep him alive

>expecting to gain a decent following recording videos on a $20 camcorder

gentle needs to up his game if he wants that return on investment

Yeah no, Bakugo would have been terrible there since he is the least likely to manage to protect Kouta while at it. MAYBE beat Muscular while getting wrecked even more than Deku did, but he would forget Kouta.

>too many jump cuts
>film labrava

They can't kill him because it's against the law you fucking muppet. It would ruin their future as a hero. And Bakugou and Todoroki could not 'definitely' take care of him. All it would take is ONE hit from Muscular and they'd be fucked. Dudes punches were caving in the hillside.

I got really confused about whose feet were whose in that image for a second.

>Luffy was making a fucking name for himse
Chapter 171 of OP was about Baroque Works falseflagging an attack on one of the cities.
At that moment in time Luffy was a fucking joke with a single Navy Captain with a hateboner after him.

Eh, there are better boys that don't look like this half of the time

No one in the Hero course would forget him. Bakugou pays attention to his surroundings. That's why he didn't blast Sabertooth.

The tiny ones belong to the tiny one.

Bakugo isnt an idiot. He would absolutely protect Kouta

Meant for

Which character would look good roped up in this setting though? Todoroki excluded, because that's just unfair.
Why did you Ctrl+F Bakugou to begin with?

Stupid pleb, that's the whole point! Too see this angry face being completly powerless! A dog on a leash!

No he would tell Kouta to fuck off and die.
Then in hindsight someone would tell him or kouta himself would realize that Kacchan was looking out for him and that he was sacrificing himself by holding off muscular while Kouta could escape.
Then he would realize that Bakugou wasn't just being and asshole and now thinks that Kacchan is sugoi now.

And be even more hindered by it since he additionally would have be careful with the explosions more. He would be royally screwed.

>Three years
Way to fucking shoot yourself in the foot
This story progresses way faster than Naruto. By this point, Naruto was still around the time Naruto is learning rasengan and his character progression was pretty much dead since from here in out it’s always convincing people with “Never giving up is my ninja way!”

What a shit chapter desu. I thought I wanted SoL, but this is extremely boring

Why is this man for lewding?

>which one is it
both? Have you ever watched a failed channel? Some guys will post every day, sometime several time a day, have multiple mirror sites, yet have nobody watching them.
Also when you are a joke, you get buzz without views. Like Jack the cook

Excluding Todoroki is stupid, but Kirishima, Ojiro, Iida? They could all get tied up and I'd enjoy it

That last guy has the right idea

Well despite how Gentle keeps pouring, this chapter isn’t quite everyone’s cup of tea.

Ah yes the power of Kachan. He can literally do no wrong... God fuck you Hori

He would be fine. All he would have to do is tell Kouta to fuck off

AT least that was compelling compared to Deku being a fucking wooden bored who exists to be mocked

How is it?

>Then in hindsight
Sure like how he told the civilians in provisionals to fuck off, then he failed, right

>Bakugo is such a asshat, he does the right thing due to all the wrong reasons and others taking it as him being more than a asshole.

Classic Bakugo.

How can he not be? Just look at this pretty angry little face.

Iida is not for lewding!
>getting mad at Hori for an user's headcanon
You are such a fucking idiot.

What? Why? Both Gentle and La Brava has a cool and funny design.

Ba dum tss?

Its not really headcannon when thats basically what has happened throughout the manga

>AT least that was compelling
Sorry user, anyone with a sound mind would rather read a character with visible progression. Unless you’re a screaming 15 year old, in which case, that’s on you

Gentle will be hero for the ages if he shows the world this patrician taste.

>Sound mind
>Meanwhile the character making actual fucking progress is making the top of the poll

>Well despite how Gentle keeps pouring, this chapter isn’t quite everyone’s cup of tea.
faggot, think you're some kind of funny guy huh
in all seriousness i hope the arc after all this comfy won't repeat what the Yakuza arc did what with introducing very powerful quirks only to write them off afterwards.

>People think Bakugo will get a good old jerk off out of the arc.
>Instead he gets wrecked and outplayed by the Youtube villain.

It works just too well.

Moving goalpost much?

>Shitposter is an idiot
Tell me something I didn’t know

>Gentle is the DSP of villains

No, it hasn't really.
>got raped by sludge villain due to his sperging behavior
>got btfo by both AM and Deku due to his sperging behavior
>literally got kidnapped by VA due to his sperging behavior
>partially the reason why AM lost his powers this early
>didn't get a license due to his sperging behavior
>got misunderstood by his classmates due to his sperging behavior until he made his statements abundantly clear
Wow, Kacchan sure can do no wrong, huh?
Fuck you guys, you're making me too excited, and if it won't happen I'll get mad at you.

No worries, just know we will be just as disappointed. Also: His internship with Best Jeanist should go on that list for obvious reasons.

>Sluge Villain only made hims sympathetic
>AM proceeds to go "You know hes right too" about a few dozen chapters later
>VA allowed him to have an awesome moment of telling Shiki to fuck off
>License he got about a few months later
>A misunderstanding he cleared up

Even when he does something wrong he ends up better for it

she probably waits in the laundry basket for him to throw his dirty underwear in there

>The shitty KiriBaku drama spoilers were fake
Based Hori

>Sure like how he told the civilians in provisionals to fuck off, then he failed
Exactly, you can bet your ass Orca would've never reached Bakugo's civilians

Actually telling those civilians to fuck off was the right thing according to the examinees.
It was only the way he said it was wrong.

> mfw this chapter will give birth to rage fag - jirou shipping

I want to die

too fat

Man I remember reading this and thinking he was going to pass just through this bullshit

What the real fuck is happening

But did you feel the hot Jirokugo Vibe?

I hope she’s Mineta’s single mom.


I am so angry there is practically no art with Jeanist and Bakugou. I mean, it's right there, and yet few even consider drawing it.

I forgot, thank you user. Also, Bakugou in jeans was a good look.
>Sludge Villain showed how much of a sperging bastard he is
>AM says that Bakugou's way of doing things is wrong and that simply thinking "winning is enough" is not good either, on top of telling him to stop being jealous of Deku and not have this much self-confidence
>Best Jeanist literally tells him he's a beast that needs taming
Hey, at least you know yourself that him telling Shigaraki to fuck off was a good moment. Still doesn't change the fact it's his fault for getting kidnapped.
>He still didn't receive the license, only finished remedials since he finally realized he was a sperging autist
>"until he made his statements abundantly clear"
Oh, fuck (you) too user. See, this is coming from a Bakufag who realizes that Hori isn't sucking his dick, but it seems like you're so far up Bakugou's ass you think everything Hori does is to make him look good.
I said that all the time, but nobody proceeded to listen to me, because shitposting goes over the truth in these threads.

>film la Brava naked
this guy gets us

I-Is Kaminari good with an instrument?

This “m-muh hori loves” kacchan will just go on forever won’t it, despite Hori never going out of his way to make him look extra talented or excuse him

No he’s going to singlehandedly ruin the performance.

>>got misunderstood by his classmates due to his sperging behavior until he made his statements abundantly clear

>classmates realize he's not just being an asshat, he's sincerely upset
>they look serious and concerned for him for two panels
>then they drop it like a hot potato and start celebrating how Sero's one line of reverse psychology got him to obey their commands

I hope so too. It would explain why he yearns for female affection if his mom is never home because she is out chasing dick

>despite Hori never going out of his way to make him look extra talented
Didn't he just pull the ability to play an instrument out of his ass right now?

All Might defeated All for One for the first time five years ago and the second time just recently. Gentle started his career six years ago but got no views and recognition from police somehow until recently. Do you think these facts are connected?

Have you praised ochako for today yet?

>characters should be flat because I predicted the story was flat. It's bad writing to challenge my hate!what a hack!