White Album 2

Can we all agree that Setsuna Ogiso was the best girl and deserved to win? Thanks.

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She won in the VN,

Which is exactly what was needed. Touma ending would be stupid.

What's with all these WA2 threads lately?

Not that I'm complaining just curious.

She has two endings for herself. That's more than enough.

Yes. Sweetest girl.

Do you live under a rock? Do you not even read the threads you're seeing?

In her ending, which is non-canon, yes

Nope, it's 100% canon. The staff even said they favored Setsuna, so in the unlikely case of an anime sequel, she will almost certainly win.

Better girls incoming.

Setsuna is the villain of the series

Are you retarded? Touma and the MC are literal unironic villains in coda.


setsuna a shit

>Cucked in her birthday and cucked while watching the scene crying.
I can agree that she is indeed the best girl.

All endings are canon.

Did anyone watch WA1?

Netorare fucking sucks.

What's the problem?

Would you?


>in the vn
What are 'routes'

Watched this for Valentine's, Setsuna was a piece of shit.

I live under a rock, could you explain? I see that the translation's supposed to be finished this year, is that why?

Extended Edition was literally released a few days ago.

Ah, that makes sense.

Can't wait to get mine


user, where did you find this and where can I find more

When will these two get animated?

They didn't know how to properly adapt VNs during that time period so White Album could have been much better now compared to the past.

I would love to see a remake anime.

>They didn't know how to properly adapt VNs during that time period so White Album could have been much better now compared to the past.
You realize Clannad and Kanon had already been done by the time WA1 was out?

They never really figured out how to adapt VNs. They still do "fuck it, just compress several days of content into one cour, why not" shit.

The White Album 2 anime is better than the VN Introductory Chapter.

Is the visual novel even worth reading? I watched the anime and I found it pretty underwhelming. The main guy was pretty hard to sympathise with given the rash and almost dumb decisions he makes. I don't know what these women see in that guy, but hey it's their choice not mine.

they''re teens man you dont get it

When do you think CC's translation will be done? Any updates?

Season 2 will never happen. VN translation will never happen. Too fucking bad.

>VN translation will never happen
It's already partially happened, idiot.

>machine translation
>stalled for fuck knows how long
How's that working out for you buddy? My grandkids will be here shitposting by the time the game gets translated.

Can you fuck off andy thanks

You don't know anything about the translation, moron. You haven't even read a word.

There are videos of it up and it's literally an open fucking database. Stop pretending it's not a steaming pile of horseshit.

Not him, I know Japanese and I've read (some) of the scripts for IC. The translation is good enough and definitely not machine translated.

Not But are you referring to this translation, todokanaitl.wordpress.com/ ?
They are finished with Closing Chapter and is now on Coda.

Just ask their Discord:


>They are finished with Closing Chapter and is now on Coda.

The only translated route in CC they've finished is Setsuna. They're not touching Coda until the other three routes are done.

They seem farther along than that. Bolded are translated scripts. They are only missing Mari's route.

and that's all misinformation. Ask them in the discord yourself.

How? You can see the scripts yourself.

All routes are canon but there was only one true route which was Touma's so Setsuna lost in the end of the VN trilogy

There's Kazusa (True) and Setsuna (True) though. Both won.

Don't ask me, ask them. They will literally tell you it's not finished.

>delusional touma idiots

No shit it's not finished. Those scripts read like ass. Needs a lot more editing before it can be released for the public.

Most bolded scripts don't have translations.

Why were the WA1 girls so much better than the WA2 girls?

Why is WA1 so much better than WA2?

Had a way better OP too:


lol EOPs

EE upload when?

To be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to understand it.


48 hours of banging?

There is no guides for the VN of WA2.

Yes. A worthy climax to that route.

They were written less like tropes/cliches and more like real people.

That said the story was complete dogshit by comparison so it all balances out.


It says yande.re in the filename, which is a booru site. Alternatively, use the IQDB reverse image search.

This. But the MC pissing his pants was unnecessary.

>Mfw the manipulative bitch Setsuna lost.


>Can’t do shit without MC
>Tells Setsuna that she doesn’t mind her going out with MC despite the fact that Setsuna knows she does
>Starts avoiding MC because she can’t stand seeing them together
>Ditches Setsuna’s birthday and is the cause MC ditched as well
>Runs away to Europe in the end and kisses MC right in front of Setsuna
Tell me Sup Forums, why is Setsuna considered the villain?

Thanks for the advice user, after looking at some of those images I want a Touma/Setsuna yuri route now

Tsundere cannot into proper emotional responses

>main girl literally falls in love with mc after he pisses his pants
You have to admit, that's original.

You mean Morikawa? Weren't they childhood friends and she already loved him?

I always got the impression that she pitied him when he pissed his pants.

Out of the three, she knew the most about the whole situation, and made the most-informed bad decision.

No she didnt you retard, she did something completely normal. It's not her fault Touma is retarded.

Touma dug her own grave, that's why she will never be the canon ending.

>Most informed bad decision
>Only gets between MC and Touma because she doesn’t want to be abandoned again
Her reasons for wanting MC are just as selfish as Touma’s


It's not completely normal to witness another girl's near-confession to a boy you like who secretly likes her, realize you're in imminent danger of losing, then have the composure to walk in right after her and stage a natural-looking "coming off concert afterglow" confession while pretending to know nothing.

Setsuna knew how messy love-triangle fallouts could be, but still couldn't help making the move that set up an even bigger world of hurt for them all. THAT'S digging your own grave.

Well, there was that element, but she did actually love him too.

She knew that Kazusa was head over heels for Haruki and that Haruki also feels the same way . From the lyrics of the song Haruki composed, and the kiss that Kazusa made during the night of the festival. After Setsuna confessed to Haruki on that night she even remarked "Sorry Kazusa". Setsuna already had friends, family and the support of the school while Kazusa only had Haruki. And she still wouldn't give Haruki to Kazusa.

>but still couldn't help making the move that set up an even bigger world of hurt for them all
Yeah she really knew how that would turn out.

You are a complete moron.

See, she admits it! BURN THE WITCH!


>Setsuna has friends
Lackeys who worship her looks aren’t friends at all.

Spoken like a true idiotic animeonlyfag.

Not many people can play the VN, idiot.

Literally ANYONE can play what's translated you tiny brained dumbfuck. These excuses prove just how big of a fucking moron you are.

Well at least the Fate Stay VN works and there is plenty of guides to get into it and get it working, with this VN there isn't any and is only meant for Japanese.

>still making excuses like a pathetic baby
It's extremely easy to install the game and patch it. You only have yourself to blame for being too stupid.

She knew it would hurt Kazusa and make shit awkward. And she had lost past friendships to love drama. She might've hoped to hold things together this time, but that proved naive. Some would argue selfish.

Give it a rest.

In Kazusa's true ending, Kazusa would go as far as to damage her piano hand and to give up being a pianist just to be with Haruki. That's just how much she loves Haruki.

>She knew it would hurt Kazusa and make shit awkward
lol you stupid retard. All is fair in love and war.

Both loved the mc, only one confessed. Who cares if she knew the other girl liked him? How big of a beta are you?

Looks like mod/jannie took offense to being labeled animeonlyfag.

The bigger problem is she knew Haruki liked the other girl. Was getting cucked into the stratosphere part of her plan? Because the warning signs were there.

>The bigger problem is she knew Haruki liked the other girl
Except that's not a problem at all.

I don't think I've ever seen one character get blamed so much for other characters problems. Tiny brains never cease to baffle me.

Well no, as it turns out, it was a big fucking problem for their friendship and love lives.

Odd that people only blame Setsuna for the trio’s issues. Everybody in some way is at fault for the falling out, but Setsuna seems to get the short end of the stick

>Except that's not a problem at all.

I think being unable considering your partners feelings is a gigantic problem. That's a very self centered approach to romance.

>I think being unable considering your partners feelings
What partner? She just confessed you dumbass. If Haruki's loved Touma, he should've rejected. It's not Setsuna's problem he didn't.

Again, you idiots will cling to anything to defend your retarded waifu.