Nanatsu no Bitoku Thread

The Seven Heavenly Virtues ep 4 airs in an hour.

Her turn today.


What is the target audience for this anime?

Why are 5 and 6 best girls?















>HobbyJapan show

Horny Males.

Why is she such a best girl?

>Actually talks to her Candidate like he's a person
>Is slutty enough for it to be alluring
>Wants the best for her Candidate
>Sees that he's happy where he is, so she leaves to find a different Candidate

100% too perfect.

Sandalphon likes to perform experiments apparently.





Naked Apron Time


Sandal phone is my new wife.

And she gets advice from Belphegor (Sloth from the Sins).

I'm wondering why?

Makes me thing HJ god doesnt care and just had lewd looking angels for fun.

This one was good

I hope we do eventually get a Kaneko OVA with the angels and sins. I want that extreme lewd OVA we were promised 6 years ago.

When it'her turn Bros?

This has been better than Taizai so far, it would be nice if the sins got a series of comedy shorts as well.

They kinda did with the mini omakes they released.
"IHaveNoName" on Fapservice correctly surmised the order for the first seven episodes I think. Next episode should be her body washing, with Gabriel then Sariel.

The last 3 broadcast eps are kinda up in the air, with 2 remaining OVAs on the BD (April 28th). Hopefully those are Bikini Warriors tier and push the envelope.

Potential figure buyers


She looks pretty cool.

This is the best ass in years. And she's flat as a board. What the fuck happened?

>not blue nurse episode
>not huge tits blonde episode

Ep 5 will be the nurse episode most likely, with ep 7 being the titty monster.

I want to eat angel ass.

Subs when? Second Uriel episode when?

We got those 3 final broadcast eps and the 2 BD eps. Hopefully she wears a lewd bikini on the beach.

Are the at THE pool?

They are at my house.

Episode 12 is gonna be at a beach. Close enough?

Which virtue will wear thongs? This is important.

The beach episode comes out on April 28th, so we'll find out then.

He lost a waifu though

Subs never,

Pools closed.

Virtues is better because there's no edgy shit, just pure fun.

Funny because you expect the Sins to be less uptight and dramatic than the Virtues but they end up being edgy and dramatic.

best girl



The series has a strong ass focus and I appreciate that.