ITT cliches you love

>character reads his opponent perfectly

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>childhood friend loses

>blonde girl is tsundere

Damn, anime IRL.
Makes me want to watch it.

>villain is genuinely having fun during the fight

Kabuto is awful though. Never watch it.

Kabuto is pretty shit.

>badass character steps up to take on villain
>gets fucked up immediately
>cut to a dozen shots of other characters just staring in shock

I fucking love that. The completion of the MCs redemption/self-improvement arc and the shocked reaction of all his friends and foes who underestimated him.

>settings has superpowers
>some normal guy convinces everyone else he has powers

>clothing/weapon upgrades/changes


>Gaijin asks for directions
>Ground breaks when swords clash
>The big guy with sunglasses, a coat and a gun
>Character looks 12 but is 30

Mob Psycho 100

>op being a fag

Three consecutive shots of a punch or other impact from different angles

>long time rivals team up to defeat enemy then fight each other

>Character avenges his own death before succumbing to his fatal injuries.

Especially when they invite the deathblow so they can finally get their hands on the opponent they couldn't previously touch. I'm a mark every time for guys cut in half and having you right where they wanted.

>Character takes an immensely powerful attack
>It completely engulfs him and obliterates everything around him
>Friends start crying
>Villain starts gloating
>Dust clears
>He's still standing



why does the door crack as well?
is this the power of chinese cartoons?

>Big bad's number 2 kills him because he goes to far.

...Gin ;_;

uhm, it's obviously a painted on door, why else would the "door" crack then turn into cracking plaster??? lazy animation? I don't think so kid.

>setting has superpowers
>some normal guy shits on all the superpowered assholes with nothing but training, discipline and his wits

yeah that's called being a gary stu and is by far the worst offender of all cliche unless we count "worst girl wins"

Ichimaru was so great

Akise Aru's bluffing scene was one of the best parts of Mirai Nikki.

>tomboy vs ojou-sama rivalry (bonus points if they secretly respect each other)
>protagonist and antagonist scream each other's names
>MC survives the impossible due to sheer willpower

bluffing isn't the same as beating your (supposedly) overpowered opponents

>evil elite soldier go toe to toe against good supernatural character

>final fight between protag and villain is just an old fashioned fistfight

>MC's friend/rival temporarily becomes the most powerful character in the series

>MC dies selfless death
>MC and rival join forces and actually win
>Fast, flashy animation in final battle with Main theme playing and main character still dies and loses

>revenge-driven MC learns there is more to life than revenge

> Final episode
> Final battle
> First OP starts

start with faiz

I love this one

Obviously if you can defeat a super-powered foe in a straight-up fight they're either not that powerful or you're a mary sue, but if you win by changing the nature of the game then the story becomes both more believable and more entertaining.

Guile heroes are fun when done right. I don't know about training and discipline, but a guy who wins with bluffs, traps, dirty moves, and social manipulation can be way more fun to watch than a guy who's just conventionally powerful. Everyone loves an underdog.

Love this shit.

>best character dies early on but is never forgotten

>beach episode

>old guys are strong as shit
i love it more when they shit on the villain like they're nothing

Good taste

>back to back fight

more often than not these characters are smart characters written by dumb people so their feats end up looking like asspulls
you could even say it's not a cliche at all because of how rare it happens

>villainess has charm spell

>Characters who hate each other guts are really good at working together
>They are forced to overcome their differences

The fuck kinda outfit is that?

>Villain's character design is more badass than the Main Character

An eroge outfit
There are plot reason as for why it is like that but I don't remember them.

Is that really a cliche?
Because that doesn't seem being used many times.

MC and antagonist are forced to work together to fight a bigger threat

I need more examples of this, recommend me some


dragon ball, k-on


>female villain falls for MC after fight
>character blocks powerful attack that obliterates everything around them

Fuck you, Kabuto was great.

Kamen Rider is pretty fun to get into if you already like anime.

If you watch carefully, there's a couple frames where a chunk of the door cracks off and becomes the same color as the wall.

Which is the best? Which should I start with?

Every show has its own writer and team, so depending on your tastes, it can vary wildly, with a few exception like Wizard being a complete snoozefest.
Kabuto had great choreography and a badass protagonist who routinely pulls off what you saw in OP's webm. He sometimes borders on Gary Stu-ness but it's usually played up only for comedic effect.
I started with Gaim to meme on Urobuchi but was surprised by how good it was.
As another user said, Faiz (AKA 555) is another good start.
If you want to know more about each individual series, you can check out the wiki. They're listed in reverse chronological order on the right.
The Kamen Rider general on /m/ has download links for all the series.


Joseph vs Kars did it perfectly.



I like the /lit/ variation where the final fight consists of awkward, protracted stumbling because neither character can actually fight.

Blade is best but start with Kuuga

Blade is best only if you include all the memes in your enjoyment of it.


What woould you recommend for someone who only watched Fourze and like it? is there any other Kamen Rider that incorporates more slice of life elements?

>villain is marginally stronger than the hero
>hero keeps getting back up over and over until he outlasts the villain's will to fight


I really liked Faiz's SoL moments, but then you get punched in the dick repeatedly with MISUNDERSTANDINGS later on. It's nice how everything gets wrapped up at the end, though. And by end, I mean the Kamen Rider Drive - Yongou movie which, for some reason was actually a Faiz epilogue movie.

I think every Rider series has SoL, but some that stand out in memory are Agito, Kabuto, and Kiva.

>villain girl wins the MC bowl

When does this even happen?


>Awfully stiff fight choreography
wtf i love Kamen Rider now
How would you recommend getting into Kamen Rider? What do I watch first?

Thanks, I will check Faiz out


>villain is so cool you start cheering for him and hope he win

Literally me. I put mayo on practically everything I eat.

You can start chronologically with Kuuga, or you can look up the various series on the wiki and pick one you like. It doesn't really matter which one you watch first, other than Wizard for being fucking boring and Decade because it only exists to crossover the 10 Riders before it.

As I said in another post, I started with Gaim to meme on Urobuchi and was surprised by how good it was. It's probably the most "anime" of them all.

I put hot fudge on literally everything I eat.

I think Akame Ga Kill. Never finished it but I know the villain liked the MC.
Idk this one pisses me off sometimes if it gets too ridiculous. I feel like Luffy vs Katakuri is bordering on that level but luckily it's ending in the next chapter. Kai vs Brooklyn in Beyblade Grevolution is a good example of it done right just because you never expect that nigga to win after getting absolutely BTFO in the first fight.

>I think Akame Ga Kill.
Wrong. PINCHI wins the MCbowl.
Also, it's interesting how similar Tatsumi's teigu is to a Rider suit. Even down to the whole "becoming the monster at the end" schtick.

>whitebread quakepunching akainu into the dirt
Good shit

>weapons/fists clash and ground breaks with the impact

>character can tank hits from giant sized enemies
>his hits can damage said enemies too

Absolutely based.

>character stops a huge weapon with a small weapon like a rapier

>necromancer carries a corpse around

>martial fighter's stance includes stupid hand signs

>villain uses the hero's techniques

>weapon-based fighter does tricks with his weapons, bonus point if it's a revolver

>kick-based fighter

>necromancer carries a corpse around
what a shitty necromancer

Bonus if they've had many on-screen fights before.

It was dumb, supposedly is to build trust between each other as the plug suit literally exposes them bare naked so overcoming that shame brings the recruits together.

>Looks like we were fated to battle
>It's destiny
>I had a feeling it would turn out like this


Kenichi:mightiest disciple has pretty much every cliche listed in this thread

Almost all of them are amazing in their own ways, but if you want something with a ton of anime cliches and isn't too serious, start with Fourze.

>fight takes place on something crumbling/breaking