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How can a man be this perfect?isn't he too erotic for kids?

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>Pudding is looking at Sanj.
>Sanji is looking Nami.
>Nami is looking at us.
What did Oda mean by this? Are we part of the love triangle?

Also notice how the non-strawhats are in yellow? Is Carrot confirmed or what

Sanji, Nami, Carrot and Jinbe are just looking at Luffy you fucking moron.

Oda, where's Luffy's queen Vivi?

Regarding the love triangle part, no, you're an idiot.
Regarding Carrot, probably no, she's just temporarily on the team, so for the cover she fits in as a Strawhat.

>probably no, she's just temporarily on the team, so for the cover she fits in as a Strawhat.

Over 20 years Oda's covers have become mostly just character portraits arranged, but this one at least does it well.

dogtooth will win

This is the best fight in the series at this point. Fight me.

>DIente de perro 100% alimentado

Nami loves money. Buy the fucking tank.

>Este es el final, Mugiwara

The balancing of the stakes is a little off.
Either Kata isn't as broken op or Luffy just has endless amounts of stamina, and it's written to imply both which will only give a somewhat meh outcome.
Stick to one and keep going with it, find other ways to raise the stakes.

Oda is a hack, sanji is the 4th strongest member of the crew and couldn't even beat vergo, snakeman is a better boundman.


you can't write luffy's eyes going white and getting completley fucked up and then next panel he just stands up and is unaffected

I'm willing to give Oda the benefit of the doubt on this, at least until we get to the post arc scene where Chopper will spell out for us the consequences of Luffy fighting so recklessly for us. It will probably just be another "his lifespan shortened! bandages will fix this" but I'll still wait and see before I judge. Maybe there will be actual consequences this time.

Or better yet, going gear 4th after fighting intensely for more than 10 hours.
While I am of marathon fights are a thing
(Ace and Jin went for 5 days)
(Jack and minks for 5 days)
(Akainu and Aokiji for 10 days)
(Luffy and Cracker for an entire day)
But it is at least a logical conclusion that these were fights where they weren't going all out because going all out and missing is how you get killed
This was an all out bashing for 10 hours.
And EVEN IF Kata didn't really want to kill luffy... things don't add up...
Is Kata getting weaker? Is he serious for realz dis tim guise and is just fatigued?

Make it so he can't digest meat from all the mochi he ate and has to stick to veggies for a week and I'd be fine with it

>or Luffy just has endless amounts of stamina,
Yes he does.
Did you just start reading this manga yesterday you fucking moron?

please tell us more about how you get to establish the rules that somebody else's story should follow

Well he should get knocked out more.
Marineford was good because he got drained and had to shut off

remember when akanu punched him and he passed out, he took a lot of damage in the past but it was never this extreme over 10 hours etc

Is it weird that I genuinely like the name Dogtooth over Katakuri?

Dogtooth just really suits the 'tone' of the character, while Katakuri just comes off as generic japanese to me.


Mannnn I wish I could speak spanish

still luffy vs lucci

>Yes he does.
>Did you just start reading this manga yesterday you fucking moron?
I wish reddit chan would leave

He's right tho. You fucking moron.

what's the difference, it's the same fight

Yo creo que todos pueden hablar espaƱol si realmente lo intentan.

>Is Kata getting weaker?
he's Mama's son so maybe he have the same kind of condition but only for sugar and he's about running low after all this fighting

So, Snake Man. It's based around superfast Culverins. Okay, fair enough, but what did Luffy mean when he said Jet Culverin? Is this then combined with Gear 2nd? What the fuck is a Culverin anyway? How does it work? How does it change direction in mid-air? That seems like a pretty important mechanic to explain.

a culverin is a type of cannon

It's named after a cannon
I personally like the idea that he pronounces it CURLverineen because it curls and changes direction
I think Culverin = He controls it 100%
Python = Homing missile
He basically uses haki to get better control over his rubbery-ness and so he can spawn more of it when it's only focused on one point.

Pudding, Sanji, Jinbe and Nami are looking at Luffy
Chopper is looking at SaNa posters
Brook doesn't have eyes

It's literally explained in the Doflamingo fight.

Am I the only one disappointed by Snakeman? I've liked Tankman and Bounceman, but he could've done better with Snakeman, it just looks like regular G4, light version. And the extra long hair is just silly. I do like the snake themed attacks, even though they all look the same.

Grab your tinfoil
Snake man has the best piercing protection because he had to use it to fight snakes with sharp fangs


Eh, I don't think so, he's even less Haki covered.

which means he has more haki to distribute as he wishes

>Well he should get knocked out more.
no he shouldn't. Your reasoning is backwards.
You should observe the fact that he rarely gets knocked out and understand that he has ridiculous durability. instead you are a moron and start complaining that he shouldn't have such high durability, based on your headcanon and wishes
>If I call him reddit maybe they won't notice that I'm wrong

>Strawhats are in color

He SHOULDN'T have such high durability if we saw him getting tossed around by pink mafia guy just a week earlier. And that was a fast and focused fight. It's been 10 HOURS OF NON STOP PUNISHMENT.
I'm not even a Kata fag, but seeing as he was set up as this even brickier wall than Lucci, Luffy shouldn't be able to reasonable beat him yet.

El hombre serpiente...

Yes and i'm right retard. It's honestly pathetic that you continue to defend this hack. Must be common in the r/onepiece echo chambers eh ?

You guys keep bitching, but I think that this fight perfectly demonstrates just how durable Luffy has become post-timeskip. Doflamingo was a challenge, yes. But he didn't push Luffy anywhere close to his absolute limit, unlike Katakuri here. This fight is setting the bar. It's necessary for the upcoming fight with Kaido, otherwise we either have a fight that Luffy loses, or a fight that makes Kaido look a lot weaker than he should be.

Some of these panels' art style was so not one piece, but they were great

The idea is fine, the execution needs work

>if we saw him getting tossed around by pink mafia guy just a week earlier
is this your first time reading One Piece?
Oda always builds hype by havign weak guys give trouble to the straw hats.
If you don't like it stop reading it.
If you have time to overthink this manga that's the sign that you need to do something with your life.
shitposting is against the rules

I want to be Diente de perro aniki

>just turn off ur brain

What music do you hombres listen to while reading new chapters?

This is my unofficial soundtrack:

Alright, seriously though.

What's your guys' reaction if two weeks from now, the first panel is Luffy BTFO and Katakuri standing victorious?

good, something I didn't expect

Depends on the mood of the chapter?

For the current one I listened to this

nah, Oda doesn`t have the balls

I don't get it, why did Luffy use Snakeman just now, after hours of hot steamy fisticuffs?
Was he just stalling?

oda is a hack

Faith in Oda restored.

He cannot use gear 4 willy-nilly, speedreader.


Katakuri is almost 50, in a setting where most powerful people are fairly mature, so it's not unreasonable that he is at the peak of his power right now. He's better than Luffy in literally every single aspect besides plot-stamina.
The idea that some 19 year old kid who just entered the new world wins against an undefeated yonko commander is completely absurd. Katakuri is a great character but he should have been introduced later in story, after Luffy had some training or something.

Then why was Luffy wasting hours fighting this guy without using Snakeman the first chance he got, since you know, it's the appropriate form for this fight? Why spend HALF A DAY wasting your energy running away and defending Katakuri's attacks?

>If you have time to overthink this manga that's the sign that you need to do something with your life.
Or maybe I'm also writing stories and this is a way to fill out potential plot holes by discussing things I like with other people

Luffy can sense emotions, so he sensed that Kata doesn't want to kill him. He might have took it as a chance to train with a commander, as well as killing some time until 1am
At the very start of the fight, once they enter mirror world, luffy knew what was up.
Chapter 881, page 18
Why would he grin like an idiot after breaking a piece of glass?
because now we know he saw this as a chance to have some fun and get stronger

Yeah Luffy vs lucci made some sense because lucci's just an assassin. He's used to killing his opponent's quickly and effectively. Luffy managed to drag the fight out and his lack of endurance made him lose in the end

Why wouldn't kata attempt to kill him though ? He had 0 respect for this kid at the time. And he knew his family was in danger. Unless mama specifically ordered him to keep luffy alive there's no reason for him to go easy

It isn't that good for defense, and Luffy knows it. He's losing teeth now when he gets hit.

He's not just some kid that entered the New World though. I mean, quite literally he is, but he's a kid with ridiculous potential that's been explained and shown for like 19 years straight and in universe he's a kid that was already known to be a strong rookie and trained for months straight with THE PIRATE KING'S RIGHT HAND. He's a kid that grows stronger with every fight and he's been in a couple of bad fights already.
And we know that some people just don't have the same stamina as others. Cracker couldn't handle pain at all and was basically done after one actual hit. His biscuits did the majority of the work during those 12 hours. We know Snack's been beaten by another rookie. We know Katakuri needs his food at certain times.

Now, I'm not saying all this should mean that Katakuri should lose, mind you. It'd be fucking incredible if Katakuri still won at the end. But at this stage in the series, we really should stop putting Luffy down like this. He has to grow at some point and he has already started a while ago. You're gonna have to get used to him beating stronger people up.

>He had 0 respect for this kid at the time.
That's not really true, is it? He didn't see Luffy as an equal but he was impressed by what Luffy was trying to do. He actually wanted to see if Luffy was a good Captain. The respect just grew throughout the fight.

Kata was undefeated for 50 years, and when you look at the state of his family, people still mocking him for his face, he needed to let off some steam.
And who better than a guy who doesn't care about his face and is willing to have some fun with him? I think Kata is just reluctant after years of being treated like shit for who he really is

If that's the case, the stronger people shouldn't be wailing on him for 10 hours and still lose. There's work to be done

Spanish translation is a meme just like the spanish language

Name a bigger asspull than Nightmare Luffy.

But the point is that Luffy can grow stronger in those 10 hours. It's like Zoro cutting steel. We know for a fact that Luffy is insane when it comes to fights. His potential to grow is proper shonen tier. He's had stupid stamina reserves for fucking ever. This is just the next step.

Asura. Easy.
Nightmare Luffy actually made sense somewhat. Asura is just questions upon questions.

Not so much as an asspull as it was just a shit tone of power ups on top of each other for both sides until the arc ended

>But at this stage in the series, we really should stop putting Luffy down like this. He has to grow at some point and he has already started a while ago. You're gonna have to get used to him beating stronger people up.

And that's why this fight is in a really awkward spot. Luffy losing after getting his shit pushed in for 10 hours straight would feel anticlimactic. But at the same time Luffy winning against someone who is simply a better and more experience version of himself ist utter bullshit too.

If he wins against Katakuri his next enemy needs to be an admiral or yonko because there is no one else to fight him.

Diable jambe

Or it could just be another Yonkou commander because we know for a fact that not all Commanders are at the same strength. It's also not powerlevels but almost Rock, Paper, Scissors. Jack has the stamina to fight for fucking five days straight against "monsters" like Cat and Dog. People who even Luffy considered were strong. And he's also seemingly a strength based fighter more than anything so obviously Luffy would have a way more tougher time with someone like Jack than, Katakuri. This obviously doesn't mean Jack is somehow stronger than Katakuri or something. No. It just means that different people have different strengths and fights can still go either way and Luffy can still struggle and thus grow.

I feel like people are most disappointed because we've already seen Luffy hitting Dogtooth so it just lacks the usual impact of 'it's fast!' However, what most people failed to realize is that Luffy isn't just hitting him, but doing so consecutively. Base G4 is fast by nature but only barely able to keep up with Dogtooth, where as Snakeman pushes Luffy to be his equal. I feel like people aren't truly understanding that Luffy is beating combat precog without the random punches.

It's clear that he originally saw luffy as foolish. But you might have a point since he did beat cracker. Katakuri didn't know how though. But that doesn't necessarily mean respect. It most likely piqued his interest.
Just because flambe is retarded doesn't mean the rest of the family are. It'd like to see oven and smoothie's reaction. I doubt they'd be on the floor they'd most likely be shocked because he's part fishman. Also Katakuri covering his face doesn't mean it's because of him being bullied. It could be because of the comfort of others because he's considerate.

>If he wins against Katakuri his next enemy needs to be an admiral or yonko because there is no one else to fight him.
Good. Things need to start moving towards the finish line. We've been stuck in the "Luffy trying to punch out of his weight class and failing" a little too long. This is why we had the timeskip. These are the sea's he's supposed to conquer. I'd like to seem him start conquering them.

Asura is from Zoro's cursed sword. When first received zoro got the sword I remember him mentioning that it was unlike any other sword he possessed because it was cursed(I think it was either baroque or water 7). This was kinda like a chekov's gun and foreshadowed the move

And the way he conquers is by winning over people's hearts.
Remember, he wants no part in the grand fleet, people are just flocking to him.

But there was no actual build up, no actual explanation or actual hint. Pretty sure Kitetsu wasn't even shown off that much when he used Asura. I think.

Shame Oda is a hack because Luffy should have been KOed ages ago.

Agree. I don't like how Oda just cured Luffy's swollen eye either.

Oda is just a hack, plain and simple.

He should have been dead against Cracker, but whatever.

So Big Mom will only have one commander at the end of this arc, and she's useless?

I dunno, it feels like Luffy is going to lose against Katakuri but win in against the entire family because Katakuri will not kill him, since the family bond is so thin that just showing Katakuri as imperfect is enough for them to hate him. Granted, that's only a guess since the only one to see it so far is a spoiled teenage brat. There's also the fact that Oda is constantly reinforcing that Sanji wants to save Luffy.

Then there is the whole "Katakuri never fell on his back" thing, which at this point seems way more important to Katakuri than anything else. And I doubt any of his siblings would care about that if they got to see mouth.

I cannot reconcile these elements with Luffy just knocking Katakuri out. So perhaps Luffy managed to knock Katakuri down on his back but cannot continue the fight, so Sanji gets in there and rescues him and Katakuri lets that happen.

"If I knock you down I win?"
"Yeah, I already said so"

I still say there's some build up and hints. Zoro stated that the sword is kinda like the "problem child" and that it would often slash without his direction due to it's blood thirst. Kitesu users in the past have all died a horrible death, but Zoro is deemed worthy in the eyes of the sword. I still think that asura is Zoro's reward for being able to survive for as long as he did and being able to control it. It just seems weird that zoro bringing up that he can sense the sword without seeing it(in water 7 mind you) is too much of a coincidence.

Katakuri already laid on his back in his temple.

She'll have no choice but to promote snack considering that cracker is still out of commission. I still think big mom is dying this arc though. I mean as dressrosa dragged on it became obvious that doffy would have to go down so the same can be said for here.

I don't understand how Luffyfags claim Luffy is predicting shit because Luffy was genuinely shocked and surprised by Diced Mochi.

That shit should have ended the fight.

There's Perospero and Compote, especially Compote



Not in battle though. That obviously means something to him when he'd rather take a hit to his head than fall on his back.

Not to mention that he hasn't been knocked down even once, not even during the recent chapter, he immediately rolls back to his feets when he is shook by Luffy's first Snakeman attack.

>I don't understand how Luffyfags claim Luffy is predicting shit
It's probably due to the fact that Katakuri said Luffy can predict shit.

if Luffy is not defeated, oda a hack
he cant beat a guy who doubles his bounty

Assuming katakuri does defect(although he has no reason to) 2 options will be up and give snack a break man.

No, no, no, no. All that was said at the VERY earliest moment. All of that had nothing to do with anything during Zoro's most blood covered fights. Water 7 is the only time the curse has been mentioned but again, it was mentioned in an offhanded way. There was nothing behind it. Even when he first showed it, he's pointing Yubashiri. Oda isn't the type to ignore things like this. He'd have Zoro point Sandai instead. Especially since it's in his presumed dominant hand. The only ACTUAL foreshadowing we got for Asura was the "Embimayonaisse Onigiri" or whatever. Which, also, was never used before and after.

I'm obviously not saying that Asura isn't a by product of the cursed sword. I'm saying that it came out of nowhere. With no actual build up. With no actual reference to it. The second time as well, in Sabaody. no real build up. Zoro just does it outta nowhere.