Anyone wants to discuss Shinka?

Anyone wants to discuss Shinka?

No, fuck off.


where's her hairclip?

I wonder what it feels like inside her tight virgin pussy

Those are the words I most want to hear out of Shinka's mouth.

It's right there.

Why do you want Shinka to beat you up?

i want to disrespect her.


when she will try to bully one of the anons i will make an appearance and call Jackson (my 80kg dog). after looking down on her and make her repent, i will order her to tak her panties off and give these panties to my dog. he will sniff them and become furious. Shinka will understand what will happen to her next...

So you're just another dumb bestiality poster, I can't believe I had high hopes for you.

your hopes don't matter because my purpose is to disrespect Shinka and protect innocent anons.

I hope Shinka kicks your ass for real.

please stop these threads

someone has to stand for them. the tyranny of Shinka has gone too far.

They make my dick hard

Tell me about Shinka. Why does she wear the hairclip?

Nobody cared who she was before she wore the clip.

She is showing me her armpits. She knows what will happen next.

I don't, what will happen next?

With my dick

woof woof


I really like the Greymon -> Metal Greymon shinka.

I've long reached the conclusion that these threads are being made by a Shinka- and/or Rinfag mod. There's no other plausible explanation for them being allowed like this.

How can you make design like Shinka and then don't make her main heroine?

Fucking kyoanus idiots

Fuck that, she should have been the main character.

Girls blowing dog cock are hot

Shinka ("Шинка") means "ham" in Ukrainian.

Is it a coincidence or something more?

Like KyoAni even know where Ukraine is.

>dog love ham
mind blown

I want to ____be____ Shinka!

If I remove the hair clip will she die?

Well, those legs of hers are pretty thick, I'd totally have some of that ham, in non-African way.

It would be extremely painful.

She's a big girl.

She's a cute girl

>implying they don't

For you.

She would just strangle you with them so you'll die trying.



Uhh, no user, Ukraine is not Russia yet, I don't think the average Yamamoto can name Eastern European countries without googling.

But she's Russian.

Exactly which part of "Sanae Dekomori" sounds Russian to you?

All Slavs belong to the same root.


No, she is a shit.

I like how friendly she is with dogs

Probably a loan from German "Schinken".

The whitest Kyoani!

It's a common name in Vladivostok.

I don't think this is true. I mean, Vladivostok used to have a Japanese district, but that was decades ago, they all left.

I absolutely adore her mean personality.

Isn't Baioretto the whitest one?
The anime is set in a European-ish world, so the characters must be all white.

It is.

>The europa's brothel of a country
>implying they wouldn't know
Even syrians visit your country to have some haram sex

Isn't she not a real human?

Why would Syrians go to Ukraine and pay to have sex, when they can go to Germany and get paid for having sex?

Even if she isn't, someone else certainly is.
Like that ginger girl, whatever her name was.

Fair enough but Dekomori is just as Aryan as any of them.

Your standard of "Aryan" is pretty low.

what did he mean by this?

Even Adolf Hitler would adore Dekomori.


Because slav > germuds

Who wouldn't?

I want to kill myself and become a Shinka in Shinkafterlife

Well, the user above said she was part-Russian (the source is his ass probably, but let's assume it's true), which makes her partially subhuman. Plus the Japanese are not "Aryan", they are the "I'll just call you Aryan for the time being because I need an ally" kind of Aryan. Hitler would declare them subhuman a couple of decades later if he won.

Tell me more about this Shinkafterlife.

you want to atone for her sins in this life?

Sup Forums pls go.

> Sup Forums
> ever admitting that the idea of "Aryan" is simply a political tool and its definition is arbitrary

Shinka literally cannot sin.

i do not agree with you

Doggin it is sinful

Show me one time where Shinka sinned.

Not canon.

look at her juicy biceps

she bullies innocent people

A heaven, we are Shinka and we are the Shinka

Shinka has never fucked anybody over in her life who didn't have it coming to them.

you a biased because she mind broke you into being her slave

She didn't have to, i study her Bible and i give my body and soul to her

Shinka should have joined the boxing club, she got hands.

that's what i'm talking about. you've become an instrument of her wraith

I had it coming.

Shinka should legally register her religion with being the only one true Goddess

Sure but I want to see her reach her full potential. She has the raw strength and is a decent brawler so she just needs to be more refined and you'll get one hell of a fighter.

Violence to the unwillings is sin for followers of Shinkahood

Even if it's not registered, I still follow it.

Unwilling? But I'm talking about the boxing club. If she knocks out some scrub it won't be unwilling.

But we will not have our church and tax exemption

you've fallen so deep into the slavery. you would probably lick her cunt if she says so

Post your favourite Shinka reaction image.

Religion is a form of slavery, you don't own body and soul, Shinka does

That's pretty low on the scale of things I'd be willing to do at her command.

Deko is a midget.

Smol gal not midget

So was Hitler