One Piece

Thoughts on the new volume cover?
Do you think Carrot will join the crew based on this?

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>Pudding is looking at Sanj.
>Sanji is looking Nami.
>Nami is looking at us.
What did Oda mean by this? Are we part of the love triangle?

Also notice how the non-strawhats are in yellow? Is Carrot confirmed or what

Pudding a cute.

bege for nakama

Retarded cover theories aside, that's a nice one.

>Jinbe looking at Nami

I guess I’m part of their love triangle. I’m fucking Nami now! I like the new cover page.

So, anyone else thinks this was a huge letdown?

Just you.

were you expecting a super power-up that would somehow destroy katakuri despite G4 failing before?

>fightfags, everyone

>the whole week fans were theorizing about what Snakeman would look like
>it's just a slightly slimmer Boundman with a big head.

after tankman, I think the G4 forms are gonna be stale

Oda, where's Luffy's wife Vivi?

the state of sana btw

>after tankman
Tankman would be just as similar if not for the fact that Luffy was stuffed.


Nami is looking at Luffy.

>literally spicLuffy

Learn how to greenest


If anything she is looking at Sanji.
Looks like she is looking forward though

Where did the eyeliner come from?

>caring about snake-man when we got fucking donut-man

Is carrot looking at me? Cute! I’m in love with her!

If they ain't coloured in, they ain't nakama.



But dat cracka Sanji be white boi and he nakama.

What the fuck did I just read?


So what are the odds that carrot will NOT join the crew?

>stealing from Disney
is this the hack's lowest point?

Do you expect anything? It's Sanafag.

He's been "stealing" from Disney since chapter 1, you speedreading retard. Did the sea king from chapter 1 not remind you of Little Mermaid?

She's joining for sure.

>jinbe & carrot: indigo
>sanji & chopper: light blue
>nami: purple
>brook: red
what does it all mean?

Disney didn't invent circles you fucking mong.

Kill yourself.

>this post
is this the shitposter's lowest point?


I honestly think that might be a printing/colouring error. I think he was supposed to be the same colour as Nami.

>stealing donuts
He has admitted to have Disney inspirations. This isn't one.

Carrot is too bland to join. Boring fighting style, no skill that warrants her a position that can benefit the Straw Hats whatsoever. She's not joining.

Yeah that cover is very not subtle about Carrot's position in the crew.

I'd like to point out this earlier WCI arc cover is reminiscent of the Strawhats at FI arc. Brook and Jinbe are positioned almost exactly the same.

Jinbe is joining/has joined.
Pedro is kill.
Carrot is joining.
Reiju might be the last-minute, dark horse from this arc to join (confirmed DF user, has same blood type as Luffy, etc.)

It seems like Oda wants the crew to be complete by Wano arc.

>/biz/ memes
this is as bad as frogposting

>Reiju might be the last-minute, dark horse from this arc to join
you really don't want people to take you seriously, huh

You need to go back

Let me guess, next you're going to analyze color spreads as if they actually mattered for anyone joining the crew, right?

You have to admit that Reiju getting confirmed for a DF is really odd

Even if she doesn't join, you know Oda is holding out on her and Germa.


Mont D.Or confirmed nakama

>disney invented donuts
Hackposters are getting too retarded for their own good.

>as if they actually mattered for anyone joining the crew

Reiju is NOT a DF user.

No mink will join. This just plants the HACK seed later on during major war.

Reiju has an excellent dick-sucking lips. I wanna stick my dick in her mouth.

guess his filler
>"har har har i can't wait to see my little sister pudding. haven't seen her in ages!"


Kokoro confirmed nakama

see pic

what makes you think that's canon?

Because it was written by Oda himself?

is this the new "no leg hair=Virgin" shitposting?


is katakuri the first luffy's opponent who didn't laugh at his transformation?

>Reiju might be the last-minute, dark horse from this arc to join (confirmed DF user, has same blood type as Luffy, etc.)

She has a good shot at becoming a SH sub-commander, the Germa aren't out of the story yet so Judge might abdicate and she could lead the Germa under the SH banner.


Croc got angry at Water Luffy, thinking Luffy isn't taking the fight seriously. And I don't recall Lucci laughing at Gear 2nd and 3rd.

wasn't lucci mocking him after gear 3rd deactivated?

This is my favorite volume cover in a long time.
It's a lot cleaner than usual and the mirror effect is great.

>Do you think Carrot will join the crew based on this?
I wouldn't read too far into it.
There's been a few times where Oda depicts arc allied among the group. Check out for instance, which had Pedro and Reiju also alongside the Straw Hats. Or the Dressrosa volumes that frequently put Law and the Grand Fleet on a similar level.

Volume covers just advertise whats happening within the volume, and right now Carrot is on the ship filling the void of the missing crewmates. That doesn't necessarily mean she'll stick around long-term.

>One Piece Green listed Sabo as dead
And now Sabo is alive and well.

>One Piece 20th Anniversary Magazine listed Reiju as having a DF

There's already a poison DF, and Magellan ate it. Next you're telling me Niji's electricity is because he ate Goro Goro fruit when Enel did. All the Vinsmoke siblings' special ability is from Germa's genetic modification science, not Devil Fruit.

I wear to God, OP fanbase on Sup Forums is starting to feel more and more like the ones from those entry-level anime/OP forums like Animesuki/Orojackson/MAL/APforums.

I think his eyes are meant to be sucked in a bit. At least, I hope it's that and not haki.

oda didn't write the magazine retard

Look man, we've seen DFs that are extremely similiar to each other. Kilo kilo no mi and ton ton no mi both deal in weight, for example.
Just because Magellan has the poison Paramecia does not exclude Reiju of having a similiar DF or one that can deal with poison.
Maybe she has a Zoan fruit that lest her thanks some poison or for an even crazier solution she has the vaccine Paramecia, which can negate all posion.
One Piece is all kinds of wild, so chill.

>Literally, Mochi gear four: Donut Steel

Normally I don't like Oda's covers but this new one is really good, probably my favourite since the timeskip

>Volume covers just advertise whats happening within the volume,

Not the villain/heroes paired covers.

> and right now Carrot is on the ship filling the void of the missing crewmates. That doesn't necessarily mean she'll stick around long-term.

Sanji isn't on the ship either, but he's still as prominent.

No one said the other Vinsmokes have DFs, just Reiju because it's in the magazine.

Oda wrote an omake chapter for it, an exclusive colorspread, and early concept art and notes for Germa.

Given all that I find it hard to believe that Reiju's DF is a mistake, especially since the magazine was long after the explanation for genetically modified humans.

And its not like his editors don't know shit. They all know the ending to One Piece and Oda's other long term plans for the series.

Post Carrot.


>Not the villain/heroes paired covers.
We've seen these before with Kokoro, Law, Vivi, Carue, etc.

Luffy, Sanji, Nami, Jinbe, Chopper, Brook and Carrot are the protagonists of this arc. That's why they're colored and located in the foreground. The minor allied characters from other factions (Bege, Chiffon, Pudding) are pushed into the background). The cover is relevant to Whole Cake Island.

>Sanji isn't on the ship either
Don't be cute.
Sanji is the second most important character in this arc, one of the oldest Straw Hat members in the series, and is the lead in that cake baking subplot that's a significant part of Volume 88. Of course he's featured with the protagonists and not Bege's crew.

Literally all I'm saying is that Oda drawing the central cast of this arc for a volume cover within that arc doesn't mean he's secretly dropping hints about who will or won't join the crew. People read way too much into volume covers and color spreads here.

>Boring fighting style
More interesting than Sanji's.
>she's not joining
Stop being in denial.

>More interesting than Sanji's.

I strongly believe in the DF number theory. The crew's DFs adding up to 325 (the name of the ship) as a simple coincidence is mathematically improbable.

Don't get me wrong, I'll happily write her off if her DF fruit doesn't fit the pattern being a 0, 29, 20, or 9.

But my pet theory is that she might have a "zero" fruit. Rei could mean thanks or etiquette which might be how she sucked out the poison using those powers.

DIable Jambe isn't interesting at all. At least not anymore. Hell, Luffy could probably use it.

What’s the the name of this doujin?

Oh, hey can light himself on fire? You mean like Katakuri's grilled mochi and Luffy's red hawk? Who did he even take down in a fight last time with diable jambe I wonder.

>Literally all I'm saying is that Oda drawing the central cast of this arc for a volume cover within that arc doesn't mean he's secretly dropping hints about who will or won't join the crew

Carrot was already prominent on the cover in front of the moon. There was absolutely no reason for Oda to also put her directly alongside the straw hats if that wasn't to indicate her current standing in the story. Vivi and Law are also in that same standing, so that doesn't automatically make her a straw hat, but they have good reasons not to join. Carrot has absolutely nothing holding her back.

Its is extremely easy to compare her to Franky circa vol. 43 right now. Nothing is official, but Oda is treating her exactly as he would an official straw hat.

>still using the same powerup from enies lobby
woah so cool.

H-he got haki over the timeskip, don't you give a shit?

When the fuck does One Piece take place?

-new gear and shit + haki

-move that cuts a fucking mountain

-unoriginal cp9 move + haki

The difference with Carrot is that we've never really had a saga where the crew is split up constantly and guests stay on the ship for long periods of time. That's something extremely unique to the current Wano saga.

When Franky is showcased alongside every Straw Hat by himself in an arc where they're all there and having 1v1's that looks really suspicious. But Carrot is coming out of a 70-something chapter arc where half the crew is missing and a bunch of furry friends tagged along to fill the gaps in the team dynamic. Her circumstances are different, which is why I'm skeptical that it's teasing her joining the crew over the idea of her just being some temporary member to provide comic relief and anime tiddies while Usopp, Franky and Robin are in Wano.

It's not even the first time she's been featured on a cover. It's just the first time she has without Wanda and Pedro being in the volume.

>using Noland's Log book as a guide, it is possible to work out that the current storyline of One Piece takes place in the sixteenth century of the era of Kaien

>spicy foot

>-move that cuts a fucking mountain
It's just Sanzensekai.

Fighting exclusively with his legs is pretty badass imo. You can say its not interesting anymore but it is a cool fighting style, at least at first.

It's the best fighting style after Luffy's. Ussop is cool too.

The crew would get too crowded with an additional nakama. 10 is enough.