Will you protect this smile Sup Forums?

I'm honestly loving this show. I don't care what people say about the pacing, i actually like it. ep7 can't come soon enough

The last few episodes have been amazing. I hope Ogawa gets to do the next one.

I watch it because I wanna fug Violet but the show itself is pretty bad.

The show is boring, Violet is kissable and I want to NTR her from Gilbert.

Violet is for pump and dump though?

It's an ok watch, but I don't really look forward to it every week like I do other shows this season.

I know right, i'm loving it. Fujita's art in episode 5 was also really nice.

I love the show too, don't mind the usual kyoani hate bandwagon bother you.

It's not the greatest anime ever made but its still the best show this season. People just judge it by different standards than everything else unfortunately. Episodes 5 and 6 were also the best so far so i can't wait for more.

I promise to protect this smile.

I don't think violet needs physical protection, may be mental protection, but she showed in this episode, that she can deal with strangers, or maybe, it was because, she is straightforward as fuck.

I don't understand what's wrong with the pacing. Sup Forums loves a bunch of SoL stuff so why not this? I feel some sub plots were rushed even

This show is not slow paced, characters and plots lines get introduced and finished within a single episode, character development gets skipped over with unclear time skips and no stories lead into the next episode, by all means this is a fast paced show, it's so shit because all it's episodic stories follow the same tired formula, the stories themselves are generic and predictable, and the show is very poorly directed.

>Ep 7 can't come soon enough
This is the type of thing you say after a cliff hanger, really just sounds like you're trying so hard since we all know it'll just be another random story.

>Sup Forums loves a bunch of SoL stuff so why not this
The tone is not like an SoL though. There's no "fun" factor.

This show is not by any means good, let alone the best this season, it's worse then just about everything else if i'm being honest.

Wait, why do i suddenly have blue cancer?

There's a reason you can't actually find anyone complaining about slow pacing, just people claiming that's what others don't like.

When really it's the terrible characterization, lack of engaging plot lines, it's all so trite and repetitive, no one actually cares.

>This show is not slow paced, characters and plots lines get introduced and finished within a single episode
Oh shit i think you just solved ishidate problem you sound like your qualified to direct anime ever considered it user
>it's so shit
It's not shit, its a great and entertaining show, its just not the perfect god given masterpiece that people expect it to be.
>it'll just be another random story
It's still good(not amazing but good) i want more of what i got. It may not be as good as novel content but its still great.

Used Goods. How many times do you think Dietfried used her while she was with him?

Bullshit user, you just set yourself up for disappointment when you expected this show to be next death note or something. If this was done by a random no name studio people like you wouldn't be saying shit like " it's worse then just about everything else"

I haven't been this bored since Mayoiga. I keep skipping sections since it's so cliche I can fill in what the characters are going to say at any given point.

> if i'm being honest
But you're not being honest user.

Zero, Violet literally kills anyone that tries to molest her and Dietfried was wise enough to never try that.
He did beat her up every day though.

Everyone except for good looking dudes. Dietfried and Gilbert gets free access to Violet's pussy for sure.

Just Gilbert.

Which Fate Route is this ?

Why is she copying Saber?

This episode was the less garbo since Luculia's one, but still comfy to watch cause muh Kyoani's godlike visuals.


No one was expecting a masterpiece, we just wanted an entertaining show we can talk about week to week. Luckily there are actually good shows that allow that this season.

No, they set themselves up for disappointment with those previews.
Those looked mildly interesting and exciting, the polar opposite of this show which has yet to establish and single compelling idea or concept within it's 6 episodes.

It's just a really shitty monster of the week, terribly formulaic and predictable, nothing really matters, characters are introduced and dropped instantly, it's complete trash.

Those PVs were just collage of good scenes with good dialogue and good music on top of them.
You misinterpreted them horribly.

>No, they set themselves up for disappointment with those previews.
The PV's showcase the animation and not much else. Violet Evergarden delivers in that respect. You morons set yourselves up for disappointment when you expected it to have Shakespearean writing. For anime original content its very good i was not bored at any moment while i watched this show. I can't say the same for 85% of the other shows airing this season.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

>No one was expecting a masterpiece
Thats exactly what people were expecting and thats exactly why this show gets an unfair amount of criticism.

what do you want to know user?

my thoughts exactly

do you ever get bored of being a retard?

No I get fun out of your reactions though.

Sorry, Rei Saber is the correct term

> to be next death note or something
Stfu dumb newfaggot.


No, it's not even better than Killing Bites. Which while garbage, at least it's interesting garbage

I'm loving the show but I really didn't care about violets partner in episode 6. Other than that it was a great episode.

Is all the hate this show gets because this is a really good season? VEG is an amazing show but there are 3 other shows that I'm enjoying way more. I was kinda hoping it was gonna live up to the hype and be as world renowned as Kimi no na wa but it's not hard to accept that it isn't when it's still a solid production.

Episode 5 and 6 justified sticking to this show thru episode 1-4. Though I think they're having trouble developing a solid overarching story, each individual episode stands okay on its own.

There is an overarching plot but I don't think it's very interesting.

I really liked 3 personally.


>t. bugchaser

Not gonna lie, I felt my heart skip a beat when she smiled :3

I honestly don't understand why Gilbert would fall for underage bitch. Is he a pedo?

Your shitty "t." memes aren't funny user.

i'm not new and you are the faggot

no, just no. i'm keeping up with VEG weekly, i cant say the same for KB

Is this like the next SAO?
People say they do not like it, simply because normalfags like it?

5 and 6 were best

I'm just catching up right now. Is 4 bad?

user don't make me cry

Violet is at least growing, I'm honestly getting tired of 02 and her stupid quirks and "muh darling", I also saw the revelation of her true nature coming from a mile away.

>Cute af
>Don't know how to bullshit
>Uses logic instead of "muh emotions" to solve problems

Yeah, I have no idea on why would Gilbert, or any man, fall for her.

Facts are facts. She has AIDS and going after her is literally bugchasing, the kind of stuff the absolute lowest of society do.

It's Violet likes Gilbert romantically not the other way around so eat shit and die you fucking retard

I've been keeping up with both. And KB is by far the more entertaining series even if it technically worse

looks like it user

Holy autism...

>VEGans constantly feeling the need to shit on 002
How cucked can you get?

Will you VEGfags and Darlingfags just shut the fuck up and stop fighting?

Enjoy the goddamn show or criticize it in the respective threads.

Bullshit. 愛してる is very romantic.

comfy violet

its fine

He literally confess to her in light novel you fucking retard did you even read it?

>Post image of 02 with 'VEG a shit' filename
>Complain about someone criticizing 02

>old hag
>also basically a killing machine
No need for us to protect any of that smile.


>Live in tropical shithole
>See anons constantly calling /comfy/ people covered in clothes

smile status: established

user, that's not a happy smile. Look at her eyebrows. Her eyes are also wide open, unlike last episode's smile.

She's in pain.

my wife looks so pretty

I'd love for that image to not be so dark, maybe I'll vector it later.

U too

So much for that gray filter found in the initial episodes huh.

I really like the loli princess.

>i really like a literal nobody
Stupid KyoAnus licker.

>true nature
Mind explaining what that is, genius? I hope you kill yourself out of embarrassment when you realize you were wrong, Mr. I CAN FUCKING SEE THE FUTURE

Trying too hard.

Royal cunny.

I love this show but no matter how much people defend it like it was good, the narrative choice to skip the entire encounter at the end of the last episode and timeskip forwards with the only link being some throwaway lines about violet being slightly more expressionless than usual was fucking retarded and try-hard, theres 'show don't tell' and 'just leave them in the fuckin dark and pretend you're great because you're vague'

I loved the episode in and of itself, but that doesn't mean this slipup should be so easily forgiven or brushed over or excused as it is.

piss off, faggot

No, you're really retarded.
How can you "really like" a character that does nothing, not to mention a loli by our resident "lolis must be removed from the industry" studio.

They've been unironically subverting expectations almost every episode, she's down probably because of something else and will later get revealed that she doesn't give a flying shit about killing that guy's marines.

Oh, it's the obnoxious LRD.

Is it really that hard to like both shows? I do. KyoAni's approach is like slow passionate foreplay before Trigger and A1 come into the room and pig roast you like fucking animals while studio Khara wanks to lewds of the Franxx mechs in the corner

The first few episodes were pretty garbage, but the last few episodes have been solid. Not amazing, but solid.

How do I get a Violet gf bros?

Be a rich chad like Gilbert or prince Damian and find yourself a loli.

Abduct a girl, teach her to be an autistic killing machine, and then die

You don't want a clinger.

Adopt a loli and raise her as a robot

This. I think that what we were shown last episode was all that came from Dietfried and Violet encounter. Like, right after Dietfried said that stuff about Violet's bloody hands Cattleya barged into the conversation and Dietfried just walked away, but his words were enough to make Violet question the role she has chosen (wich fits with what she said during episode six).

What was Leon thinking at that moment Sup Forums?