Itou junji

What the fuck.. was that

>itou junji
What the fuck is wrong with you?

A naked middle aged woman threatening her niece after losing her mind due to complete deprevation of privacy. Why, what'd you think it was?

This was actually a pretty decent episode imo.

Complete lack of privacy is already normal these days with smartphones and windows 10 so the episode seemed really strange.

Next week's stories should be The Circus is Here and Drifting Spores.

Great soundtrack for both parts, desu

oh they adapted a Town Without Streets? was it any good? I stopped following this series but that story is one of my favourites.

Is the user that kept spamming town without streets happy now? Anyway each episode keeps being better than the last one, the soundtrack was incredibly good, wish it was always like this since it has alone the potential to make the adaption good.

The story dates back to 1997, and it turned out to be quite future proof. People who just post their whole life on social media are just like the town inhabitans, having strangers walking in their houses without a care. The ones who do not wish to partake in that are frigthened.

Best episode thanks to not relying on money shots.


I just felt like the last story was all over the place and too unbelievable and ridiculous, maybe the anime delivery just made it feel like that. First story was ok.

No, the original version was also all over the place just like it

If anything the anime made it a bit more cohesive because the manga just goes into greater detail about everything. The point was that the no privacy thing was spreading to her family too.

Was this week's episode any better than the last one? I can't handle another short as bad as Window Next Door.

It's good, the ost was nice.

why are all the girls in this so cute

what are the stories this week? also manlet, crossroads, souchi adventures episodes when?

junji stories are just one of those things where it doesn't matter how good the adaption gets since it's doubtful whether it can actually capture the tone of the original.
i don't really have much hope for this anime, i just watch it when i have minutes to spare.

In Old Records and The Town Without Streets.

Thanks for covering her breasts

>old record
the devil song or whatever that shit was?


CR is safe for young children!

Yeah my psyche would not handle a pair of bare titties

did they skip Jack the Ripper?

He was shown but some parts were omitted

Has this anime gotten any better? I haven't formally dropped it but I couldn't be bothered to watch anything after episode 3

If anything it got worse. They did the story with the woman in the window next door and literally didn't even bother animating her. Just close ups of her unmoving face while she was supposed to be talking.

of course it got skipped this is why i hate this adaptation it skips the good parts

>souchi and the teacher bonding before turned into a doll
>no souchi being autistic in front of his crush
>the puppeteers controlling the family
>skipping the part in crossroads where in the father of the MC gave advice to a girl and succeeded confessing to her crush and thus why people kept on doing the crossroads fortune telling

they did a very well job with after image though I'll give them that

I liked the second story. It was like some Evil Within/Evil Within 2.

She was above the logs when she started falling, how did she get under logs? Is it some Japanese falling technique, the same that makes you grab tits?

same question i asked when i read that story years ago

>gets told to follow the river upstream
>goes downstream

I thought it was a bra
That's actually pretty ingenious censorship

The first story was actually the first one I didn't like. It was too standard.

The second story was bizarre and disjointed to the point that parts of it didn't make sense, but I did enjoy it.

>peeling apples
Why do Japanese do that?

They're not allowed to eat the skin.

I'm thinking something along these lines is conceivable, especially as the logs were stacked pretty high.

hope next episode is hanging balloons desu

It's probably Bronze Statue and The Circus is Here
By the way, Junji made a sequel to hanging balloons a few years ago

>this shit show

It stood out from most of the rest of the adaptation as far as I'm concerned, but I haven't read too much of Junji Ito to know just how much they've fucked everything up.

So why are people giving this show so much shit anyway? I've been enjoying it.

Low budget.

Seems like a pretty dumb reason. That was obvious from the get-go and not particularly surprising.

Happened also in Lion King 2

Another reason I could see is people expecting this to be what they typically understand as horror and not getting what they expected.


What else have crunchyroll censored for this series?


I definitely remember some people being confused (or even upset) about episode 1 making them laugh and many somehow came to the conclusion that the humor was due to poor quality rather than being intentional. I shouldn't give a shit, but seeing it get a 6.4 rating on MAL after the first episode and then having it stay there kind of hurts me.

>caring about MAL

That's what I said.

It's just not a good adaptation.

the sad story of a perfect society ruined by judgmental outsiders

I just did not like episodes 1 and 5, the others are acceptable or good. And fuck crunchyroll.

Well it certainly sounded like shit.

I can't watch this series in the daytime. It loses the little charm it has. I look forward to read this thread once I watch the episode, please don't die on me!

I actually really like this adaptation, sure it's not as good as the original but that's impossible to achieve. I'm enjoying it.

You try singing after you're dead already and lets see how good you sound.

They probably wanted edgy shit since that's what's considered horror nowadays.
They complain about the designs too even though it's like the manga, I guess it's just entitlement.

Just pull the curtains

wait what
where can i read this?

It having a low score on MAL isn't what should hurt you, caring about that trash site is.

Just watch it under the covers on your tablet

Just watch it with your eyes closed.

Sometimes I practice closing my eyes while walking on the pavement. Keeps me on edge

>try to get my friend into ito
>buy him one of the books
>says he hates it because of how little is explained


That picture made me smile.

Stop being friends with retards.


Honestly I've been enjoying it overall. Some moments make me want to slap them really hard but for the pros outweight the cons.
If you're asking why it bombed with people who are not into Ito it's pretty self explanatory, this is as far as the mainstream as you can get.

>he hates it because of how little is explained
Is you friend a murrican?

>as far as the mainstream as you can get
Buy can you get as far as decided to do look more like?

Is this the version that was broadcast on the WOWOW channel?

Wait, did they really show tits outside of the HS version? What else have they censored?

Yes my sharp friend, I fucked up that sentence and I couldn't be bothered to delete the post because I have crippling depression.

where on the fuck can I watch this shit uncensored then?

Every stream and torrent I find is what's up on CR

I second this, I downloaded 4 or 5 different subs to no avail.

Download the raw and put the HS subs on it. Or don't even bother with the subs, since you already know what the characters say.

can someone tell me if this is the version that was broadcast on the WOWOW channel?

Do you put your dick in crazy?

>fucking your crazy aunt while hoards of strangers watch

doujin material

Second half of the episode is basically "a normalfag visits Sup Forums".

No, wait, the other way around.

That's actually one of my favorites Ito but I bet DEEN just butchered it.

That's exactly what I thought as well. Your friend is smart.

>Itou Junji

The epitome of what the fuck was that.

I've been too spooked to watch. Worth it?

>I've been too spooked to watch.
Nigger how

I've become a pussy in my old age

If you've read Ito's works, then you'll be able to watch it just fine.

CR sensored all the spooks for your convenience.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with Ito but I'd say it's more "unsettling" than it is "scary". And two of the episodes have features dark comedy, as you may or may not expect.

It's normal, but normally you don't even notice it until it's too late

bit obsessed there m8

I actually liked this episode. It wasn't spooky, but still unsettling. After watching this and the doll girl one late at night I've come to the conclusion that it really is better not to watch them during daytime. Adds to the atmosphere a little bit.

Didn't read that much material before so the show has this weird feeling to it, like i shouldn't watch it before reading, probably read some of that after the show finished airign though.

Enjoyed every episode so far but some of those stories feel a bit like a idea showcase then an actual story, maybe this just comes with the format.

Hell Doll was the only one that gave me actual shivers, but after image was my favourite storywise.

All aspects of the story are connected.
Take a look at Jack's eyes design for example, they pretty much scream "evil" thus he is the kind of person who would benefit the most from a society that hides their true face behind a mask, it's all part of the theme about the consequences of a community with no privacy.