LWA should get a spin-off. I'd for sure watch Babs and Her Witchy Pals!

LWA should get a spin-off. I'd for sure watch Babs and Her Witchy Pals!

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Don't remind me this, what a waste of character design.

I wholeheartedly agree.

>Forgetting the better character

Post Barbara´s Big Butt.

Hannah > Barbs

So, are they ....really....you know.....

Too innocent for that, but keep the friendship and the showering together thing for a couple years more and I can see it happening.

What an absolute beauty with her hair down

Hanna-Barbera will never send you their genki lesbians energy
Why live?


the penis spell seems to be working

Me on the top left.

>been off twitter for a full week
>mfw thinking of all the lwa art I’ve missed

Eh, it was just a bunch of VD Diakko.

That didn’t even occur to me but now im even more mad i missed it

is LWA Kino? Or just a meme show, since Akko's meme are always on /r9k/?

It's a fun family-friendly show.

Family friendly? Not seinen?

>since Akko's meme are always on /r9k/?
Fucking why

everybody say she has autistic

Family friendly. Bring the wife, bring the kids, bring your grandma.

everybody say she is autistic


The OVA is better

should i watch them before or after the TV?
I heard it's better later


02 get the nendo, can we get Diana and Amanda nendo?

>OVA came first
What do you think
>I heard it's better later
You make your own judgement
If you're this person fuck off and go back to browsing /r9k/, robots shouldn't be allowed to watch pure-hearted and genuinely good things like LWA

>pure-hearted and genuinely good things like LW
pure hearted? boring

Posting more cute witches because faggot robots mucking up the thread

Is Akko for lewd?


You still have two days to vote in this.

is this anime like NHK?

The first Ova is the only piece of LWA media worth watching, even the second one with the new witches isn't as good.

Yes its exactly like it, its a 1 to 1 recreation actually.


Only if she tops

Second OVA is OKAY.
I'd say it's worth the watch if you just like animation. The animation was great when I watched it again for the second time. Just doesn't have lighting that's as good as the second one.

I mean
>Doesn't have lighting that's as good as the FIRST one


The TV show did OVA 2 plot points much better than OVA 2.

You say that like the OVA 2 and television series are straight up bad. They're not as solidly scripted like the first one. Hiccups here and there and some missed opportunities, but if you liked the first OVA chances are you will be fine with OVA 2, and at least some parts of the series

That's why you shouldnt watch OVAs


but that's wrong their all worth watching

The ova is just two good episodes, the series has more going for it even with the duds.

if you insist

I wanna _pat Barbara’s big butt

>The ova is just two good episodes
>OVA 1 is JUST a "good" episode
OVA 1 is a perfect gem. Series didn't have "duds" it had flaws that kept it from being the best it could have been

It didn't have any strengths either. The brevity sure was nice, but it couldn't offer anything in terms of story or characters. TV series on the other hand takes a lot of effort to give all the characters depth and development.

Are there canon examples of Barbara with a big butt?

The shower scene

I prefer tone and a pitch perfect script where every scene relates or seamlessly leads to the other and uses it's time to its upmost fullest
Far better than just a "good episode"

M-muh buh-wha
Man they're even taking a shower together
Can't believe I forgot this scene

Nothing wrong with taking a shower with your girl friend

I hope they stop being Diana orbiters and just do a 24/7 cycle of nonstop public flirting, kissing, and fingering of each other.

haha gals being pals amiright?



pull the trigger


Is there art of Akko and Diana in Ursula jumpsuits?

The games coming out soon. Based on what’s been seen is it actually good?

I thought Diana grew out of Shiny Chariot?

Average from I remember of it, but im still gonna buy it, make a decent timekiller if nothing else
Now that Akko’s restored her yay, she’ll secretly start doing her favorite shiny chariot stuff again until akko inevitably walks in on her and joins in

It's good fanservice.

Diana, Lotte, Constanze most overpowered JRPG team-up?

Sucy would be cheating

what a dork

Game's shit, but is good for fanservice. If you want more Luna nova lore, character interactions, and show references - get it. If you want a fun fantasy beat'em'up - just play Dragon's Crown.

It seems like every other girl on Luna Nova has a fat ass. Why is this?

Short skirts that hug the cute animu proportions

I want to fuck the bullies.

Witches are naturally prone to having fantastic asses

bless this frame


why is she putting her leg up like that?

She's trying to look sexy for Babs
She's hoping that Barbara would secretly look back at her when she's doing that.


That'd be a pretty gay spin-off.

i hope boku ends up doing something with hanbara, supposedly boku was thinking of it back in the summer but c92 and c93 have already passed and still nothing ;_;

C92 was when XXX came out, and they contributed a short comic to a compilation for C93, so I'd say there's still a slim hope.

Maybe her butt hurts.


Amanda deserves her own spin off.

>akko and diana are all floaty hesitant barely-lewd gay in bed
>hannah and barbara are just hardagay scissor me timbers all night

>They not shared hot water with Diana
What kind of KISAMA friends are they??

>floating tiddy

Are you implying that Diana sama should share bath water!?

lotte was the cutest witch

Why is Lotte legitimately so fucking boring



I just started watching this the other day and so far it's one of my favorite anime

Witch feet thread?

She really is the cutest.

I love this picture, is there more of it?

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

I feel like my friend hates me.