Waifu War imminent

Kanzaki no longer has the following that she once had that would allow her to challenge Misaka and spark a waifu war among Japs. Now it's Misaki, Othinus, or even Index.

I wonder when her peak popularity was in Japan.

Tomboys are for Oyakodon!

Mikoto a shit, Kakine a shit, Shitposters a shit!

Kanzaki will win


Probably OT16-18 or really early OT when she was around more.

Kanzaki lost popularity when people Realized she wasn't actually in love with Touma.

For fucks sake Mugino, decide whether you want to kill the guy or save his life.


Save his life from her own murder attempt


>waifu war
Kanzaki and the clones don't have screentime anymore so of course Himegami will win

I wonder if Misaka could block Kanzaki's attacks. Unlike Brun's big ass sword Kanazaki's weapons do have magic properties.

Mikoto a best

Mugino is worth about 5 Mikotos if you compare their actual power levels. Remember that they fought to a draw when Mugino wasn't even trying.

What were her wires made of again? If they aren't metallic she probably couldn't even sense them coming.

Peak was 2008 when OT16 and s1 aired.

Can Misaka beat Saints?

About 5 Mikotos running on fumes*

>wasn't trying
She was fully trying to kill her and still lost even though Mikoto was hurt, running on fumes and hasnt slept or eaten for a few days. Unless she goes full firepower and obliterates herself too, Mikoto is too agile and versatile for her to hit.

She didn't lose

She failed her job, thats losing

So, why did Kakine keep the Tweezers on while fighting Accel? Did it help/change anything at all?

Kanzaki and her no kill shit would make it easy for mikoto. She could probably take Brun under the right conditions. The rest probably not.

She got incapacitated with a broken knee while Mikoto escaped. That's pretty much losing.

How many Kakine's is Mugino worth?

Nope. The tweezers only let him catch one of the underline bots.

How many Muginos is Crowley worth?

Around 1/25000.

Two billion times Two billion

Like an ordinary magician could take a laser to the face.

So you're telling me that 1 Kakine = 25000 Mugino's (or 1 Mugino = 0.00004 Kakine's)? Huh. Judging by how much of a joke Sup Forums seems to think he is, I thought Mugino would be worth more Kakine's (like 1 Mugino = 3 Kakine's).

Kakine's a joke because he jobs all the time, not because he's weak. He may not be the #1 but he's still the #2 though those rankings have more to do with their usefulness to Aleister's plan than actual power.

There's nothing Mugino can do to ever kill Kakine. At least in his current form. Kakine's harder to kill than Accelerator in some ways.

Kakine jobbing to Mikoto soon

>mugino easily blasting through dark matter in NT6
I honestly can't imagine how he got by Mugino without taking damage in OT15. The power of off screen fights I guess.

He didn't give a shit about taking damage in NT6 because he knew he couldn't die. He was probably doing something to actively defend himself in OT15.

I mean hell, he's as fast as Accel. He could have just moved around too fast for her to hit, like Mikoto.

DM Kakine was a complete retard. The original Kakine at least wasn't that dumb

Reminder that Kakine dies to AIM Jammers

It'd probably just fuck up the instance of Kakine that it's hitting. He's got pieces of himself all over the city at least, so it wouldn't kill him.

It would be a way to keep him out of an area, but he could just do what Accel did and smash the generator from a distance.

Odin a cute.

>smash the generator from a distance
Unless he throws a car at it it wont work

Othinus is BS soon.

Mikoto does have an extra advantage against Mugino in that she can sense her beams.

That reminds me. Even human Kakine has a surprisingly absurd amount of resilience and pain tolerance, for a lanky skinny non-MC. He got shanked by his wings and basically shrugged it off after a few minutes. I'm not sure if that's his DM bullshit or the last remnant of his former hero status that allowed him to ignore the fact that he got stabbed and lost a lot of blood.

His dark matter makes him superhuman somehow, so it's probably just that.

what would it feel like to headbutt misaka?

Why is she so cute? I just want to hug her

Every human has incredibly high resilience in Raildex. Accel survived with a bullet in is forehead, Touma walks around with a gunshot wound no biggie and Biribiri can tank a Mugino kick to the guts and face.

Like ramming your head to an electric fence

How many Muginos is Umidoori?


Like, 0.5 with all her arms, 0.05 without them.

How many Muginos is a magic god?

Impossible to calculate.

Y'know. Out of all the things Kakine's has done with his Dark Matter, that is one of the few things I can't comprehend (the other being the logic behind him simultaneously moving, attacking and defending in mid-air at supersonic speeds with 20 meter wings, including making sharp turns.)

Somehow I can understand the other bullshit he does, but not that.

How come Black Wing Rensa is placed lower than Beetle/DM Kakine? Didn't she wreck his shit in 1-2 hits?

Could a Saint tank military grade artillery?

Carissa took a cruise missile to the face. Course she's a little stronger than a normal Saint, but not by like an order of magnitude.

>10000 deaths from Accel manga
>Sisters died 10000~ times
>Misaka was connected to the Misaka network that had experienced 10k deaths
>Misaka 5.1 happened
I guess I kinda get it now.

I don't think it's ever implied that event gave Mikoto the Misaka Network's memories. Probably would have been stated if something like that happened.

It is isn't a who beats who chart. It is relative abilities. Knight leader would beat OT16 Acqua however mother mercy's perks and that Acqua's powers don't require him to be in a specific country gets him a higher spot.

More like Mikoto got possessed that time and thats what 5.1 is

>a little
She fought two saints and a man on par with a saint at the same time and was winning despite being nerfed twice before that and having inferior fighting skills. Carissa well above a saint. Shards Carissa is closer but still higher.

>siscon hooked up his sister to the Misaka network
>immediately contacted by a demon

It didn't. Though if it ever happens again in the future, it probably could. I doubt Kamachi would leave the memory seeing ability as a one time thing. Aren't the conditions with the clones similar to Kiyama due to sharing the same brain waves? Could she see into the memories of the clones and maybe even Will (if she's currently in control) if she shocked one of them?

I don't think KL would beat non-gimped Acqua. Wasn't it stated that mother's mercy boosted Acqua's stats by five times (since a Saint can only normally access 20% of their power)? And KL was physically equal to Acqua without that boost. KL's weapon nullification is hax, but Acqua could probably kill him with his bare hands or his water magic at full power.

The idea is that Beetle/DM Kakine would technically have better match ups assuming an all out fight. What nerfs Beetle against Rensa is he’s probably afraid of losing control, like Original Kakine did, so not making endless copies of himself is a huge limiter. We never saw original DM Kakine vs Black wings so we can’t know if the extra amount of clones would make the difference, but original Kakine seems to imply that he’d manage even if Accel went black wings. So, assuming it’s an all out death fight with nothing to limit him, Beetle should be able to be as strong as the original. Rensa basically fought him while needed. And Rensa’s wings aren’t probably quite as strong as the original (Accel)

It’s a lot of guess work and assumptions by a consensus, and it could still change. Unlucky makes adjustments from time to time. Regardless though, it’s not a “who beats who” and is more like match up probability like a fighting game. If Rensa’s wings aren’t quite as strong as Accels, she would be marginally lower in match ups, which means lower than Kakine.

Oh god, it's the powerlevelfags again.

She also had a sword that can cut through anything. Acqua was forced to block her at the hilt and KL wasn't that relevant, and she was using the dimensional debris she created as shields as well.

She's certainly stronger than them, but physically she didn't seem hugely above them. I don't think she ever actually overpowered them physically, they were blocking eachother's strikes.

Though Carissa also took hits from Gabriel's wings which can blow up mountains, so maybe her durability is just crazy better than a Saint's.

Mikoto can beat anyone anyway

Mikoto can't beat Gekotaman.

It was stated that saints can't go 100% without for a long period of time. MM just made it that acqua didn't have to worry about that. Similar to how staying in fight or flight mode has adverse effects on a persons health. Acqua's power didn't get lower he just couldn't sustain indefinitely. That being Hrunting's bullshit attacks can make him much stronger or faster at will with no drawback. The only reason Acqua won was because Ascalon had some many forms that KL didn't zero the right one. That would not be a problem with the mace.

But can she beat my cock?

Anyone can beat that weak little shit

Carissa isn't a Saint

It fine as long as nobody gets bent out of shape about it. Nothing wrong with discussing shipping, Powerlevels, or anything else. What makes it cancerous is hostility and getting super asspained for no reason

Thats cheating, Mikoto would never hurt a Gekota

Kakine's plan against the Black Wings was to keep calm and stall. Too bad that even if his plans worked against Black Wings, the White Wings would still have caught him off-guard.

Side note, the parts in NT6 where Accel and Kakine were basically trying to out-keikaku each other amused the hell out of me, what with them thinking/saying the same sentences.

Tell me about Kakinefag, why does he (assuming Kakinefag is male) like Kakine? Personally, I can't even remember why I like Kakine, only that I do.

You forgot to delete your name.

Not all fights are fair.

Did VO flopped?

He is a wikireader from animesuki

>Tell me about Kakinefag
That's a Kakine-level fuckup.

I didn't forget. I am Kakine-user. Kakinefag is a different guy. I left the trip on in an attempt to differentiate between us.

Media Create is not till Tuesday. It's an anime and VO isn't exactly the most popular thing game so adjust your expectations. It'll be good if it does around 50k~ opening week.

>why does a secondary like a character, who's itroductory novel he hasn't even read
Shitposting. I've seen him do it in non Raildex threads too. Just shitposts and tries to rile up people. A cancerous little shit with nothing better to do that's only tolerated here because people like to bully him when he fucks up a GET. It got old a while ago though.

Yes, pandering to index fags + the ten VOfags at the same time wasnt a good idea


Great, now theres a namefag Cuckinefag


Most likely as it's not on the Vita 2.0 with the built-in V-O controls.

This is fucking pathetic and I still don't understand why this nobody gets attention.

No there's no recorded sales. Media create is out on Tuesday so we'll see then.

Go look up previous VO game sales in Japan to compare and see if it did well or not rather than ask here.

Mikoto is the best Level 5 and science side character

Kakine is the best Level 5 and science side character

He's be if he wasnt so pathetic

Misaki is the best Level 5 and science side character.