Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san

The newest characters are annoying, but the manga is still oddly relaxing. Also post Takizawa's Takizawas.

What characters?
Are they at least stacked?

FLAT kouhai and pervert coworker I think he means

>FLAT kouhai
what was he thinking?

Yes, Flat Male Anxiety and Freudian Slip. At least the last 2 chapters were really good regarding Takizawa and Takeda.

I like the side characters. There's only so many stories you can tell with just two characters.

Wasn't this based off porn

Also which porn was it based off of

Never heard of that and Yanbaru's pixiv doesn't contain any explicit drawings from what I've seen.

Are there at least pages where she is envious of takizawa's chest?

From latest chapter, but I doubt the author will keep making this joke

Good, chestlets should be put on their place.

I usually like cowtits, but I have exceptions like Funabor, Botan or Saya

How old is Takizawa-san supposed to be? What about Takeda for that matter?

With Saya, it's not about the chest it's about the chest it's about the heart and fang

Saya will lose

Hasn't been revealed yet, if I were to guess, I think she's 5-8 years older than Takeda. Probably a cake too.

I don't even like feet or legs that much (thighs are top tier though).

Delete this

>the need for dick is strong

I don't understand why the chief had o be a character at all.

>big breasts problem
I want an oppaizawa in my work place.

The chief was fine, the second perverted guy is a nuisance

This author understands me

It's no masterpiece, but this manga miles than one would believe with the premise of "my boss has big tits".

With big tits, the manga really only has to be bearable really. There is more tolerance to bullshit since everyone is here for the funbags mainly.
Though the guy is really pushing it with all these pervy characters.

*this manga is miles better

Chief and the slanted eyed guy makes the relationship with Takeda and Takizawa more sweet I think.
Like the building is a really uncomfortable place except when those tw are together.


>The newest characters are annoying


He did literally everything wrong.

Where did this meme come from

He did nothing any of us wouldn't have done in the same situation.
If you want to make your big titted female co-worker feel comfortable around why wouldn't you tell her you're into DFC? It's just common sense.

why is there such strict adherence among 4-koma never to be actually funny ?

>It's just common sense.
He could try to just not talk about breasts in the work place.

It's a cheap way to not bother with paneling

The first time was a blurt out that everyone would make.
The second time was an apology for the blurt out about breasts.
He doesn't talk to her about breasts unless they are the subject matter. He did nothing wrong.

For me he's just as annoying as Yamai in Komi-san, she's supposed to be funny but I'm not a fan.


What does the company even do?

sweaters for big titty monsters


>tfw when in male dominate profession
>tfw no qt cake senpai


>Does she have big areola?
>Does she have big nipples?
>What're their color?
>Does she shave, trim or wax?
These are the unspoken questions that should be asked.

>Does she have big areola?
Most likely
>Does she have big nipples?
Yes, but they are inverted
>What're their color?
dark pink
>Does she shave, trim or wax?
She doesn't shave

This would be ideal.

Sure, if your entire premise only revolves around "haha titties xD"

I'd say 35 to 39.
I know because I feel the same way...

>her biological clock ticking down
>haste to make her a Takimommy
>rushed coitus everyday to get her pregnant


Not all 4koma are meant to be comedies.

Post more Takizawa

>sweaty tits
Women have no idea how soothing that smell is.

I wish I knew that smell.

>last spic scans were talking about a chapter of Takizawa cosplaying as a cheerleader, and Takeda sliping out that he would love to see her dressed like that (and she thinks it isn't a bad idea)
>last update: October 2017

Why would she go to a karaoke alone?

Last two translated chapters were pretty cute, you can tell their relationship is developing. If only because Takeda is the only decent person in that office.

i wanna hug takizawa after work, rub her shoulders and tell her tomorrow is gonna be a better day as she lays down with her head in my lap.

>her head in my lap.
It should be the other way around.

but she works so hard, she shouldn't be taking care of me after a hard day.

also, you can run your fingers through her hair as she weakly tells you to knock it off.

then you kiss her on the cheek!

Because she likes singing!

user, you're making me feel some feels that I'm not ready for.
A lot of anons prefer to be househusband.
Continue please

i wasn't going anywhere
just figuring that Ms. Takizawa needed some nice physical and emotional support to unwind

So what's the catch? Is there something wrong with her that she isn't in a relationship?
Gorgeous woman with huge breasts spends new years alone, goes to karaoke alone and doesn't seem to have any friends or any kind of relationship outside work. What the hell

Ribbed sweaters and big breasts are just the best and lately author has been drawing them bigger I think.

Her boobs get too sweaty and smell all the time.

Probably too occupied with work to ever consider dating someone.

i can see this being the problem
she probably has little time for dating and such with her job.

and its also why i couldn't date the cute short, stacked as fuck qt at my old job.

i want to say that he maybe always meant for them to be that big?

its what i did with my stuff, i have a visual idea in my head for how big i want my MC to be, but i sometimes draw them smaller than they should be mentally.

She has a dick.

She and Galko are the top 4koma characters in Japan.

Do you have a link for rankings? I'd like to see what else there is at the top (Komi-san is selling like hotcakes which makes me very happy).

>turtleneck sweater


Potato elf Takizawa

I love Galko and Takizawa-San!

I wonder if both authors follow each other on twitter.

Takizawa author follows Galko author but Galko author doesn't follow Takizawa author.

Why is she always so fucking sweaty?

Fat people usually sweat more.

she is wearing a sweater
and im sure that her office has what every office does, that one section they say they will fix but never will

that's fine. maybe he has so many people following him he didn't notice?

i think its even scarier when someone who is better than you follows you and you don't know why. twitter is a magical and scary place.

It's the author's fetish.

it's a hard choice between Takao and Funabori.

asians actually have a weird gene linked to sweating...can't remember why it's important but it's really common in asian populations.

Thermo regulation.
Can we discuss the latest chapter?
What does it mean when she said "he's a man after all"?

Mem can't help being a bit pervy.

Is she giving him an excuse because she's interested in him? If so then why would she block the cleavage view?

She had gotten used to being comfortable around Takeda because he didn't act lecherously in front of her. After talking with the kouhai, she became wary of him and unconsciously blocked her body.


Saya already lost months ago.

>tfw other artists started to draw her as well and they are all porn artists
God damn this characters is a treat for my dick.

shes just so darn CUTE!


If Takizawa-san loves eating so much, do you think she'd accept a househusband who takes care of her after work?

What about a househusband who regularly feeds her the contents of his ballsack?

The chief is hilarious

No he is not.

Thanks for the new read OP. Can never have enough cakes.
The art kinds reminds me of freehand tamashi.

The admiration goes both ways.


lots of hentai and non-hentai artist likes her

and more like, every milf-lover artist

I ordered V1 just to have.

It's nice.