What is even the point of maids in anime? They never clean anything

What is even the point of maids in anime? They never clean anything.

someone will reply that they clean dicks

I'd clean her armpits.

Submission to males, like your pic

Maid Sama was a great show

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is the only anime I know from the Shoujo genre where any NTR of her from her bully of a boyfriend would be an improvement. Considering how he behaved with her, I'm surprised anyone would endure a whole day of that embarrassment, never mind a whole school year and change. She's no saint herself and is pretty much a jerk, but at least she had enough sense to do it on her own terms and fought her own battles. That bastard pretty much turned the school against her using his so-called "rep". If you don't believe me how it fits, imagine a sex scene of her mind-broken the moment after she does her dogeza.

With everything following up to then, it'd be fucking in-character.

>they clean dicks

Boo this man.

they clean dicks

I clean my dick to them

Their armpits are perfect for cumming on

That's an average shoujo love interest though

To be raped

They clean my vagina

>wow user your house is so dirty you should let me clean it for you
>w-will you wear a maid outfit?
>what the fuck? no

true story /blog

They no have a chance to do that

Should have demanded instead of asking meekly.

You should have been pay more for such special service

This is so good, I'm a sucker for vanilla gyaru

>They never clean anything.
Thoru is a real maid.

They're the ones that need cleaning.

they clean, they clean

>they never clean anything


I think maid outfits are very cute.