They're a bit late Sup Forums but I hope you'll still accept their valentine's gift

They're a bit late Sup Forums but I hope you'll still accept their valentine's gift.

Whose chocolate do you eat first?

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I don't say this often, but
Why is this allowed?

i wanto to restore their mana

>Whose chocolate do you eat first?

Does Kuro count as chocolate?

She's brown and delicious, so yes.


without a doubt

Miyu's chocolate starfish

>official art
Why would they draw this?

I want to eat out Kuro, and then her chocolate.

I've got mixed feelings about the artstyle they used for 3rei
I'm glad they don't slip into giant eyes and weird mouths anymore but they definitely look too old and lanky sometimes.

I know it's trying to reflect the design progression in the manga but Hiroyama is a much better artist in general and knows how to keep their proportions and features right.

the puffiest one's

When it comes to cups, you should choose the one that can hold the most.



Because after five years they realized that they still haven't drawn the cups in naked aprons.

SL loves lolies with passion, they are the perfect studio to adapt prillya

Kuro's chocolate, straight out of the hole.

We need more wholesome art like this

These little girls are too lewd. This is wrong.

>tfw Ilya isn't your daughter

I would eat only Illya's. Nigger-Illya and cup girl can fuck off.


How hard do the people who draw these need to make my dick?!

>tfw Miyu isn't my daughter

wonfes this weekend, think they will get any new figs?

Prisma Illya is a very nice title for the already normalfags (Fatefags) to pretend they are into lolis, especially when those bodies are that of averag teenagers, probably even bigger breasts than your average japanese teen.

please recommend an anime for intellectual elite


don't ruin my dream of becoming an elite anime connosieur

I want to fuck them all

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Why do they want me to fap to these girls so badly?

How can this be a valentines day if i cant see the Miyubutt.

I'd enjoy Kuro's chocolate. from head to toe.

>you will never have wild sex with Miyu for purposes of procreation meanwhile she eat chocolates

I would cum in those chocolates and make them eat it.

My imoutowife Miyu

Cups are meant to be filled

This movie goes to shit as soon as the plot moves forward and the action starts, Miyu should have never left the house.

I really want a figure of 2wei form but her face looks kinda off.

Is it gay if I want to kiss a lesbian loli?

unless you're a cute girl yourself, no
ugly girls need not to apply

White background version.

The chocolate on the left, that's the one I'd eat up.

Sry guys but I think I just came inside all of your daughters/wives. Illya was especially tight.


quick and dirty cut out

>quick and dirty
i'm going to get dirty alright


you guys are perverts with no self control

have you ever considered masturbating on these characters?

Didn't really take much consideration

Why is stuff like this allowed?
I'm sick of seeing underage children being depicted in a way that makes my dick so hard

Do you really think someone would do that? Masturbate to a young looking anime girl?

>make Illya brown
>becomes a thousand times more erotic

Her's first.

I want desutroy her pussy with muh Dick!

Miyu is good.

Nice try FBI.

I do have self control. I only fap like once a day.

Reminder that China Dress is god-tier.

The entire prisma illya subseries is entrapment and should NOT be allowed!!


Miyu is GREAT

Miyu is amazing!

White chocolate Kuro is the eldar god tier of taste.

Cups are nice, but I fucking love swords.

I want to mate press Kuro so bad.

Illya makes my dick too hard
It fucking hurts and I can't get rid of it

Is that really appropriate clothing for an elementary schooler?

>All those growing sideboobs.
How long until we reach this point?



Why are these threads always so comfy?

Worthless meat

Why this world refuses to give me more brown girls wearing white sundress.

I need a source on this, iqdb gives me nothing.

Try SauceNao.
It worked for me.

I REALLY like this image

The best kind.

Official images of Kuro spreading her love lips when?

Which one?

>those erect Kuro nipples
God when will SL or Hiroyama finally fucking release official cup nips?

Really hoping we get some new Kuro figures announced at Wonfes. Particularly want a good fig of her in her battle outfit.

I just want some more nendos.

Little girls shouldn't have such child bearing hips.


I'm baffled why we haven't gotten any Nendos of the cups yet. Doesn't GSC want our money?

Man they just can't help themselves when they whore out the cups. When will they try to do it again after the Valentines event?

I want to cum inside Kuro and take responsibility.

Kuro pleases old men for mana

I wish I was one of those old men.

She pleases young men too.

Kuro pleases everyone for mana

If these are supposed to be children why are they so sexy?

Why doea Kuro have so many chocolate?

She added aphrodisiac to all of them.