What is the best trapped-in-a-video-game anime?

What is the best trapped-in-a-video-game anime?

(Or manga, for that matter.)

Monster Rancher


Log Horizon was good though.

You posted it m8.
Wait 'til Shield Hero gets aired.

Dungeons and Dragons.

I think it's Hack Sign for me. But I haven't watched it in fifteen years.


>Dungeons and Dragons
This one?

Unironically liked SAO the best.

Been ages since watching SIGN. Honestly don't think it'll hold up all that well. It's a bit like the OST. Great to listen to at the start, then you realise that the second half of the song is just a loop.

Will there ever be a trapped-in-a-video-game anime where it looks like an actual videogame would look?

Yeah. I haven't watched it since I was abour four years old. Only thing I remember was that shitty shield kid complaining and getting lost from the others.

Does Simon the Sorcerer count? I really enjoyed the first game.

actually, there's a reason for the shield guy to be a little bitch.
when they were pitching the idea of a DnD cartoon, they barely got the green light on it, but still, they put one condition over the production: they need to instill the "follow the leader" idea on it. that's why the shield guy is like that, if everyone says "left", he's gonna say "right", then him, or everyone else was going to get shit for it, and in the end everyone will be happily going left.

Log Horizon for me. Isn't the LN about to catch up to the point where the anime left off?

What? The LN is ages ahead of the anime

Are you sure? I remember the anime adapted material that wasn't officially published yet, and then the author had a bit of a hiatus and legal trouble. Maybe the Japanese LN is ahead of it now, but I could have sworn the English LN was just catching up.

The author had trouble because of taxes though.

>legal trouble
I remember reading about taxes, but was he also involved with child porn stuff?

Not paying your taxes constitutes as legal trouble..

>but was he also involved with child porn stuff?
That was Kenshin's author.

shield hero is trash. the "interesting" gimmick and main idea behind the story, is abandoned after a few chapters.
All that is left is another virgin harem isekai, drowning in hundreds of similar series.

Early SAO


is he writing log horizon again?


>looks like an actual videogame would look
That's more of a Sup Forums thing.

Translations? Never!


Isn't Grimgar one?

I feel old

Unironically all better.

That girl with the invisibility cloak is surprisingly fappable, looking back.

Hi-Scoool SegaHa Girls

I'm more impressed with how they got away with putting the black girl in a fur bikini.

well, she was an amazoness, and the fur bikini wasn't particulary skimpy.

That's more trapped in a world with faggots than video games.


The "amazoness" is redundant.

Err, I meant
>the "-ess"

sorry, my english is not very good.
i'll keep this in mind next time, user. thanx!

overlord doesnt count?

I think it should.

havent read anything for it but the anime may have had a light implication but it was never actually concretely said


The best trapped in a video-game show/movie/feature/episode etc has always been TRON though.

i think overlord just use the "videogame" part as a way to pitch the story.
do you guys think the story could go if instead the mc, a demon slayer or something, and the bad guy, the lich, due some massive seal or banishment spell ended up, along with the tomb, in other dimension, and the demon slayer actually ends inside the lich body? also, that would give room to another question: what if they actually switched bodies? what is the overlord doing in a human body so far? is he up to something?


You can /thread now.

Yep, that's the one. I think she might have been part of what gave me my fetish for thigh highs and ZR.

hmmm, tron is actually a good example.

Vidya theme excuses Ainz' total incompetence and blind loyalty of his followers. I think it is essential to character dynamics.

Yes, but it's out of it's league. This thread would be really boring if it counted