What was your first isekai anime?

What was your first isekai anime?

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probably the one you posted



>MC gets deus ex machinad into a fantasy world where they are OP and have a harem of idiots
sounds about right

this was the shit back then

Does Spirited Away count?

Now and then, here and there.


log horizon probably

i pity you. did you start anime last year or something? are you sure THIS was your first isekai?


The only one that matters

Well I guess I watched it the same time as konosuba but it was still the first

How is anyone posting anything more recent than this? Are there people on Sup Forums who never saw Digimon as kids?

Now I'm wondering why there isn't a fujoshi reverse harem anime of this yet

probably because alice in wonderland is much more popular.

I remember one popular about vampires or something

there are shit tons of those.



The one you posted. Good times.


good enough?

I was just going to post that, you are my nigga. I had such a big crush on Dorothy.

It's canadian. Not anime.

wtf no one posted this ? and nice digits op

There needed to be more .hack//gift


>not being vehemently anti-Digimon as an 8 year old in support of that other franchise
I pity you.

I liked both. :3

>already hating other people based on their hobbies as a kid
what are you doing on Sup Forums? your kind is better of watching mainstream media like GoT.

Did you grow up without any social interaction or friends of any kind?

oh yeah

>social interactions == thinking what the group tells me to think and mobbing on anyone who doesn't belong
seriously go watch GoT, the big bang or aany other show you normalfags watch
...or did sociaty throw you out? my condolonces.
the dub wa nice

who hurt you, son of man?

on a second thought and without nostalgia googles, the dub was butchering.

the reality that people like him don't see the wrong of their ways.

I can't remember if I saw Digimon or El-Hazard first.

>t. jew


>Updates never

Holy fuck
The wizard of Oz is probably the first Isekai story to ever exist
Holy fucking fuck my life is a lie

next thing you'll tell me is you didn't know that Alice in Wonderland was isekai

OP asked for FIRST isekai.
and someone already answered with Digimon


First isekai
Isekai that actually got me into isekai.

Magic Knight Rayearth. A girl I met in an AOL chatroom loaned me the entire series on VHS when I had the flu.

There's probably a Greek myth that qualifies as an isekai.



In my school everybody loved digimon and pokemon. there was not such thing as rivalry between both franchises, what a bunch of bullshit. Even as an adult, when talking with people about both of them, they didnt hate them
. of course, most people would recognize digimon is better constructed, but that was not reason to admit pokemon was really enjoyable at the beginning

there were bigger chances of getting into an argument between Saint seiya and Dragon ball fans than the other two

I watched that one when I was like 6 years old, yet I remember watching isekai before that one.

A Connecticut Yankee is better isekai

Dungeons and Dragons.

Orpheus in the Underworld.


Guy wants to get laid. Goes through a fantasy world. Gets screwed when he breaks the rules.

I specifically remember being really into .hack//sign but not understanding any of the plot at all.

Yes, I'm an old fag.

OP asked for first, unless you're a child, that's not a first.

El Hazard is about 10 years older. Inuyasha is there too.


I thought the MC had to become someone or something else for the story to qualify as an isekai. Dorothy is still Dorothy in the new world, not Dorothy's MMO PC or a vending machine.

Fuck, did you go to the same school as me?

Not an isekai.


how about Anime 80 Sekai Isshu

Love it.

Behold the true oldest Isekai

>no monster rancher
I actually don't remember what my first isekai was, but it was either monster rancher or digimon.

tldr; call them isekai god mc shit
could you call the recent late night low fantasy god MC animus as isekai-low fantasy shit or isekai-summoned shit, isekai-rebirth shit or isekai-(narou) WebNovel shit or isekai godMC shit because isekai it self means fantasy and frankly its not fair to put good fantasy shit or high fantasy shit with god mc-in a fake fantasy world that allows you to use "chiito skills" "level 999" and "open stat windows" and shit