Hapiness - Shuzo Oshimi

What does Sup Forums think of this manga? Does it make you happy?

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i hope that vampire whatshername is alive
gosho ain't gonna get in the way of their love

No, it's been on hiatus since chapter 33 or so.

>hiatus manga
Damn shame, I like this author.

I loved Chi no Wadachi, so I decided to read this one and was disappointed. No suspense, disturbing images or crazy moms. Just a typical post-"Let the right one in" vampire story.

Here are the raws it's not on Hiatus, mangastream stopped translating it.

I think this is much much better than the mom story. Happiness is maybe his best work IMO, everything he does with the art works tremendously.

No because no one is translating it

>gosho saves sudou

Not his best work. Read Shino-chan

It keeps leaving me with a sense of dread like the rest of the author's works.

It’s boring. I understand the pacing is an artistic choice, but it feels too slow for a monthly manga. He makes some really good “oh shit” moments though, but you really have to commit to get much.

It’s pretty bad, but some might like it.

I read some chapters years ago and totally forgot about it. I don't think I'd read it unless I know it's finished.

This started out so good and ended up being garbage. What the fuck went wrong?

Even the raws are shit.

This is what small brained peons like yourself tend to think.

It is NOT good writing to introduce three main characters and drop two of them from a shoehorned timeskip for "mystery".

It has the worst pacing I've ever seen in a manga and everything went to shit when we lost Nora
not surprised that Mangastream stopped translating it

Why can't Japs make a single fucking good vampire manga?

Do you know why they stopped?

But why? I was enjoying it so well.

It's shit.
Weak characters, forgettable plot and inconsistent art quality.
Felt like the author just didn't plan out the story very well and blew his load early on.
A failed introductory attempt at a horror manga.

The cutest Oshimi work. If it is possible.

Sorry, morons like you don't know what good writing is. Always laugh at when babies like yourself lose their vessel to project themselves into in favor of the author trying something different.

The pacing is brutal.

That's the reason I marathon his manga.
I dropped Mari at the beginning but it was fun to read all at once.