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Why are japanese dwarves so shameless?

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Dwarves have a very liberal culture. They're basically midget hippies.

Is there a new chapter out? More thic dwarf?

Revealing their face is so lewd they wouldn’t be able to marry unless it was to the person they revealed it to.

But ass and tits are A-okay! It’s both professional and proper.

Came out yesterday, I think.

She's voluptuous, but hardly what I'd call "thicc".

Why do you think I only used one C?

I don't know, she's not thick, or thicc, or anything. She's slim and has bigass tiddies.

>how can we top Tomo?
>make a choco version of her!

Good plan, anime brown is the best skin color.

Don't you like chocolate?

I still beleive that the artist made this series solely as an excuse to draw a brown Tomo.

Who's this tomo bitch and why is she so popular?

RtW has finally created it's first generation of tanks. Time to rape some demons

You're the bitch.

Literally who

I wanna marry Choco Tomo.

Pft, your tanks and mustard gas have no power before the might of god titty milk.

Speaking of which I need to pick this back up. I stopped at the chapter when the Dwarf princess was introduced

Let me whip out my cocktail

I'm both scared and excited to see what "Grey" will pull out next chapter, because he's really jumped into the tiger's den right now.

I'm thinking distraction while they grab her father, hide out in the labyrinth, discover some kind of ancient device (Flamethrower), then magically discover Shiera has the nectar as well.

Or he'll throw more molotovs into the storage containers and blow everything up.

>Japon dwarfs
Still taller than most nip men.

The only good thing about this manga is the art. Fuck the MC

The MC is pretty alright.

Proper scanlation never.

Well, the one we have is pretty decent, the raw quality is lower but passable, and the translations are nice.

Yeah does Sup Forums manlets hate decent human beings who love milk dud?


I'm enjoying this one. Is a breath of fresh air after all the harem making all-mighty MC power fantasies.
>Be a high school girl
>Get Isekai'd into a fantasy world as a noble and smug Loli.
>Discover Is actually the world of an Otome game you played before and you reincarnated as the Villainess.
>All your endings lead to Exile or death.
>No cheat powers, your only weapons are your knowledge from the previous world and the shittiest level magic you were born with.
>Start messing with the game history trying to avoid your inevitable demise.

>Catch up to the latest chapter
>Check out the scanlation group
>They caught up with the jap releases and now the wait will be monthly

>>Be a high school girl
>>Bike Truck-kun
This will never stop being funny.
Incidentaly, where did truck-kun end up since it got biked?

there's an entire sub genre with what you describe

though this is probably the only one that had everyone want to fuck the MC

Dawi like THICC


Got about 7 chapters left to make it a reality Seo. You can do it!

Shilling for the other thread, a fantasy chink isekai I personally just translated some chapters in my spare time because it's pretty dope. Also I want to share and get some feedbacks.

The kingdom’s bloodline
Chapters on pastebin.

The summary

The kingdom’s bloodline - Author: No Man's Sword
Source for raw:

Being the most amateurish reincarnator, the first thing was that Thales lacked the general knowledge of science and technology, second -he wasn’t a skilled killer, third - he didn’t bring along any system or sci-fi brain chip, he can only bitterly struggle in the Kingdom’s dirtiest and poorest corner, a land driven with crimes and murders, with a desperately cling on life
Until the day he was brought in front of the throne: a decaying kingdom refused to change, a shattered world in turmoil, and a staggering hidden history.
From the lowest of low beggar, to the noblest bloodline, to the world’s enemy, thus began a prince’s forbidden legend.
“A king does not regard of his bloodline as respects, but a bloodline shall take the king as its honor.”

From what I can gather this novel seems to focus more on politcal intrigue between noble lords instead of powerlevel wanking.

It doesn't matter how much you shill this series, Sup Forums, I'm not going to read a shit series with fucking tall dwarfs

What the hell is that from?

Not just the artist, the same writer again, they teamed again to the same characters over again in a new setting.

where's my isekai where the main character goes to tamriel

I meant the speed, don't even get me started on why they fuck up their releases so much when it comes to the raw quality.
They just finished volume 2.
It has 5 volumes, 6 soon.
Web raw is at chapter 30.

Do you really want to watch some autist making 9000 potions and forging 9000 daggers? And then drinking a tank of skooma and glich through reality?

you don't???

If I wanted I could just watch gameplay

Mate, Bakarina is fucking old, the fact that Sup Forums somehow just learned that she exists is mind boggling.

The manga came out fairly recently and translations for it even moreso, so of course Sup Forums is only finding out about it now. This is the anime and manga board, not the webnovel board.

There are actually cultures today who have topless women just fine but consider revealing thighs to be lewd.

At least it wasn't some clearly amazing story that's which got inexplicably stopped after 3 chapters.

Bakarina has always been talked about in isekai threads. What the hell are you talking about?

>No Game No Life vol 7 delayed for the 4th time
>June 24th
>11 months after Vol 6
Why does Yen Press hate NGNL?

Sounds pretty fun.

Yen press is some garbage. They keep screwing up text/baloon matching, drives me nuts. They're ok by fan scan standards, but inexcusable for people making a product to sell.

She was either mentioned in passing or getting shitposted because of how dreadfully boring and worn out the premise gets by the time they go to Hogwarts.

The villainess reincarnation premise has been done to death already, Bakarina stands out because Bakarina is genuinely retarded instead of just dense and is actually funny.

With no enemy scaling to MC level.

I have never seen anyone shitposting bakarina before. I don't catch every thread but it's always been well liked. Sup Forums just rotates through which isekai is most popular every few months.

NGNL is the only one with several delays one after another, right?
Author finally started writing again and we're getting volume 10 next week.


Yeah, NGNL has been getting delays one after the other. For volume 6 they CLAIMED it was to line up its release with the movie, which is clearly bull, considering they've had a history of long delays with this series.

Why not go to JUSCO with me, Valkyrie?

Me neither, I only saw it mentioned every now and then but it didn't catch much attention because not manga.

Indeed, sounds like total bull to me.
They could have aligned volume 7 with the movie BD release then this time (which is actually aligned with the Japanese volume 10 release).


>loli dwarves again
Dunno why, but for some reason I expected NGNL dwarves to be less… conventional, more Nordic maybe..

Imagine being isekai'ed into a nukige.

As the main heroine.

Well its easy to see the trend now, eventually he'll get some fish-girl nipple secretions, get the water/weather manipulation power, then republic of protag-nia gets a navy.

Pretty good.

>Isekai Thread

title of the manga?

I can't imagine him getting milk duds when he's facing down the evil brown elf in a sea of fire. Later on, sure, but the immediate predicament is tense.

Filenames, user.

Maids are the best

I will always love loli dwarves. NGNL has some damn fine lolis.

I wish iskeai would restrain maid outfits to actual nobles and not street whores part timing as tavern wenches.

These nips man. Their imagination about "medieval" Europe baffles the shit out of me

Is that Tanaka? He isn't ugly enough though

Well, japanese people in general are dwarfs

thats fan art, also Tanaka thread over here.
For that one autist that keeps whinning about Tanaka taking over Isekai threads.

I am gonna do you guys a favor and tell you not to ever read Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai.

It is shit

Are the rumors about Tsuki Ga getting an anime true?

I agree but I'm still reading it.

Wait, hold the fuck up. Where did those rumors come from?

too late will continue reading for psychotic kunoichi tsundere

They were saying re:monster and tsuki ga were going to get their animes announced this year IIRC


I think I heard that too, but no idea how truthful it is.

Maybe it's the reason Tsuki ga isn't updating for quite a while?

Loli dwarves is the only way of draw dwarf, nobody like the fucked up anatomy of midgets

That's just FGO.

Is this the one with vampire? Why do authors have to have guys reincarnated as girls. Give me straight up yuri and not this gay shit.

ur gay shit lol

It is shit not because of the girl MC, but because of how mary-sueish it is. It is absolute garbage.

Wait, is there a Skeleton Knight manga, or are there just some BW illustrations with dialogue?

Dwarves should look life this.

Anglo and European imagination about medieval Europe is pretty way out from historical accuracy as well.
The medieval tavern didn't have maid outfits but the medieval tavern was a stinking barn with no windows, no cooked food and no rooms for rent. All it sold was ale and a space to sleep on the floor.
The fantasy tavern in popular culture is an idealised early 19th century English inn. Which isn't that surprising because Tolkien based a lot of Middle Earth on an idealised 19th century English country side.

user, that's a dog and an elf

Didn't castlevania have one of them accurate taverns

True, yet our delusions are not as high as nipps. We know that only the richest families could afford pallaces, while in manga every shitty baron or count could show off his Versailles like mansion. There are more problems but this one is most irritating for me.

>True, yet our delusions are not as high as nipps.

Sound like a faggot who didn't read and just love to suck on cocks.

Try reading more.

fuck you