Hunter x Hunter

The purest form of love


Cammy will win!

They will survive the succession war.

So Fuu have the ass and Kacho the boobs right? Fuusion when?

Wonder if Kaa will use worm portals too.

This is too slow. We will have to wait a few more years for the Spiders vs Clown to get into action.


Fuu has the hips.

Sale-Sales ability is actually pretty fucking amazing. He got pretty fucked over by having Rihan assigned to him.

Ka-chin a good girl. And a cute. Finally a confirmation.

I want to suck Kachou as Fuu watch.

I want to fuck Fuu as Kachou watches.

Since every Nen user sees his mist and it potentially can take a day of intake to get affected, I'd say it's a pretty shitty ability.

Rihan's hatsu will end up making Sale Sale's beast stronger. Mark my words.

Is Cuck-Cuck fucked?

His name is Chad-Chad you Cuck-Cuck.

It must take a severe brain condition to think that Fuugetsu can't use nen


There aint no place for waifubait in hxh. They gonna get slaughtered

If he succeeds in any way it's all thanks to sheer luck and not his mental abilities. Same foes for Cummy.

sale sale is a stupid name

She probably can, but has to learn it. The portal worm is her nen beast. Im assuming Senritsu will teach them both now to give them a chance to survive.

Hope its something a bit more violent than the worm. I mean I love her having high mobility and being able to get the fuck away from danger, but it scares me that once thats gone she could be trapped with enemies.

Getting caught was part of her plan.

it would not be good writing for her to suddenly develop a nen ability out of thin air right in the midst of the sucession war


Nah I disagree, you can do nothing but hold your breath or stay out of it's range to avoid it. Both would look suspicious in the scenario. Plus that's assuming nen users knowing what it does, Rihan has seen it develop which is how he knows.

>Rihan starts admiring Chad-Chad around the same time Coloabude does, and decides to target Benjicuck instead, already knowing is full powers and being able to grow a powerful predator.

I see that you are still drooling over your keyboard as you fantasize about Fuugetsu having nen despite everything and everyone proving you wrong


Her nen beast worked so har to protect her...

Literally where? You're allucinating, no proofs has been posted, beside autistic conjectures and straight shitposting.
Not like you are doing something different, beside denying facts.

You know you're probably replying to Zushifag. I didn't follow that thread of conversation, but whenever someone sticks to some idiotic argument and brings it up over and over without being prompted, it's him.

Her nen beast was fucking shit. Can only manipulate one person at a time, providing they are retarded enough to answer, and spends its incredibly low energy (how many did it control before running out of stamina, two guys?) giving shit to WOBLE. Momoze was fucking doomed.

Being lucky means that you are favored by the Gods

>Nen beast is a worm
>wormhole like ability suddenly appears
>she must know nen!

Wish i had "Predator" hatsu. Would guess you are an idiot, and get a Meruem-tier power immediatly (which is kinda lame if Zushi is around).

She relies on her own speed to get into the wormholes, so she could be oneshotted while trying to escape.
Also if it is her nen beast (very likely since we already saw a giant worm nen beast) she is fucked in the succ war, i mean what is she going to do with it? sneak in into bedroms and knife the other princes? that would be very dangerous for her.

RIP Senritsu x Kurapika shippers

She can stay alive at least. Maybe Kaacho will complement her beast with something more offensive.

>It is stated that Princes of inferior rank dont know about nen
>It is stated in bold letters that the name is “Magic Worm”
>Its not a simple-direct ability like Neon's. This one requires the master of both Emission and Conjuration

>yfw the mutual love caused the beasts to be something that only works well in a team work

Like I said in the last thread, the bodyguard is obviously overlooking something important in the ability. I expect it to be something crazy, like all of the infected people have had their minds replaced with Sale-sale. His goal isn't to form a harem, but to create an entire nation of himself.

Why is this light novel allowed to be in WSJ?

Fuu and Kacho are getting set up to be killed, dont get your hopes too high, waifufags

>tfw preadtor doesn't attack immediatly, ends up huffing CHAD-CHAD's GAS-GAS straight from the Daddy Koffin itself.
>The Predatorer becomes the Predatoree
>Chad-Chad wins again!


If I was to venture a guess, only one dies.

Is that a thing?

Who cares about those sluts? Camilla will win and that's the only thing that matters.

Too bad I'm an Enhancer and will punch your Predator.

Cammy will die a horrible death and you're going to enjoy it.

Amen, brother

Zhang Lei confirmed manlet

>Kacho dies
>Fuu snaps and starts wormholing prices alone in the same room together so they kill each other

Yeah, sisterly love.

She can die many horrible deaths since that wouldnt stop her

>His little feet are floating

>she busts Cammy out and starts dropping her in the middle of fights so the people fighting accidentally kill her

Doesn't it takes a really long time for a person to get controlled. I don't think it would work

>that longing eye



Not if Ben just lets her starve.

>implying you can kill that which does not die

>if you kill her, you lose
was this hatsu born out of that pol meme, cant remember who said it

As far as we know, the Cat revives her even for indirect kills by sucking up anyone nearby or whoever touches her.
Besides that wont happen since her mommy and her guards will get her out by informing Cleopatro of what happened

>the arc goes on without anyone mentioning Camilla again
>at the end we learn everyone forgot and she just died in the cell
I want this to happen now.

You clearly have never seen a duo of sisters who get along.

The Canadian PM Trudeau talking about ISIS

LMAO. What a loser.

Envy is such an ugly thing

I wonder what nen power will Melody awake on them.
>inb4 they finally become 1

Fuugetsu is perfect. Slender + Big Butt + Smallish boobs = epitome

Tse still has all 15 staff members listed


reverse corruption is an understandable preference

Thank you user, I'm in the airport and had to speedread chapter. Great news

So how will Melody look like once she gets back her body? There must be fanart somewhere.

The page is more of a summary than information isn't it? We already knew all this stuff, I believe. So he might have done this because he didn't reveal her fate yet.

Chad-Chad will convert Benjamin's bodyguard at the same time as that other guy

As far as we know the only princes that already knew about nen are Ben10 and Camilla right?

This was already known.
The guy is the third smallest of the princes.

Yeah, you are correct.

who is the one netero son is blocking?

Dang, how come I didnt use that Cammy yet? Thanks, bro!

Queen Oito holding prince Wobble

I think it's Oito who is carrying the baby.

Oito carrying Woble.

Even if Rihan's predator were to work on Benjamin's ability, he's got like 3-4 more to use by the time that comes.

Who fucking cares about that. Those characters have already been done to death.

>Momoze, Fuu and Kacho could give you a standing blowjob
Oito pretty much.

Beyond's a big guy

>Momoze, Fuu and Kacho could give you a standing blowjob
what about Tyson

He's not inhaling the smoke.

Do you really want a blowjob from Thaithon?

How can a woman reach this level of perfection and grace?

Togashi was usually pretty good about not drawing weirdly big/small people, the only two exceptions iirc was Uvo(melody doesnt count cause she was warped by nen). Now look at all these weirdly tall/tiny fuckers, beyond is like ten feet tall

fat girls are good at sucking dick

FuuFuu can't die this quickly fuck it

Whatever floats your boat.

I really can't tell who is supposed to be average height here
Halkenburg? Lazurus?

I choose to believe there's also some perspective going on here and some of the princes are further back.