How does Sup Forums feel about non-h futa manga?

how does Sup Forums feel about non-h futa manga?

Not bad, but I hate this artist with a passion.

It's just unnatural
Would rather just read a manga about a trap


Makes no sense.
Might aswell have a non-h bukkake manga.

that there is not enough

though I understand why

mangaka must've made a non-h about every fetish by now

This one was really cute. Helps that the guy wasn't a faggot.

so Bra Girl did male on futa
Tsuiteru Kanojo did futa on male
My Two Wings did futa on female

I want one about futa on futa

I started tsuiteru kanojo.

It feels like any normal futa on male doujin at the start and I'm hard constantly. Don't know if I can possibly read that without fapping.

I want to get pegged by one

balls>no balls

It's gay in denial, I-am-totally-not-in-the-closet kind of raging homosexuality.

if you don't want to fuck men you aren't gay

>futa on female
>more pussy than dicks

>more dicks than pussy
>perfectly straight

never got that

The picture on OP is a trannie putting on female underwear. It is disgusting.

Nice hyperbole there.

Balls are very important to have a good looking dick.

how is that hyperbole?
are you agreeing futa on female is straight?

futas aren't trannies retard

>straight and gay is about number of genitalia involved

Who the fuck could be so stupid?

I know you think wanting 1000 dicks is straight but I disagree.

That's gay user. How are you cutie?

it would be nice to see a series that tackles their everyday struggles

doesn't bra girl do that?


Yeah, it's good shame it's so short.

>no OS-tan anime

if only

so Sup Forums

what futa is BEST futa?

I like futa but I don't really see the point in futa non-h. There's no way you represent this fetish effectively in a non-h manga. It has to be watered down to fuck or it cant get published.

No balls.

No balls futa on female

Futa with balls on male

No balls on futa

Futa on balls.

No futa on balls

Balls futa on no balls futa

Futa with balls on another futa with balls and they impregnate each other.

If it's no balls, anything goes. Although futa on male and male on futa should always be combined.

just ones with normal looking junk

Also, futa should be bigger than the male.

They are great but too rare and never getting translated.

>still no hybrid girlfriend translations

anything futa is objectively god tier

Why is her underwear like that?
It is the most retarded thing I have ever seen.




congrats you managed to have the gayest post in a futa thread


I love it.

Needs more of it, OP.

>nothing happens - the manga

small penis, massive testicles

It's not her fault the faggot MC won't put out.

Vagina only with balls

perky breast, round ass, hourglass perfect body, physically fit appearance

long dick and big balls

no genitals just balls

No balls.
No genitals.
Fox only.
Final Destination.

Still want my series were everyone in the world is a futa

"genitals" includes balls

Futa with balls on female is the correct answer.

>non-h futa manga
I never once considered this. What a weird concept.

I don't think he did one for tentacles yet

Dick-clit is best.

There aren't nearly enough.

Finding Futa on Trap is way harder than it needs to be.

Just look up


I myself prefer the ones with average looking guys that are neither shota nor bara (to self-insert)

I'm the opposite. I could watch futas rail shotas and trap all day

Dick and Balls. A vagina is optional. inb4 "bawww that's not a real futa"

Yeah, that's just stupid. Futa was coined to describe genderless deities in the first place, as long as they have aspects of both genders not counting mtf surgery they are futa.

Would you still love your waifu if she turned out to have a dick?

Depends on the circumstances of her getting said dick.

>"she" is called Futaba

Yes. She also wants to pound her boyfriend.

sauce pls

Why do you fags have to constantly shit up everything in life? Just leave.

Tsuitero Kanojo.
The MC is a cockteasing bitch and translations may be stalled I haven't checked in ages.


The NIKU one, by the way. i think there's 2 series with that name.

Two words, balls bikinis

I would like her more

muh nigga


You can't just say something like that and not post them

As long as she keeps her pussy

Is that Boku no Futatsu Tsubasa? It was shit.


>ywn rub cocks together inside an onahole with your futa gf

filename nigga
can't ya read?

It's not easy to post stuff like that on a blue-board. Which is also why it's difficult to discuss futa on Sup Forums.

Man, that picture just makes me sad they aren't real.

Psh, people get away with the dumbest shit around here just by not posting anything bannable in the OP.

I feel this feel everyday. Why don't more artists realize the eroticism of futanari frottage?

When it's done tastefully

Hey it's that girl from the motorcycle anime

Even better when a character from it shows up in an anime.

>think that futa threads are inappropritate for blue board
>post on /d/
>random faggot: "why are there so many discussion threads on my porn board!"
>mods delete them

really I don't give a damn anymore

why live ;_;

>no docking tag on sadpanda or the boorus

God damn, way to make me feel.
I never considered that possibility.

Can't beat the cock.