Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

latest ep of best baseball anime is out

>they did it again
They can't keep getting away with this!

Why isn't Banba a baseball pro yet.

Truly, we were the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens.

>Banba's ex sleeps with dirty old yakuza men

what did Banba mean by this

How gay is this week's episode?

Banba's in a thong for most of it.

Straighter than last week's ep.

Do not trust this loli.

If they are a loli, I will trust them.
No exceptions.

Needs a webm

Did Banba notice right away that the body double in the suitcase wasn't Lin?

Can't wait to see Lin getting all cute and jealous about Banba's ex.

Unrelated, but I have some Jethro Tull albums in my van. If you come with me, I'll give them to you.

Yeah. This line heavily implies that he realized it was another corpse.


Is this shit even possible?

I realize it was somewhat obvious, but his too calm tone that he had before going there and the whole "dead or alive" part made me unsure. I guess he's less gullible when it comes to body doubles than Lin.

I'm no scientist, but he would have to hit the shuriken directly at its center of mass to ensure it wouldn't fly upwards or downwards instead, and then apply enough force, with some spin, to send it hurtling back.
So techincally yes?

I can't decide if this is a homo baseball anime or a homo ramen anime
Either way it's pretty fun

Yeah totally unless you suck at baseball.

That was a cute outfit, I wish we could see more different ones.

>look up Yamakasa
>butts everywhere

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Well there was certainly a taster of that in this ep. Copious amounts of Banbutt.

I want copious amounts of Lin butt.

Body double was a woman, they did breast reduction in a hurry.

That assassin lady must've had used that same viper nail polish from Holes.

Sasuga nippon.

So Banba asked his ex to kill the chairman of the same organization that killed Lin's sister, right?
And thank you episode for all that banba ass. He's a bro and is so handsome.

We can only hope user.


Lin's a lucky girl (boy).

Why does he sit like that?

Maybe his butt hurts.

He's packing, isn't he?

Is the rest of the season going to be an Udons VS Ramens sports story?

I misread the title as "Hadaka Tonkotsu Ramens" and was a bit disappointed.

That needs to be a doujin title.

Still a pretty accurate title.

Do Lin and Banba ever fuck?

Go read a doujin if you want that, you fag.

>HaradaTonkotsu Ramens

Will this series even get doujins? I fucking hope so.

Lin angrily topping doujins fucking when.

I think more than 3 people need to care about a show for it to get dounins.

Why does life have to be so unfair?

Good taste.

Is she actually his ex?

Never doubt Fujoshi.

>both teams are hitmen

She has the highest kill count, I bet on it

Well it wasn't obvious from the photo

You play baseball, you play baseball, everyone plays baseball.

>Ogura Udons

Hmm I don't know but I guess they could've been flirting friends

We would know for sure if that cloth wasn't covering important info

>They skipped the part where lin disguises as a hostess
They are rushing it now, vol 1 was 4 episodes and now vol 2 was just 2 episodes

They have to rush it, there's no way this is getting a second season or anything.

Is there a drawing from the LN of Lin dressed up as a hostess?


Lin actually gets along very well with her.

That's a damn shame. I'm still really enjoying the anime but knowing there are scenes being skipped is a bit disappointing. Is anyone translating the LN/manga?


Well shit.

Tumblr is translating it

Why is her (his) voice so boner inducing?

Someone on tumblr has translated the first two volumes. The anime will cover 4 volumes.

Someone on Tumblr translated the first volume, most of the second, and parts of the Durarara crossover.

The absolute state of this series

Didn't expect tumblr to save the day but I'm grateful for the madmen working on it.



I'm gonna guess it's probably a madwoman of the fujo variety.


I'm not gay, but I would fuck Lin in the ass while jerking him off.

How does he get away with it?

You're just really courteous.

Thank you
And are there any official ages for the characters?

Banba is 28, Lin is 19 for the first few volumes and then 20 for the rest.

Didn't Lin's ID show his birthdate as 1997?

Nice, I like younger women.

Oh okay, I was guessing Lin to be around my age and then Banba late 20s
If that's true, that's interesting since I'm older than him by a few years

my dick

Ya'll are really gay.

I've never been into traps but Lin does things to me.

>Lin not on top

I'm putting together a baseball team, I need a cute trap, a loli, a few gay dudes, and about twenty hitmen. Anyone interested in joining?

I just want to know if Lin ever gets good at baseball.

Wtf. This show doesn't have anything to do with baseball. Fuck you OP.

Only if your team has a cool name.

What are you talking about? It has everything to do with baseball.

I can be your loli.

How about the Shinjuku Tsukimi Sobas?

I want to suggest Fettuccine Friends as the team name

Sports that matter ranked from gayest to straight

I feel MMA should come after rugby

The Tokyo Spaghetti Slammers

>base instincts telling me to penetrate Lin with my balls
Seems relevant enough to me

The New York Fries

Mom's Spaghetti Slammers?