Grancrest Senki

Episode 7 out.

The Marquis appears very homosexually inclined, with the exception of his apparent love for his opposing number. At least the werewolves got to do something.

He's faking all this right?

How much sexy time did Theo get with Siluca after that meeting?

Who knows. Although they're obviously sharing some sort of suite in that mansion, they might still have seperate rooms.

That couch must have been soaked.



When are they going to fuck already?

i miss brown wolf milf

You got two brown wolfgirls in exchange.


This really is essentially a Fire Emblem anime.

Is this show really unpopular or something? It's one oft he best looking shows this season and although it's generic fanatsy it's executed fairly well.

Probably comes down to the show being generic and relatively straight forward. I gotta say it's definitely something I didn't know I wanted, just an ordinary fantasy show.


>it's executed fairly well.
I don't think many people would agree with that. I'm still having trouble following exactly what's happening and why.

I think that the breakneck speed of the first few episodes turned a lot of people off. On top of that, like you said it's pretty generic fantasy. Personally I don't mind and actually like generic fantasy. I'd take it over Isekai any time. But most people find it boring, and to be honest I can't say I blame them.

Is the show getting new content? Because I don't remember wolf girls in the manga Also Siluca looks worse in the anime, ugh.

They've surpassed the manga within 3 episodes m8. Anyway comparing this manga to anime is like comparing franxx manga to anime design-wise.

Oh thats cool, the manga is pretty fun to read I'm gonna give it a watch, even if the artstyle bother me a little bit.

Well, you'd be better to lower your expectation or didn't have any at all watching the anime. The pacing is a mess till 5th episodes or so. Leaving you more confused than not with the plot.

Why on earth are they having this conversation in the open in front of all the plebs?

A-1 fucked up the adaptation. Just take a look at the manga.

By what

Yeah I just watched the first episode and this shit is super rushed. What a bad experience for anyone not reading the manga hahaha. But still I'm gonna check a more episodes and see how it plays.

It's not that bad. I still have a problem with not remembering all the names for areas/lords/towns but it's not impossible to get what is going on.

I can't stop laughing

>Go to assassinate some commoner pleb
>The fucking king is there undercover

That is beautiful I hope they show a reaction next episode

So what's so special about Shadows? They must be some hot shit since one was working for the big bosses of episode 1 but the anime won't explain anything.

It's nip peasants they don't matter.

3 episodes in and this is horrible compared to the manga, the anime makes Theo look utterly useless and unimportant, this shit is some waifu pandering. Everything that made Theo a likeable character and a decent Lord was cut from the story, might as well replace him with a stick figure and make this whole shit about Siluca.

probably top assassins would be my guess

Is Alexis gay or european?


The anime is garbage. Better to stick to the LN/manga.
>it's executed fairly well.
The fuck kind of drugs are you on?

>So what's so special about Shadows?
They look human except for their crimson hair and maroon eyes.

So they're special cause they're black. Wow this anime is so racist

I'd love to take a look at the LN, but no translations stops me.

So according to spoiler, Marrine gives her virginity to the arab guy for his loyalty. wew lad.


I'm not one to bash shows currently airing but this is beyond bad, its not only the pacing that is fucked, they butchered the characters and the story so much that its barely recognizeable, even worse if you haven't read the manga/LN. This garbage show goes from one battle to another without explaining anything, there is no character development, nothing. Shit just keeps happening all the time and you're left wondering why the fuck should I even care about what happens??

You might as well watch this shit without subtitles, the only thing good in this is the girls and I'd make an argument that you'd get better quality on that in the manga.

It is more surprising that she was still a virgin

Fuck you, I like it.


Now I just feel horrible for the Prince guy this ep? The girl you love and were about to marry causally gives her virginity to some shitskin? I didn't expect something like this to happen, especially not from the writer of Lodoss.

Don't know whether to laugh or be pissed off at this.

Can you make a saving throw to avoid it?

for all his talk of ambition i guess he just wanted the royal pussy.

game of thrones but shit.

Is this a homo harem anime

I think the point of it is to show how dedicated she is to her goal. She does it purely as a business transaction and tells him that this doesn't maker her his woman. Her virginity in exchange for his loyalty. Feel bad for Alexis though, he got straight up cucked.

I'm kind of mad right now. I know she's an antagonist, but after seeing how much the Prince genuinely loved her for her to do this is disgusting. Hopefully this is the only instance of something like this and Siluca doesn't do anything like this "for the greater good".

Probably not seeing how she used Theo to escape the lord at the beginning because she though he was a leech.
But this episode, during the whole Alexis speech her reactions seemed to imply that she felt bad about manipulating Theo for her own goals. This will probably come out later before they officially become a couple.

If Siluca betrays Theo, I'm dropping this shit faster than you can blink.

Is this what it feels like to have an OTP?

I can't really feel sympathy for prince guy, for one after that speech he is bound to get fucked over a barrel because red flag and two because of the naivety he is showing. The absurdly shitty pacing and them not really explaining anything + the not existent characterization makes it hard to care.

Supposedly the same volume that this happens (Vol 4), Siluca and Theo confess and kiss.

The sad part is he still loves her afterwards.

Are we likely to reach that volume by the end of the anime, at the pace it's moving?

i saw those eyes in fe:h and i still can't get over them, at least from the front

Well whether or not if she does, it does seem that he betrays Villar.

Most likely.

Face of a man who betrays you for pussy.

Can you blame him? A Princess(or I guess she's Queen now) lets you take her virginity for some loyalty. Loyalty that he probably won't even keep in the long run.

Not at all. She has her night duty in their lord's room.

Pretty disappointed desu. I expected more from him.I would of done the same thing if it was with Marrine

One thing you can say about Miyuu's art, it's memorable. Poor Eliwood and Athena

it's called baiting the fujo audience

On that note, it's kinda surprising their actual faction leader is a dude (sort of) instead of the cute princess/queen like in many other fantasy anime. Refreshing desu.

>pretending that disgrace of man was ever a match for iron pussy

It's in God's plan man.

Good. As long as they kiss my heart will be happy.

I love how casual Theo is about this.

Is that why the arab dude comes out of the blood and stands beside her in the opening? And she slashes at the blood, spilling a bit of it on herself? It would kinda make sense.

Is Theo actually some sort of demon?

What the fuck is wrong with Japanese authors?

Sorry, this show is way to fast to me to follow. Can someone explain me why the fuck two countries needed to be obliterated just because them needed to assisti to a party?

Would explain how he got his random crest.

How wet was she right here?

Do you mean why they had to go to war before the party?
I think because those countries were form the other faction and between the party host and MC, which means they blocked the path (going through enemy territory is a rather bad idea if you don't go to wreck shit). That's why they had to wage war first.

Conquering 2 enemy countries just before you go into a meeting about whether to go into war gives your pro-war stance more power.

Niagara falls in her panties

Probably not as wet as Siluca was in or .

Pacific ocean

That's like you need to buy some groceries and just for that you need to burn all the houses in your path to the convenience store so when you reach the store you can presume you did it with the shop guy.

Because they "didn't lost a single man", one surrendered and the other was won in a duel. But if things wasn't go that well there would have been thousands of victims and towns burned just so they could impress their friends.

And the funniest thing is that these are the "good guys".

I'm started to think this continent would be safer in the hands of Chaos.

I'm enjoying it, but I don't blame anyone for dropping it. The pacing is nearly as bad as Kujira no Kora's was, although in the opposite direction.

I wish I had two qt brown lycan twins that pledged their lives to me.

>That's like you need to buy some groceries and just for that you need to burn all the houses in your path to the convenience store so when you reach the store you can presume you did it with the shop guy.
What? If you want to go somewhere, and there's hostile territory between you and them, then you have to conquer that territory. This is pretty normal, isn't it? It's like any of the billion Sengoku stories where they have to clear the path to Kyoto so they can make their visits.

Display of power. All those fiefdoms aren't united under a single flag. They're only temporary allies at best so conquering two new cities is a way of telling them. We're strong and will fuck you up if you try anything funny.
Also to ingratiate themselves with the pussy archduke I suppose.

You could negotiate for free passage, but that isn't always possible.

>peasants mattering to nobles

dumb question but do you guys change the colour range on your player? my colours look way brighter for some reason and it's ugly

Calibrate your monitor to match the true color spectrum.

>the true color spectrum
The autism spectrum?

No, I've never bothered with such settings and haven't had a problem so far.

this is what mine looks like for some reason, what the hell

but everyone can see


>I'm started to think this continent would be safer in the hands of Chaos.
Part of the point is that the Lords and their politicking is all about squabbles for power, rather than actually defeating Chaos (which is what the idea of getting an Emperor with the Grancrest will do - end Chaos, and with it Crests and likely magic as well).

That's why Siluca goes for Theo, because he isn't one of those petty nobles, he made his own crest from scratch so he could help people from his village, not accrue personal power.


>it's real
The fuck? From what I found with a shitty translation it seems to be real. Can anybody with better translations got into detail?

Should I watch this?
I only have darling to watch this season.

>doubting nips don't have a huge NTR fetish
remind me again why I consume their media