Youjo Senki

Would you protect her smile?

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I can't even protect myself

She's more likely to protect me

but you can die for her

It's okay, she's small. You can just keep her in your arms.

I want to protect my little loli soldier!


I rewatched it and the ep8 where they attack a republic village felt really forced and irrelevant, then more filler with the Bob sue or whoever. I hated the line "hes been so hard at it he didnt even contact his family" like oh god thats just lame, why even mention that good lord. The final fight was animated well but it would've been so much better without him.

But have you seen that mouth? The smile it might be capable of generating is likely much more than anything we could imagine.


I'd protect her privates if you catch my drift

I'm too much of a coward to take a responsibility of saving smile that big, dude.


Cute daughteru

Literally a 40 year old man in the body of a tiny girl.

I don't lewd Tanya, but consider the homosexual myth that men suck cocks better than women. Now imagine the sexual skill of a 40yo japanese salaryman in the body of a little girl.

That is lolicon at its finest.

s2 when

She's a cute duck

They're making a movie, aren't they?

>ywn polish Tanya's boots
>ywn wash every nook and cranny of her body
>ywn clip her toenails
>ywn brush her teeth
>ywn wash her linen
>ywn help her liquidate democratic scum


but will you die for her?

I wonder if she sometimes goes to the whorehouse with her men and pays a hooker to eat her out.

cmon japan where the femdom doujins at

Honestly I never thought about that but it seems oddly plausible.

how much time can a man remain sane trapped inside the body of a cute loli before his mind gives in to the urge to be filled up with cock? I don't think I could go on for more than three days

After several times surviving self destructions, she's had enough bad plot armor to survive anything.

should I watch this? I have no idea what it's about

It's an isekai.

The goal would be to use your cute loli charms to play with other cute loli girls. Also, showers and sleepovers and stuff.

In other words you are a faggot in denial.

Though it would definitely be fun to tease older men with my delicious little ass & slit combo, and turn teenage boys into future pedophiles.

The OP and ED will give you an idea, and there's also a deeper plot at work.

>The goal would be to use your cute loli charms to play with other cute loli girls
She doesn't need loli charm. She has a high enough rank to propose some sort of experiment where she can just get all the orphans she wants and turn them into loli slaves.

so no one would die for her, i see. posers

Some edgy manchild's fantasy

That's because you're asking the wrong question. The proper question would be would you kill for Tanya?

if you would kill then you would be at risk of dying. it's obvious for every soldier

I would die for any 2d little girl

Fuck no, she looks like shit.
WTF happened?

Aka the only good kind of anime

The bigger the smile, the harder we must protect.

how hard?

This art is so fucking good I listen to the end song literally every time because of this pic and the swell in the music right as it pops up, I have never wanted to join the German military and wear that uniform as much as when I first saw this shit, I was hooked immediately, call me a pleb idc it’s perfect fanservice

you're not alone, plebbro

What would happen if you take away her magic catalyst thingie? Can she cast magic without it? If not she'd be just a regular little girl who killed a few hundred people.

Yes, she made an illusion of a wall and even a person during the fake interview as a test to see if the mages could tell

Good luck little duck

The fujoshi's that came up with the designs intentionally tried to make her unappealing visually. No, really. They didn't want us to lewd her.

Imagine how glad I was to watch this - I've been interested in WW1 and beyond since I was a kid.

Not only would i fight to protect her smile i'd fight the allies until death and freeze to death in commie land if it meant her freedom.

Indeed, little girls are a powerful motivator.

I’m gonna start reading the manga because the anime hooked me on the setting so hard, I hear it actually makes sense and has a coherent plot unlike the anime which doesn’t explain anything about how she designed tanks and gave the German high commmand all sorts of new tech and how she’s basically bringing WW2 tech 2 decades before it should exist. In the anime they just roll up in panzers and Tanya starts fuckin around with an early submachinegun and you’re left wondering where the fuck all of that came from, I only know because of user’s here that explained it to me. They reeeeally rush through her early life

That makes it better.


>the face of a/atheism

In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by the intelligence of a 40 yr old salaryman in the body of a prepubescent girl.

I'll help you in another way. More knowledge, more appreciation of fiction.

Total newbie tier, for complete, absolute beginners:

Week-per-week development and more:

Elder godtier:

Dan's entire Hardcore History podcast is gold, and he REALLY gave his all in Blueprint for Armageddon. The whole thing is hours upon hours of fascination and interest.

for an atheist she's praying too much

She's forced to pray.

even so

You can still be a meatshield for her

she'll win in the end of right guys?

She will achieve gnosis and slay the Demiurge.

ED of the century

I wish, I wish...

She'll be captured, tortured, they'll cut off her limbs and use body as means to repopulate the country.

Why are Nazis so rapeable?

That aren't, and even if they were she's not a nazi. She's imperial German. Big difference. Vast difference actually.

Why are shitposters so stupid?

Amusing premise that produces alot of good imagery, but ultimately the show has a weak plot and weak characters. Give it a shot if you're interested by there's no reason slog through it if it doesn't hold your interest.

>2 minutes in it's trashing the Kennedy Assassination conspiracy with the typical psychoanalytical hogwash

Just keep listening.

Alright I jumped the gun too soon. He's not being a script drone

Its dude. 30 years.

Stop enabling mentally ill faggots, retard.

Dan is great. Check out his other podcasts one day (the one you've started is gigantic). He's not an unknown figure, but basically the best history podcast guy out there.

Will do. Listening to Joseph Hogarty atm. Here's another I picked up the other day; haven't seen it yet but it's spoken well of


No, G*rmans are subhuman and unworthy of protection

Does the Japanese empire exist in universe?

No. Her hair looks stupid, her mouth looks stupid, her eyes looks stupid. Everything about her character design looks utterly stupid. Complete failure.

>reee I wish this loli was more fuckable because I'm a pedo

yeah yeah yeah heard it all before

you need to go back, normalfag.

The design was unorthodox and looked a little cartoony here and there, but I liked it. I liked it except for this character. She looks like she belongs in an episode of wild thornberries. Yuck

Why is every Tanya doujin snuff/guro/abuse? Can't we just get some nice love making or is she doomed because muh Nazi = bdsm/hatefucking?

It's wierd how some females in this show looked like they're from some moe anime while everyone else looked fairly generic. It makes them look out of place.

I found her quite appealing and feminine.

The Japanese don't give a fuck about libtard bullshit. It's just that rape doujins = cash. I don't like it either but I'm not going to get flustered over it. In fact I can only see Tanya as the dominant partner.

Wait, this might actually be the key. It's possible the Nips simply default to the usual "dominant in public/sub in sex" deal. It's understandable in this light.

Divine Inspiration.

I want to provide air cover for that smile!

Fuck yes I listen to that ED like twice a day
>it’s just catchy
next day
>I just like the art
next day
>I just think germans are aesthetic
next day
>the Germans weren’t even that bad in WW1
next day
>fuck I want to wear that uniform so bad
next day
>Gott mit uns! I must protect her smile! Our lives mean nothing, we will die with the maggots but the fatherland will live on!

You have no idea. David Irving

she will work for greater israel later on

Why would she switch to God's side?

I think there’s an exact doujin like that

when does tanya and glasses have angry hate sex

>tfw favorite part of the LN/manga is the post-war investigation by the reporters in the 1960's
>tfw they cut it out in the anime entirely
How close do they end up getting to the truth? Do they ever actually figure out who XXXXXXXXXXX is? They've got pretty close a few times but they always seem to fuck up.
New manga chapter when? Is there anything left to translate or are we caught up? I haven't followed the release/translation schedule.

Forget him, when will mary get her hands on tanyas ass?

Nah, she get's Weiss to do it.

What do you expect out of over rated garbo.

I ship Tanya and Rerugen hard

These two are my favorite crackship

The series focuses on an sociopathic rationalist that dies and instead of being regually reincarnated is instead reincarnated as a little girl called Tanya in a parallel world highly similar to pre WW1 Germany.
The protagonist mandatorily enters the military and tries to get a safe position in the back but for various reasons always gets dangerous positions in the front.
If you like fantasy, war, and sociopathic protagonists, you will probably like this series.
Keep in mind though that it omits some of the background information from the source material.
I'd say the anime is best for representation of the combat, the manga is best for comedy, and the light novel is best for detaled background information.

>a OP as fuck character literally named Mary Sue
The writer is jus taking the piss at this point, isn't he? It's glorious.