Shotas are cute anime or manga


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update never

Only if they are together with other shotas.


Shotas are for onechans



we are entering the age of shotas and milfs

I can't wait





Just like I say

Sup Forums is known as a haven for pedophiles and faggots. You, my friend, have the distinction of being both.



What a time to be alive



What manga is this?

how far is this along? i only see a preview

It's a short manga on pixiv called The Distance From V to W.


>cute shota cooking manga
Updates never
that thigh gap HHHHNNNNNGGGGGG

>cooking manga
It's shit.

>has to please old faceless man, because his onee-chan is dumb


Would you sacrifice your anus to keep your onee-chan pure?

Choose Sup Forums , should shotas remain shotas forever or should they grow up and marry their onee-san?

They should grow up and marry their onee-chans but stay small

they should marry their onee-san while being shotas

First option.

Onee-sans should instead have secured their Onii-san already, shotas are a desperate fallback.

>shota growing
for what purpose?

Marry their onee-san while still a shota obviously.

Ane Narumono got an update like a week ago

Only if I'm a cute shota

The only patrician choice

hitsugaya from bleach grew up from shota to grown ass man all so renji could tell a pretty funny joke with ruikia

This is more of a drama than anything else but the main boy is still very cute until he cuts his hair

Marrying the onee-san is the one true-blue vanilla ending, it's the only choice.