Oh no user, you lewd the Tiger. Would you take responsibility for her?

Oh no user, you lewd the Tiger. Would you take responsibility for her?

Nice route

Definitely, Taiga always deserved more screen time, best girl in Fate together with Ayako and Rider.

I can't even take responsibility for myself, but I wish her all the happiness she can get.

violent tsundere mommy gf

>Trying to weasel out from Yakuza father

Ayako is criminally underrated. Where is my F/HA sequel? I want ayako h-scenes.


>try to date Taiga
>get killed by Yakuza
Yeah, no. Also why the fuck is she allowed to be a teacher with that kind of history?

An inhuman killer became an ethics teacher, I think Taiga is the smaller problem.

He's not a known killer though

>Daughter of a yakuza boss
More like thats why she is a teacher even though shes a frequent truant

>get killed by Yakuza
Im sure her EX ranked luck would keep anyone Taiga cares about safe anonon


Yes, she is the best girl after all


>Used goods
>Annoying voice
>Sakura exists
>Best girl
Yeah, nah

>best girl
not while caster exists

>sakurafags are wojakcancer
Time to join the Rin shitposters.

>Le epic tragic backstory before getting jackhammered
Come on now

Its not really wojak postint

>Le epic tragic backstory before getting jackhammered
is this for sakura or caster?

Caster of course,are you stupid?

>le epic tragic backstory
applies to both of them

>Tragic backstory

are you talking about some other sakura? one who wasnt sold off to get worm raped and have all the worlds evils shoved insider her by her evil foster family?

>Definition of tragic in English:
>Causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow.
>causing sorrow
>implying somebody cared about Sakura in the first place

>implying somebody cared about Sakura in the first place
thats part of what makes it tragic

>causing extreme distress
well considering her ensuing PMS involved summoning satan I imagine that there was a degree of distress involved on her part

Is there any actual basis for the claims of Rin's promiscuity, or is it just memes?

>Used Goods
Nah, Taiga is pure

Literal fanfiction

Its in the VN

Nice beaver.

There's a doujin where he gets fucked by old men for money

I want to devote my life to making her happy.

Shes 2D

no need to remind us

I just want brown shiki to win sword enjou route. Is it really that hard?

What kind of madman actually tied the knot with Taiga?


>complaining about used goods when being a sakura fag
cmon son

>Illya is mad
Can you spot Shiro?



Sounds like a simple thing.

if this comes out horizontal I'm a fag


As usual, the selfless hero bites the bullet for us all.


What happens if I do this?


I thought shirou was pure wtf

I guess that's why he doesn't have to worry about paying the bills on his giant fucking house.

Mundy Shiki

>A mental 12 year old
>used goods

Would Saber be opposed to a polygamous marriage with Rin?

>that audio drama where DUDE tried to hook up Waver with Taiga
>You'll never summon a 10/10 servant with impeccable taste that wants to get you a best girl.

Why live.