Gabriel DropOut

Is Raphiel the only likeable character in this anime?

No. But Raphi's second to the best character in the anime

HanaKana says yes, but she is not a stinky NEET so I'm gonna go with no.

>the only one to keep the cool head when faced with some random uguu tearbait
She sure is

I mean, she's the only likeable angel, but the demons are all likeable.

She's the least likeable out of the main 4.

I don't know but she is the patrician's choice, that's for sure.

>keep a cool head

Gab totally kept a cool head, she just didn't give a fuck.

She's the best

I wish she'd sit on my face and bully me

other way around

she's the only unlikable character in the show

Glad you understand, OP

Pure demons are best demons.


>translating わくわくas giddy

My Afro-American comrades.

The subs were a complete shitshow so that is a very small offence.

everyone wants to be her doggy

>pantsu actually clean

told you angels don't smell

why doesn't she wear pants? is she enjoying other girls looking at her bottom?

she couldn't be assed to wear pants

Kill yourself nigger.


I want more of her maid.

Even Tap-chan is a better girl than Raphi

Fuck satania, give me more sabagebu

Doesn't Satania have the exact same traits as Naruto, except Naruto's char has at least some depth to it?

I knew there was a reason I liked Raphi

I have bad news for you...

Yes, Raphi-chan is the ONLY likeable character in this anime.

best girl in every regard

>iPhone filename

Rhapi actually is the evil one
Damn what was that bible crap...
The devil's best trick is to make you think he doesn't exist? Some shit like that

>slutty tsukkomi

god tier fetish

Gab chan would never have hurt Satania

Post Gabu

datte tenshi desu mono


That is correct


Thank you. I love you with all my heart

Heaven is spending eternity bullying slightly weaklings with this semen demon(angel)

satania = vigne > gabriel > raphi > everyone else except the dog >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that fucking faggot dog who keeps stealing satania's melonpan

>Oh, so... beastly
Now that is a shitty translation if I have ever seen one.

The translation was probably made by a failed author

yea i know but its still funny

she was like "ah, kuma" then "akuma" and im pretty sure everyone knows what those mean by now

Raphiel is the greatest! She makes my dick diamonds!

Would you?

for a melonpan? of course

Garbage taste.

TRUE ranking:
Gabu>Raphi>>power gap>>Vigne>>Shitania

thanks man means a lot

i hope you ignoring posts like these, Sataniafriend

Raphiel = sadistic, potential sociopath
Gab = useless
Vigne = housewife, boring
Satania = ADHD and retarded

The bread would be a bonus

of course :)

Is Dog the only likeable character in this anime?


it's a pun it's hard to translate funny
satana pls go