Boku No Hero Academia

Friendly reminder that pic relate is end game.

>another bakuwank chapter

Hori fuckin sucks
GET flu and die


post la brava

The Japanese cold is a serious thing user, millions of families suffer every year

>spreads legs open for Gentle to dive in


who do you guys think overhaul’s seiyuu will be whenever he comes out in the anime?

Would you do it for Jirou and become a good person?

I'm hoping for Koji Yusa, he just looks like the kind of characters he voices




It's shit like your waifu.



Hey, do any of you know what Gentle's style of moustache is called?

Here I am brother!

I'd do it just because I love her.


These two haven't had any cute moments lately. I miss that.

>this is your arc plot right now


>he can fight
>he can cook a tasty meal
>he will knock you down with his drums

>not posting the chapter link
You are a colossal faggot.
Reporting in!


>New arc stars the best girl

Already the best arc



fuck i kek'd

But Mt.Lady isn't apart of this arc?


Why can't Hori do anything interesting with Bakugo's character? it's always the same shit


Real talk, how do you even follow his train of thought? He clearly dislikes the genEd kids talking shit about him and his class, but in the same breath, he curses out his classmates for being self-centered. I honestly can't follow if he thinks his classmates or the GenEd kids "sicken" him.

My personal bets are between:
>Namikawa Daisuke
>Hiroshi Kamiya
Fuck, he'd be so good.

Repeat after me: M A R Y S U E



maye he thinks they are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons?
Also why are normalfags so shit?

You mean Jirou or La Brava? Depending on your answer I might have to call the cops.


nobody repeats after retards.

>embodiment of victory
>gets BTFO by a random extra so hard he needs his classmates to suck his dick just to make him feel better about himself

that's some fine taste right there

All hail the Shortstack.

I think you did a good job but I'm not a pro either

I blame it on Jamin's shit translation.

nice comeback

Hoshi knows his audience

>nice comeback
what did you expect, retard. You just make noise.

>that face
>still a fucking normie
fuck hori for make me want to fuck a midget


La Brava has been with Gentle for 6 years or something


The Gen Ed kids sicken him, and he's annoyed that 1-A worries about people that think of 1-A as attention-seeking bitches.

>>he can cook a tasty meal
excuse my speadreading, when was that?

you know it's true dude, Bakugo is a huge mary sue.
only thing stopping him from becoming the next #1 hero is the lack of public support, but on every other field he's ridiculously good

forest training




so? she might still be a minor

so why is he helping then?

He's the hero we need, but don't deserve

So it IS true. This threads are full of bakufags. Disgusting.

I thought he just helped out with cutting a carrot? He didn't assemble a meal.
Because he wants 1-A to treat this like a competition and give it their best instead of not giving it their best out of worry. Basically he's like that one guy that turns lighthearted shit into serious shit.

1280 is the same size I checked

This is literally fiction user. She's probably older than Jirou anyways

I just know they are going through the same in 1B with Monoma and more sass than anger.


>lighthearted shit into serious shit
is he wrong thought? the other kids don't even like them

>responding to them


my heart

>Hey Deku needs some character repair
>let's focus on literally whos and the most unlikable character in the series instead

Gee it's like he wants HxH to blow him the fuck out!

>most unlikeable character
You mean the fujobait?



What do you mean, Monoma ISN'T going to dress up as a maid?
I made an observation user, that's all. It's nice that he takes things so seriously.
Thanks for reminding me to filter your retarded ass.

I think Hori is trying to use Bakugo's pride as a vehicle to get Jirou to be more confident in herself, rather than just doing something to please everyone. She was roped in when everyone jumped on Todoroki's band idea to begin with, and only agreed because everyone asked her to help out, even though she was uncomfortable with the idea.
I'd find this more interesting if Bakugo was easier to understand as a human being.

It's gonna be the highpoint of the season

momo's fucking arm lmao

rule one of posting an opinion on Sup Forums: don't use the "bad opinion" pic.

Wrong, thats how he WILL end up dressed up as a maid.

I can tell wait for butchered Engrish.
Also what do we think the chapter span of the manga is gonna be for S3?

>La Brava
>Love Lover

So, which one do you think it actually is?

What a bunch of faggots. They're just jealous that Class A makes them look like the worthless background characters that they are.

>I think Hori is trying to use Bakugo's pride as a vehicle to get Jirou to be more confident in herself, rather than just doing something to please everyone.
That would tie in with how she's not confident in her music at all. Taking it seriously instead of "haha lol let's all just have fun" will help her embrace her hobbies and see it at the same level as her hero career. Man, that's pretty fucking cool and the parallels to real life can be easily drawn.
I love the way you think, user.

I'm waiting for the dub just to hear what stupid voice Justin Briner does for him in this scene.

>The Gen Ed kids sicken him,
So he says, but he seems to be butthurt because they
>think of 1-A as attention-seeking bitches.

good job

shame it's of worst girl

Probably a combo pun us Gaijin won't understand

Love Robber.

Love Lover sounds cuter desu

Yes. He says Gen Ed sickens him because they think of 1-A as attention seeking bitches. Did I say something that contradicts that?

This one's also a good option.

>they think of 1-A as attention-seeking bitches.
He's going to make that worse single-handedly and be known as the poster child for attention whores afterward

My brethren

Just pointing out that he's not as above it all as he pretends.

You mean how he was in the sports festival?