Dragon Ball Super

Is it safe to say Frieza has become an even bigger joke than Tien on the ToP? I guess Resurrection F2 will never happen.

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>meme magic


>ToP begins
>Goku tells Vegeta they must avoid using SSB because they need to save their energy for strong opponents
>Next episode Goku and Vegeta use the final kamehameha as SSB to defeat enemies they were dominating as regular SS

did jiren take steroids between those two battles or something?

Potara fusion makes the base form of fusion warrior significantly stronger than the strongest form of the combined warriors

Base vegito (buu arc) > ssj3 goku (buu arc)

base kefla > controlled berserker kale

base vegito (ft arc ) > ssb goku (ft arc)

>different writers each episodes
who approved that shit?

>it's another "base Vegetto is stronger than merged Zamasu because he got him off guard" episode
And the best part is that manga Merged Zamasu didn't even care about having parts of his body destroyed because he was IMMORTAL

It seems his Kamehameha looks like fire covered in red lightning.

That's what happens when you get multiple writers for a show with no source material to copy the dialogue from.

2 - 0

This Kale and caulifla were in SS when they fused

It's Friday already, how come there's no manga leaks?

>killed by Freeza on Namek
>his son killed Freeza when he couldn't
>cried his way to SS
>allowed Cell to get more powerful and promptly got BTFO
>couldn't get FPSS
>had to get MAJIN'D to compete with a hick farmer, only "won" because that hick held back a form and was focused on Buu
>used as cannon fodder for Kid Buu and admits that the hick is No 1
>couldn't fight Beerus
>dies to Freeza AGAIN despite having the advantage of taking on Goku's sloppy seconds
>embarrassed by Hit
>flaccid father-son beam can't touch MZ while the hick damages his immortal half
>Goku has to pay Hit to kill him because he is tired of Vegeta
>handed a form on par with KKx20 because of his homolust
>wants to revive U6
Keep crying Betagetacucks, out in 2 days and back to the cuckshed.

Because it's only the 17th in Japan.

Don't we always get manga leaks on Thursdays?


Villains with regeneration get destroyed all the time in DB. Doesn't mean anything.

Vegitochads Assemble!

Where's the leaks?
I want cucketafags and Toeipablos getting assblasted at the same time

>trained by Grandpa Gohan
>trained by Master Roshi
>trained by Korin
>trained by Kami & Mr. Popo
>trained by King Kai

>still weaker than a Kid Vegeta who casually blew up Saibamen and planets

Next week you pieces of shit

Episode 110 UI Goku is now the biggest joke in the ToP(aside from Freeza).

Why does dragon ball have characters try to take out strong guys in their base forms instead of transforming and being done with it?
Why are we so obsessed with them fighting in base?

>Vegetafags shitting up the thread because goku will be ANGEL TIER when he gets blanco


Vegeta was a privileged little cunt
Goku was a literal savage

Did my post imply I'm a Gokufag? I called the Gary Stu a hick farmer, Jobetafag. Nice to know you've descended to the level of Gohanfags.

>full version of ultimate battle finally released
>it's shit
Why does this ALWAYS happen?

>Goku Blanco
Somewhere the sound of a crying Gohan can be heard.


>won because goku held back and was stated that if ss3 was unsheathed, vegeta would've gotten slaughtered
>goku also didn't want to hurt him so he didn't fight for real

Because sometimes you're way stronger in base form without needing to transform.

See for example Vegeta vs Pui Pui.
It's like fighting a baby. Going Super Saiyan would be overkill.

No one cares about this jobber

And not only villains, namekians are frequently used for dismemberment by the same reason. They CAN lose limbs without changing the battle drastically so they do it really often

Vegeta fans should not complain about anything:

Vegeta got a new powerup that's equal or stronger than SSBKK20.
Vegeta beats a powerful Toppo by demonstrating he has evolved far past the Majin Vegeta. Then uses the Majin Vegeta attack!
Vegeta looks like he's going to hold off Jiren a la Kid Buu for Goku to recover.

There is no homosexuality, just his pride.

>not once but TWICE

>Gohan would be the Jiren of U7 if he weren't cucked out of the MC spot

Don't mind me just posting the strongest Potara fusion

>Ribrianne is shown to be powerful enough to destroy 17's barriers with a single normal punch
>The only other fighters capable of destroying the barriers were GoD Toppo and Jiren
>GoD Toppo had a harder time destroying 17's barrier than Ribrianne
>But a powered-up Ribrianne was defeated by a single punch from 18


Jobgeta fags still as delusional as ever I see.

imagine goku wins by tricking jiren into eating a random senzu bean and jiren gets dqd for it or jiren hits goku and it accidentally summons via the button on the remote and one of the zenos and zeno gets hit by jiren then gets dqd for that

that's because 18 is stronger thant 17
18 > 17

Feels good being #1.

well 17 was SSB tier
I wouldn't be surprised if somehow 18 was Jiren-tier for some bullshit reason like, being good at sucking dick or something

>baiting wars between Vegitofags and Keflafag

Pls no, I love them both.

yes #1 failure

>Has a much higher starting point
>Falls behind some low class and spends the rest of his life eating his dust

OwO whats this

Neck yourself
I'm entering goku and jobgeta for the bt3 tourney tonight and goku will stomp

Isn't that normal UI?

I'll give you the first win, but even Vegeta bawled his eyes out and couldn't take credit for the second win. Why? First off, Vegeta needed to get BABIDI'D to challenge Goku, meaning his base SS2 was weaker than Goku's. Secondly, Goku held back an entire form. Finally, Goku had no killing intent through the fight. When the character you defend concedes, it's over.

Why are Jobgetacucks acting so smug when they know the Prince of All Jobbers is out in 30 hours.

still no cabba licking kefla's abs

what did he mean by this lads?

delete that picture, keflashits are not welcome among Vegitochads

>being this mad over Vegetto needing at least God to beat God Goku
Are you this mad over Vegetto needing at least SS to beat SS/2/3 Goku? Seriously, this is specially embarrassing considering that SSG and SSB are exclusive to Goku, Vegeta and Vegetto, you are butthurt because half of Vegetto (Goku/Vegeta using SSG) is stronger than entire Vegetto holding back (not using SSG)

He can fly so he doesn't need one.


VIDF in full defense mechanism mode.

Piccolo's VA said that Hiromi Tsuru already recorded all of Bulma's lines until the end of Super.

proof the ending was not abrupt behind the scens

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>Vegeta save me, I'm having a h-heart attack!

I will make you love her.

See the team up move. It's Gohan, Vegeta and a Goku with silver hair

>virgito posting in the current year +3

its time to job so hard i fucking die

Disgusting dyke pussy
Glad she's gone

I prefer School Shooter Gohan.

>make way for the chads
you cant be this much cringe on this board, get out.

>best boy.
GTFO 17 is /fa/ as fuck

>SSB2 Vegeta, UIM Goku, and Gohan??
it looks like even the game wanted him to be one of the last ones

jirens an asshole who uses people to fulfill his revenge. pretty shit character


But she clearly wanted Goku's dick.

What was that? Betageta couldn't go SS without wailing, couldn't go Full Power SS and had to be bailed out by Gohan?

>Spend 2 years in the time chamber
>Still far behind Goku and his 10 year old(maybe not even that) son that didn't even spend a full year

They need to make another Fusion Reborn movie but this time with potaras.

Dyke X Dyke = Straight

dyke squared

Don't reply to that waifumong, Vegetto shouldn't be touched by non-canon dykes.

caulifla was straight tho
only kale was gay


Which universe was the cutest?

Fuck Bandai for making the new Fusion and Potara leads a bunch of LRs.
At least I have the LR VB.


I wonder how the new form will called. We are talking about Toriyama so maybe he will go by the SS route again even if it's not a SS form, like it happened to SSG. And "UI" without "Omen" can't be the name because that's supposed to be the name of the form, UI alone is just the technique.

but its disgusting to see this ugly ass dyke attempting to pair with best boy

user - x - = +

>tfw cucked until the next db show

anti-keflafag falseflagging as vegito


So that Goku can fuse with Betageta only to job due to the influence being mixed into the fusion? Goku has overpowered a fusion of an evil him and a prodigy Kai AND an LSS and an SS2 while not having access to full power. Jobeta will only serve to drag him down.

>keflafags feel the need to project whenever someone posts Vegito

We could have been friends. It's like the Gogetafags all over again.

JOBforce assembled!

>D-daddy where are youuuuuuu!!?

migatte no gokui kansei dorifoto

>Fusing with vegeta
Audienceku is the superior fusion vegitofags